Perez: It was much more different than I expected

Sergio Perez McLaren MP4-28

Sergio Perez McLaren MP4-28

McLaren new boy Sergio Perez failed to make himself fully comfortable in the cockpit of the team’s new MP4-28, on the day of his test debut, but the Mexican Formula 1 driver ended up happier than he had expected to be.

Sergio Perez McLaren MP4-28

Sergio Perez McLaren MP4-28

The 23-year-old, who has moved from Sauber to replace Lewis Hamilton alongside Jenson Button at the title contenders, found his new ‘office’ full of unfamiliar features and controls to keep him busy.

“It was much more different than I expected,” he told repporters after setting the seventh best time of the day.

“You have to adapt yourself to a different position, a different way to hold the steering wheel, pretty much everything is different from the pedals to the steering wheel. It’s pretty much starting from zero.

“But I think we are going in the right direction with an incredible day. I’m more happy than I was expecting today,” he added.

Perez said he still needed to sort out his seat, “to change some stuff”, for comfort but there was plenty of time to do that.

(L to R): Martin Whitmarsh (GBR) McLaren Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Fernandez (MEX) and Sergio Perez (MEX) McLaren.

Sergio Perez with Martin Whitmarsh and Adrian Fernandez

“I need to sort out some things with my seat, with my cockpit to be a little bit more comfortable but even then we managed to do an incredible day with good data for us,” he said.

He had little doubt that the Mercedes-engined McLaren was a step up from the Ferrari-powered car he was driving last year and that he took to three podium finishes including two second places.

“Since I drove it out of the garage, and doing the first laps, I knew that this car has good potential,” declared the Guadalajara-born driver.

“We don’t know how competitive we are at all but all I can say is that the car feels quite good.

“Definitely I would say that the mechanical grip is good on the car but also the aero. It’s a very complete car. I’m happy with the car I’ve got.”

  • Odd Lord

    a wasted year for McL , i dont see this OPEC-kid achieving anything other then run behind Jenson every single session, practice, race .. i hope they find a proper driver for 2014 to team up with JB..

    =not all promises are kept=

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    @Odd Lord

    Perez is a new driver for McLaren… He is trying to get used to the car… So, shut your pie hole..

  • Odd Lord

    ey Dork (matthias)… why you start caling me names ? because your weak childisch soul can not handle the truth?

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  • Mark

    @odd lord: a wasted year? season hasnt even started. Too many 8 y/o kids around duh.

  • Hawk

    this name calling game always gives me a laugh

  • The Fuzz

    Perez is gona look after his rubber and blast the opposition on race day. You know it

  • Oscar

    haha! nice comment Odd lord pretty sure that Checo Perez will definitely achieve some big stuff this season.. And I don´t think he will JB´s shadow.

    Only time will tell us.