Are Ferrari in trouble again as F138 slower than Sauber and Toro Rosso?

Felipe Massa at Jerez

Felipe Massa at Jerez

Felipe Massa was eighth fastest at the end of the second day of Formula testing at Jerez, ending the day 1.6 seconds off the top pace, and slower than both the other Ferrari powered cars – Toro Rosso and Sauber.

Felipe Massa Ferrari F138

Felipe Massa Ferrari F138

Early murmurs in the paddock suggest that the new F138 was recording higher than expected temperatures, but the Maranello team insist they are sticking to their test programme where fast laps are not on the agenda.

“Journalists did not have access to the Brazilian driver,” O Estado de S.Paulo correspondent Livio Oricchio reported, and added that the new Ferrari was “visibly” not handling as well as the Lotus, McLaren and Red Bull.

“It is undeniable that Ferrari has dropped behind these three teams,” observed Oricchio.

Massa summed up his second day behind the wheel of the F138, “We concentrated 100% on the aerodynamic side and on the exhausts. In the morning, I didn’t even do a flying lap because we used the time available to do constant speed runs and to analyse various aerodynamic solutions.”

“All the changes to the car took longer than planned, but in the afternoon, I managed to do three long runs which were very important in order to understand which direction we need to follow in the coming days,” said Massa.

The team stated on their website, “The Scuderia engineers are not bothered about lap times, preferring to concentrate on getting on with items on the job sheet.”

Toro Rosso and Sauber, both powered by Ferrari engines were quicker than the works team at the end of day two in Spain. (Apex & GMM)

  • Stoner


  • Mark

    I wonder what Pat Fry has been doing during the development of the F138? Obviously the new car is more than a second slower than the Lotus and Sauber. Massa has not even been in the top 5 fastest during the past 2 days of testing. Is it a wind tunnel issue again? Honestly, the Tifosi’s are getting tired of new excuses… why? because sauber and lotus got ahead of Ferrari despite not having the top technology machines to develop the car. Anyway… Forza Ferrari.

  • Butterfly

    Well, what do people expect, it’s the same aero package as last year. The F138 aero package is still under development in Germany and it’ll be ready for the last test.

    I hope the mechanical side of things works properly, that is, the suspension and chassis.

    The championship charge from last year ate into their 2013 program, clearly.

  • fawx

    oh my it is quick this year. they started questioning ferrari last year only on day 4. it started on day 2 this year.

  • Maarten Oosterbaan

    Seriously…is anybody taking these times serious already. Come on…Massa has already stated it was much better then at the beginning last year. So let’s wait until Barcelona before getting to any sort of judgement

  • VSingh

    I think you guys are not following testing at all, Massa stands quickest since morning with clear second on the other runner and half a second quick to Romain Lotus

  • VSingh

    But then Again its just Testing – We all have to Wait till Melbourne and find out if Scarlet is ny good this year or not. My money is on them given the reliability and consistency if they continue where they left in 2012 (But obvious a supporting role from Massa from Melbourne)

  • Sean

    Such sensationalist crap! read the freckin report …

  • Gordon

    So, considrering today’s result, with this article’s author put a retraction, or write another article stating “Ferrari main title contender”?

  • Forza Ferrari

    hahahahaaa what a ridiculous article! Massa FASTEST than any time posted during Jerez testing! Both Massa’s fastest lap times would’ve been over a second faster than the rest today. That Livio Orrichio reporter clown should go hide himself in shame!
    Hopefully this really shuts the doubters stupid mouths.

    Forza Ferrari!!!

  • fools


    Spot on comment :)

  • Bernie

    It’s obvious that this article was quoting an article that appeared on Wed in Brazilian newspapers. Guess it took them 24h to translate it. Massa was fastest with the soft tires but none of this means anything until we get to Australia.