Alonso cycles in Dubai as F1 rivals pound around Jerez

Fernando Alonso cycling on the outskirts of Dubai

Fernando Alonso cycling on the outskirts of Dubai

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso is undergoing intensive training in Dubai while his rivals take to the track at the Formula 1 preseason testing at Jerez circuit.

Fernando Alonso cycling on the outskirts of Dubai

Fernando Alonso takes a break

On his Twitter account Alonso has released pictures of himself working out in a gym and also a short video clip showing him cycling at a well known and popular cycle path on the outskirts of Dubai.

On Tuesday, the same day that testing got underway at Jerez, Alonso tweeted: “Another good workout this morning in bike at high intensity. Rest and gym this afternoon.”

The decision by Alonso to skip the first test has taken many by surprise, but it is clear that the Spaniard spending his days doing hardcore training ahead of the new season.

The two times world champion explained his decision, “The first test is a general test in which one checks that all the components are put together properly. Given the short amount of time available, we have decided that I will concentrate on the testing in Barcelona [as it is] more useful for measuring performance as well as being a circuit we race on.”

“In the meantime, I will continue with my preparation and will follow the Jerez test, keeping in touch with Felipe and Pedro and analysing the data acquired by the engineers,” added Alonso.

Meanwhile, Jerez’s media boss Raul Zarzuela lamented the absence of Spain’s F1 hero, “The absence of Alonso has hurt the interest here (in Spain).”

Niki Lauda told RTL that he “cannot understand” the Spaniard’s decision to sit out Jerez.


  • Bec

    Odd, I’m sure he said he wanted more testing ;-)

  • Nowhereman

    His focus is this…
    To run each lap like a qualifying lap this year.
    He wants to be the best physical specimen driving this year.
    That means trouble for the rest…

  • Forza Ferrari

    It is actually a little bit weird indeed that he didn’t go to Jerez. If it would’ve been Schumacher in Alonso’s place then I’m sure that Michael would’ve been the first one to go to Jerez. In fact I think that Michael would’ve gone to Jerez earlier to inspect the track and to get ready for testing and paying attention to the smallest of detail. That’s one of the main reasons why Schumi was so successful and I think that if Alonso truly wants to win the title again he should definitely try to emulate Michael in that sense.
    Although I think that sitting out this test shouldn’t affect Alonso too much, it’s still a little bit of an odd decision. Every second spent in the car is very valuable.

  • fools

    Niki Lauda told RTL that he “cannot understand” the Spaniard’s decision to sit out Jerez.

    Hey Lauda, just because you dont workout anymore and nutrition and workouts in YOUR day didnt mean much due to the lack of education regarding strength training and nutrition isnt a reason to voice your opinion to play PR mind games again.

    Alonso is training! He explained why Lauda… Worry about your brake system at MERC and LH and let Alonso do his thing.

    You have enough to handle on your plate old man.

  • jl

    something fishy.
    why did he upload photo for nothing?
    may be an alibi, because actually he is in swimming with his new girlfriend somewhere in a tropical island.

  • tath

    He’s letting Massa sort all the niggles on the irrelevant track while he relaxes and prepares mentally and physically, then he’s going to step into a full test in a proven and set-up car at an F1 track while Felipe twiddles his thumbs having done the donkey work.

    Good to see the equal treatment gave up early this year!

  • assad

    this is his spiritual retreat , people dont understand this…… it will aide him psychologically and mentally

  • comforters

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