Massa: Compared to last year, it's a completely different planet

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa delivered his eagerly-awaited verdict on Ferrari’s new Formula One car, designated F138, after the first day of Formula 1 testing at Jerez, on Tuesday, with sighs of relief likely to be heard around Maranello.

Felipe Massa with Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley

Felipe Massa with Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley

If the Brazilian did not appear overly thrilled after setting the sixth fastest time, he was happy at least not to be the bearer of bad news.

A year ago, Massa had rung Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo from the first day of testing in Jerez to inform him that the car was a “disaster” – a call that the patrician Italian described last week as one he would not wish on his worst enemy.

Montezemolo could answer his mobile without trepidation this time, because this year the new Ferrari was a tad over 1.5 seconds down on the best time of the opening day, last year – same time, same place – the F201 was over three seconds off the top pace.

Massa said he would tell his boss that “there are so many things to understand with the car and to work on and do but the first, basic feeling is nothing like last year.

“I think if you compare to last year, it’s a completely different planet,” added the Brazilian.

“The first impression is definitely a positive one,” maintained the Ferrari man. “We did not run as much as I had expected, but that’s normal when you are testing a new car. On a track like this where traction counts for a lot and the tyres feel it, we are going in the right direction and it feels more solid.”

Ferrari pit garage at Jerez

Ferrari pit garage at Jerez

“Last year I remember I was struggling a lot to drive the car, it was difficult to keep the car on the track. This year the base on the car is different.

“For sure there is relief because maybe this is an indication that we are not going to lose time,” said Massa. “Last year when we drove the car for the first time we lost a lot of time, maybe more than a month of development to fix the issues.”

Ferrari made up some of the gap but still arrived in Australia last year with a car that was off the pace but with which double world champion Fernando Alonso managed to keep in contention against the odds.

By the halfway point in the season, the Spaniard had a commanding lead that was then whittled away by Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel who captured his third title at the Brazilian finale.

Ferrari, overall runners-up in 2012, are determined this year will be different and Massa’s first impressions will have given them reason to be hopeful in a year without major regulation changes.

“The car is much more balanced. I felt a good direction in the middle of the car as well, it didn’t lose traction…I would say the difference compared to last year is huge,” said Massa, who will shoulder most of the early testing burden.

Alonso is missing the first test and will not drive the car until the second test in Barcelona on 19 February.

Massa concluded, “There is still a way to go before we understand the true behaviour of the car, but we are on the right road. There is still a great deal to do, as far as testing and development are concerned, but I am confident that this year, we will not lose time in understanding, as happened in 2012, what was the problem and how to solve it. Now we have a little more than a month to concentrate on the job, to be as well prepared as possible for the first race.” (Reuters & Apex)

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