Hamilton kick starts season with new private jet and a new bulldog

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton starting the year with a bang

Defying reports he is not earning much more money after his Mercedes move from McLaren, 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton has reportedly kicked off 2013 in style by buying a €23 million private jet and a new bulldog, Roscoe.



“I’ve even asked Bernie Ecclestone for a paddock pass [for Roscoe] and, fingers crossed, he’ll give me one,” the smiling Briton told reporters at Jerez.

There, in southern Spain on Monday, the 2008 world champion got his first ever taste of a formula one car other than a McLaren.

It was, however, only a pre-test filming day on promotional Pirelli tyres, and at one point Hamilton ran out of fuel and had to return to the pits.

He is not expecting the new ‘vanity-panelled’ W04 to be an early winner, but he is already pushing for changes.

“The steering wheel has twice as many buttons as last year and I’ve already got rid of some,” said Hamilton.

Some have scoffed at his decision to jump ship from almost race-winning certainty at McLaren bound for Mercedes, an outfit with apparent turmoil in the ranks of upper management and having won just a single grand prix in three years.

Lewis styling it

Lewis styling it

As for the critics, Hamilton insisted: “Everyone has got an opinion but I think they should just keep it to themselves.

“It is my decision; it is nothing to do with any of these people who are commenting on it. I feel good about it and that is all that matters.”

Also feeling good on Monday was Nico Rosberg, who is well placed to give early comments on the W04, having been Michael Schumacher’s teammate at the Brackley based team since 2010.

“Wow, it immediately felt right — no problems at all,” said the German.

“This was not the case in recent years.”

Team boss Ross Brawn also felt moved to defend the new silver single seater, following initial reports that it features almost no innovation.

“Some probably need to take a closer look,” he said.

“There’s a lot of innovation under the skin which I’m pleased about,” added Brawn, revealing that a “very interesting new front wing” will be tested on Tuesday.

Some reports, however, said that while Red Bull and particularly Sauber are pushing the boundaries with ultra-slim sidepods, Mercedes may even have taken a backwards step.

“The looks are deceptive,” Brawn is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport. “Our sidepods have been reduced in width, but maybe not as much as Sauber,” he smiled.

  • hillside

    enjoy the honeymoon period

  • fools

    So in U.S. that comes to be $36 million.

    If so wow! And what a huge RIP OFF his plane was. I rarely doubt it cost that much. Your telling me he couldn’t receive a discount being that he was LH. lol :)

    What type of plane did he buy? Smaller G-5’s dont even cost $36 million. So he must of purchased a 737 Boeing or a 747 which only John Travolta owns…But he actually flies and has a Pilot license and his own air line strip.

  • fools

    So I a read another article. YallaF1 may find this interesting…
    Lewis Hamilton does not only love super-fast cars. He also loves fast planes.

    As reported in UK’s Daily Mail, the new Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 driver recently bought himself a private jet worth £20 million. The jet, a Bombardier CL-600, can go for a maximum of 500mph and it was customized with a crimson red color. A personal touch was also added to the official registration and body name of the aircraft, as it now reads G-LCDH.

    What does LCDH stand for?

    It simply stands Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, which is the full given name of the former F1 champ.

    And what does he hope to accomplish with his jet?

    Well, according to the mass media, aside from the personal comfort that he can get from it when travelling from training camp and back, the primary purpose of the jet is to bridge the distance between him and his singer girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger.

    Truly, love is in the air for our young driver as Valentine’s Day draws near.

  • McLarenfan

    Now in a national paper the plane is leased.

  • fgfdgfdgdf

    Enough about the damn plane, the dog is awesome go Roscoe :p!

  • irlirie

    What a waste of money… why not just rent a plane when he needs/ wants?

  • fools


    exactly, I agree