Petrov bows out as Caterham seat now filled

Vitaly Petrov (RUS) Caterham in the Press Conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd9, British Grand Prix, Preparations, Silverstone, England, Thursday 5 July 2012.

Vitaly Petrov

Vitaly Petrov’s manager admits that Caterham was the Russian’s “only possibility” to stay in Formula One this season, and that this is now a non-starter as the team has filled their its final berth.

“We knew this a few days ago, about the decision of the team, which we have to respect,” Oksana Kosachenko, referring to Dutchman Giedo van der Garde’s deal for 2013, is quoted by R-Sport.

“I wouldn’t say we didn’t expect it.”

Kosachenko said she will now look at what other options there are, such as a test driver seat for 28-year-old Petrov.

“We have a few offers for Vitaly to stay in F1 and around the paddock, so we have to decide what is the best for him,” she said, adding that a race seat outside F1 is “likely not” an option.

She expressed disappointment in Russian companies and also the organisers of the new Russian Grand Prix, which will take place in Sochi in 2014.

“We have to do something to promote the Sochi Grand Prix, and this is a bad mistake they are [making],” said Kosachenko, indicating that the race organisers turned down her request for sponsorship.

Lamenting the sport’s current situation, she added: “F1 is really expensive at the moment.

“Actually it isn’t a sport at the moment, it’s tending to be a show, and I believe that we have more and more and more rental drivers.”

Ironically, Petrov was initially branded a ‘pay driver’ when he debuted in 2010, but Kosachenko argues: “I believe that a driver who has shown his possibilities in F1 within three years deserves to be supported.”

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  • Odd Lord

    This Russian Gp is going to be another mayor fluke on Tilke’s resume… =period=

    When is Bernie going to understand that most viewers dont give a fock about oil-funded processions, but that we want to see legendary stuff on legendary tracks, such as Suzuka, Spa, Monaco, and Silverstone. (have to admitt that the new USA-GP was a masterpiece also.. but then again, there Tilke had professional help of people like zanardi. Which proves all the more that this Tilke is totally incompetent!

  • Get_Some

    @Odd Lord

    Any bad Tilke design simply wasn’t his idea. The guy raced tin tops at the North Course. He’s attended events in every form of motorsport he could get himself to growing up. He is a proper motorhead, but like anyone with a passion that also doubles as a career, he often has to reign in his enthusiasm in the face of budget constraints, organizer and executive opinions and other members of committee.

    Tilke has three clean-sheet designs of entirely his own doing: COTA, India and Istanbul. All of which represent the best new circuits to happen upon international motorsport in the last 15 years. Circuits where he was brought in as a consultant, third party voice or to simply make sure the circuit was up to FIA spec turn out to be disasters in terms of infrastructure and/or spectacle. The Hockenhiem re-build, Korea and Abu Dhabi come to mind immediately.

    Tilke loves motorsport and F1 a hell of a lot more than the people in charge of where it goes and what the place looks like when it gets there. He does what he can with the resources and creative freedom he’s allowed, so don’t hate him. Hate the people who think they know better than he does.

  • McLarenfan

    I have to agree with @Get_Some.
    Tilke is like anyone else when it comes to constraints, Budget, structures, complexes and natural landscape. if you takeaway all the obstacles like in the new USA-GP you can go to town but even there he had the restraint with the pits and that put the Pit exit in a place not considered to be optimal.