Horner: Marko can be a little outspoken at times

Christian Horner with Helmut Marko

Christian Horner with Helmut Marko

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has played down the significance of an apparent spat between Mark Webber and the team’s outspoken Helmut Marko.

Recently, Austrian Marko suggested Red Bull’s main allegiance is to triple world champion Sebastian Vettel, because of Australian Webber’s inconsistent form.

Webber, who on Sunday attended his seventh consecutive Red Bull launch, had hit back that it had been clear “for a long time” that he is not part of Marko’s “agenda”.

Asked about the apparent inequality implied by Marko’s comments and Webber’s reaction, the 36-year-old driver said on Sunday: “They know [that] I need 100 per cent support.

“You cannot win a world title with only 90, you need 100, and we’re going into 2013 with this in place, and I’m comfortable with that,” Webber added.

British team principal Horner, who co-owns a GP3 team with Webber, insisted that the incident with Marko does not mean Red Bull is not “happy” with its full driver pairing.

“If we weren’t happy with Mark then we would never have signed him to be with the team for this year,” he said.

Horner added: “As we all know, Helmut can be a little outspoken at times with his comments but he is entitled to his opinion, and sometimes these things can be misinterpreted as well.” (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    Lets be honest how can you misinterpret “he may well retire at the end of the season”? Or” He caused the crash with Seb it was 100% Webbers fault”? We know Marko the Pillock is 100% Seb end of story.

  • Ronnie

    Some “opinion” Christian. We all know Marko is only the “representative” of the owner of the team. So how much weight do you think we know he carries in the decisions? How do we think you will ensure “the chosen one” will win the required number of points for driver champ and do you really think the F1 followers believe that each driver is treated equally? If so, I think the wool is over your eyes and I can’t believe that, which makes you economical with the truth at best. Your comments bear some interpretation and my take is that you acknowledge there is an internal hierarchy in Red Bull that says SV gets 100% plus and MW gets as much as he needs to get points in support. Guess what happens after Malaysia? Webber has exposed the team orders debacle for himself and now you might just need to repair some bridges to ensure the team championship – do you think?