Brawn: We have the strongest driver line-up in Formula 1

lt Ross Brawn (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 Team Principal, Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 and Nico Rosberg (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 with the new Mercedes AMG F1 W04. Mercedes AMG F1 W04 Launch, Jerez, Spain, Monday 4 February 2013.

Ross Brawn with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

Mercedes Team Principal Ross Brawn is calling this the second era for the Silver Arrows team with Lewis Hamilton moving in to replace Michael Schumacher, alongside Nico Rosberg. The veteran team boss believes that they now have the best driver line-up in Formula One.

Ross Brawn (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 Team Principal with Toto Wolff (AUT) Mercedes AMG F1. Mercedes AMG F1 W04 Launch, Jerez, Spain, Monday 4 February 2013.

Ross Brawn with Toto Wolff during the launch of the Mercedes AMG F1 W04

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of the team’s 2013 challenger Brawn commented, “2013 marks the start of a second era for our Silver Arrows works team. The restructuring [measures] we undertook at the team over the past 18 months are now growing in maturity.”

“This is reflected in the F1 W04, which is a clear step forward in design and detail sophistication over its predecessor. Many thousands of hours of work have been invested by our technical teams in Brackley and Brixworth to ensure that the new car delivers a step change in performance compared to last season,” revelaed the team boss who last won a world title with his eponymous team – Brawn GP – back in 2009.

Perhaps the biggest coup the team have have achieved thus far is prying Hamilton from McLaren, Brawn said, “We are also hugely proud to welcome Lewis to the team as a works Mercedes-Benz driver. With Lewis and Nico, we have what I believe to be the strongest driver line-up in F1 and I know that a healthy level of competition between them both will help drive the team forward.”

Rosberg and Hamilton were team mates in the junior ranks and are known to be friends, the two living in the same luxury apartment block in Monaco.(GP247)

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  • muks

    I dont think they are the best driver line up

  • Whippet Good

    If they’re the best drivers on the circuit I guess if they don’t win it’s because Ross Brawn is not the best “team principle” in F1. I would put Alonso and Vettel ahead of both.

  • Anakin

    I don’t think so too. All I know is Lewis is the quickest driver in F1, give him a slow car he can still take Pole Position.

  • Odd Lord

    I will not put vettel ahead of em.. Vettel is mainly a spoiled brat. I dont like the choir-boy at all, and also i dont feel he is one the “true greats” he will be forgotten quickly when he gets out of RedBull.
    MSC i didnt like either =arrogant cheater= but at least he belongs to the true great drivers (be it the most unsportmanlike driver F1 has ever encountered)

    Alonso =not a fan of the man btw= is also a great driver i feel, very fast, and very smart, knowing when to attack and seek the edge, and when to back out of it and swallow the loss to at least take a decent point-haul. I think last year Alonso was the best driver by a mile.

    Ofcourse from this moment on Robin Frijns is the best driver in F1. unfortunatly he had to step aside for some dirty OPEC money that pushed guiteirez in his seat. 100% that Frijns will not get testdays because they are afraid of him dropping laptimes the other 2 Sauber drivers can only dream about..

    Rosberg i feel is a very very good driver, just lacking the right oppertunity.. which we all know is also mostly luck, of being selected at the right time for the right team..

    Actually i think the whole top-10 drivers are very equally balanced in skill.. the one a bit more speed the other a bit more brain, but all very very close to eachother in terms of skill.

    and of course every single guy in F1 is a hell of a driver, even a kartikian. (and in the slower cars it doesnt really show the skill, because of the huge gap in performance in speed but mainly handling.

  • Hawk

    c’mon.. it’s just plain simple English.. keyword is “line-up” aka “pair”. he didnt say best two drivers.
    However a good driver line-up is not necessarily good for the WDC for obvious reasons unless the car is dominant like the Red Bull. you recall when Massa’s form at the end of last year was a worry for Alonso. A good driver line-up is best for the WCC leaving all other factors constant. Previously the best driver line-up was the McLaren one with two champions but the car lacked. Noticeably they had 4 and 3 wins last year with Lewis losing another 3 due to external factors (external to him not McLaren). Obviously that was such a strong driver pairing. The comparable line up is that of the Red Bull (5 + 2 in 2012); and therefore when RB (Ross Brawn), pun intended, says that it is in complete disregard of Mark Webber

  • Michel

    Keep telling yourself that Ross!