Byrne working on 2014 Ferrari

Rory Byrne

Rory Byrne

Rory Byrne, the legendary former Ferrari  chief designer, was at the launch of the team’s 2013 car at Maranello on Friday.

He told Auto Motor und Sport that he is actually “working full steam” on the Italian team’s project for the 2014 car, which will be powered by the all-new turbo V6 rules.

“It’s a nice car,” the South African – referring to the newly-launched F138 – laughed, “but it’s all child’s play compared to what awaits us in 2014.”

Until then, Ferrari has the 2013 title to win after a championship drought of five years and boss Stefano Domenicali confirmed that his designers have adopted some “extreme solutions” to compete with Red Bull.

“We are just waiting for Newey to complain about our rear suspension,” AM&S quoted a team insider.

The German report said that the insider is referring to the rear profile that duplicates the 2012 Red Bull – only more extremely. (GMM)

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  • No More Magic Tires For Mr. Rory Byrne

    Mr. Rory Byrne won’t have his special Bridgestone tires this time that only Ferrari was allowed to have. Those tires were a full two seconds a lap faster than the tires Bridgestone was making for the other teams.

    Once Michelin came along and develped tires for the other teams that were the equal to the special Ferrari Bridgestone tires Mr. Rory Byrne’s car was not so great anymore and Michael Schumacher turned tail and ran into retirement.

    We all know today how much of an advantage Ferrari had with those special Bridgestone tires from Schumachers failed come back.

    Don’t look for the Rory Byrne 2014 design to be a world beater.

  • Eevel

    @No More Magic
    Not you again!
    You use a different name every time you complain but it’s easy to tell by your whinging tone exactly who you are.
    You’ve changed your usual wording from ‘exotic Bridgestone tires’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean – you could call Michelin’s exotic too under that premise) to ‘special Bridgestone tires’ but it’s the same pathetic rant.
    Carry on believing in your stupid conspiracy if it makes you feel better but I think you’ve made your point enough times and people have grown tired of your repetitive rant – yes, you hate Ferrari, we get it! Now grow up and find something worthwhile to hate!

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    I agree with you… Everytime also keep changing his name to tell a crap story…

  • Forza Ferrari

    The “No more magic” retard below is just a pathetic lifeless troll. He’s always trolling here under different usernames. It’s best to just ignore him. Losers like him just want attention that’s all…how sad.

  • Hard to accept the truth?

    I know it hard for you Ferrari fans to accept the truth but this has all been confirmed and all you have to do is a simple google search and you to can read about the tires only Ferrari was allowed to have from Bridgestone.

  • Forza Ferrari

    It’s fantastic news that Rory is back helping Ferrari! He’s Adrian Newey’s nightmare. Rory’s experience and skill will be vital in designing the 2014 car. I actually think that Rory might’ve even had some input to this year’s F138 as well. But yea, it’s great that Rory’s back! Forza Ferrari!!!

  • weasel

    @hard to accept the truth

    Nobody cares about your blabber! Ferrari won those titles fair and square and there’s absolutely NOTHING you can do about that! You can keep on crying but really nobody cares about you nor your stupid bull****! It’s funny how trolls like you always try to ice skate uphill LMAO! :)

  • The Pessimist

    Bringing Rory Bryne from retirement to design the 2014 car(and also on F138).Well!Well!Well! that clearly is an indicator of what the confidence levels in the Ferrari camp are. To all the Ferrari fools…. watch out this space. Red Bull, drivers and constructors champions of 2013!!!

  • Eevel

    @No More Magic, Hard to Accept the Truth, Pessimist or whatever your name is.
    The other guys are right, I shouldn’t waste my time feeding the troll.
    The funny thing is I’m not really a Ferrari fan but I’m a good enough sport to give credit where credit is due and Byrne did a phenomenal job during those years.
    I find it pathetic that someone can have so much pent up anger and hatred towards a team! not even a person but a team!
    You’re pathetic!

  • Ferarri Fans Hurt Again

    The sooner you Ferarri fans accept the fact that Ferrari got tires no other team was allwed to use the sooner you can start to recover.

    Facts are facts.

  • Ian

    There were many many factors contributing to Ferrari’s successes during the Schumacher era, among them the design talent of Rory Byrne. Personally, I welcome him back as it will be fascinating to see how he copes with the new realities of F1: not just the sweeping new specifications, but limited testing & control tires, which affect everyone equally. Newey versus Bryne again, that just can’t be a bad thing!