Razia finds big money to secure Marussia race seat

Luiz Razia

Luiz Razia was Virgin Racing test driver in 2010

After months of negotiations it is virtually certain that Luiz Razia, the 23-year-old Brazilian, has reportedly secured the second Marussia race seat for the 2013 Formula One season, a cockpit only recently vacated by salaried driver Timo Glock.

Luiz Razia (BRA) Team Lotus T128 Reserve Driver.

Luiz Razia doing Friday practice for Lotus (Caterham) in 2011

Brazil’s Globo said that Razia, the 2012 GP2 runner-up, had secured the place “after months of negotiations”.

“The official announcement will be made on February 5, during the presentation of the new car” at Jerez, said the report.

Razia, who linked to the report on his official website, is quoted as saying: “We have managed to close [the deal] at the last minute. The important thing is that I have got what I have worked for over 11 years, since karts. It really is the fulfilment of a dream for me.”

Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat said that Razia has at least $15 million in backing.

“I have always raised the flag of Brazil, but we have only European investors in this project,” said the driver. Should he make it onto the grid, he will be only one of two Brazilian drivers currently in F1, the other being Felipe Massa.

Luiz Razia celebrates winning the GP2 race in Spain last year

Luiz Razia celebrates winning the GP2 race in Spain last year

Despite the Globo report and Razia’s comments, the driver’s management did not confirm the deal when contacted by the British broadcaster Sky.

“At the moment we have made no decision,” a spokesman said.

In GP2 Series Razia made eighty starts, winning five times, of which four of those victories came in 2012 with Arden International where he finished second to Davide Valsecchi in the championship.

Marussia said on Thursday that its confirmed driver, rookie Max Chilton, will debut the team’s new MR02 car at Jerez next Tuesday, when “the rest of the testing schedule will also be communicated”.

Meanwhile, a Dutch media report said that Giedo van der Garde is close to securing the second race seat at Caterham, alongside Frenchman Charles Pic. (GMM)

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  • Jet Set

    Money makes the world go around!

    Bug up to Ernie, earning billions a year and making it so awfully tough for new teams to even hope to survive financially…

    ps: how many dozens of yachts could earnie buy with this personal money earned in F1 while his teams, earning HIM the money are in trouble… big-time?

  • Jet Set

    Btw, how can one single human being be in charge and decide about the future of a sports controlling millions and billions of people?

    Thought the days of dictators where gone in a modern day’s society…


    Basically, we’re having a weaker kind of sports, bereft of its sencerity.

    Caused by people “behind the desk” thinking they’d have to earn a shitload of money, while the smaller and weaker ones do not get any kind of support at all and are still paying their dues.

    It’s not about sports anymore, but plain survival for the weak while the strong are living in opulence.

    Big up, Formula One in 2013.

  • Bernie MUST earn the MONEY

    Who cares about the small teams, bernie must earn the money for the big fish… ;-)

  • F1 in 2013

    what a load of bollocks! what is the F1 elite supposed to travel and eat?

    anything short of a private jet and a loads of kaviar?

    Achievements need to be worthy again…

  • F1 in 2013

    Achievements like watching an F1 race for 2 minutes and losing interest, but hey, we’re here in monaco and NOT making a show of it.

  • Bernie MUST earn the MONEY

    “It’s not about sports anymore, but plain survival for the weak while the strong are living in opulence”

    It’s not only that kind of way, the strong are also COMPLAINING,
    the weak ones would be lazy and not do the kind of work they’re supposed to (while farting in their seats, so big-time)

    What an audacious barefacedness.

  • Joe

    I don’t need to watch Formula 1 to recognize there’s something about going wrong…

    Buy some stuff in your local supermarket and you’ll find stuff is giving the impression it had the same quality as last year or a decade ago,

    but in a really miraculous kind of way, the products are bereft of quality and still cost the very same.

  • Ben

    It’s become so ridiculously.

    Your boss is telling you, you need to put up with less earnings,

    But in truth he’s worrying about one Porsche or Ferrari less in his car-pool…