Button: This year’s car is the best we’ve ever made

Jenson Button senior driver at McLaren for 2013

Jenson Button senior driver at McLaren for 2013

This season Jenson Button will contest his 14th year as an F1 driver, and his fourth as a McLaren driver, where he has taken over the mantle of the team’s senior driver. On the occasion of the launch of the team’s MP4-28 he spoke the 2013 F1 World Championship which he predicts will be a strong one for his team.

Jenson Button's 2013 helmet

Jenson Button’s 2013 helmet

“I’m going into my fourth season as a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver and, more than ever, I know and understand the strengths and abilities of this team. This year is really about continuity and consolidation.

“Obviously, the biggest change for 2013 is my new team-mate, Checo. It’s always interesting and inspiring to begin working with a new face, and it already feels like a very positive working relationship.

“I know from personal experience that it can feel initially daunting when you walk into the McLaren Technology Centre for the very first time, but I also remember how quickly I was made to feel at home and how welcoming I found the whole McLaren family. I’m sure Checo already feels very much at ease here.

“We were extremely strong throughout the whole of the 2012 season, but, for one reason or another, we couldn’t quite pull it all together to challenge for the championships. That’s something we want to address for 2013. I’ve seen just how closely everybody has been working together on this car, and I think we’ve got the basis for a very strong season.

“We’ll be working extremely hard during the pre-season to ensure we go to the first race with bulletproof reliability. Operationally, too, I think we’ve learned and developed from last year, and that will help us run a much smoother and stronger campaign.

“I also want to say that today’s demonstration of some classic McLarens makes me feel incredibly proud to be a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver. I don’t think anybody with a love for motorsport could fail to be moved by sound and fury of the cars we saw here today – they’ll always make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

“This year’s car is the best we’ve ever made – I know the engineers have left absolutely no stone unturned in wringing every ounce of performance from every available area. I cannot wait to get behind the wheel and attempt to carry forward the incredible legacy that lives beneath the skin of every single man and woman who works at McLaren.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • McLarenfan

    Roll on the start of testing

  • weasel

    Nothing but simple PR BS! The same ridiculous talk as every year. “The best car we’ve ever made”…uh-uh yea sure LMAO!

    15 years without a Constructor’s title and counting… :)

  • Butterfly

    Well said.

  • McHare

    But she is beautiful. Nice nose. Nice line and a pull rod fromt suspension al la Ferrari.

  • Tony

    weasel – I’m sure all the other teams will be using exactly the same optimistic quotes like they do every year because that’s what you do. ‘Done a lot of design so hope it all works out’ don’t exactly fill you with confidence.

    Oh.. and if the new one ain’t the best car you’ve ever designed and made you really shouldn’t be in F1.

  • McHare

    More different than you think. That there nose is a stepped nose in disguise. Pull rod suspension and big changes at the back also. Lets hope it’s really quick.

  • Tony

    To be honest, I’m not seeing the vanity panel thingy at all. What’s it all about?

  • Butterfly

    There’s a video of scarbs tapping that panel while explaining it’s made of thin carbon fiber. He also explains the front and rear suspension layout.

    It sounded really thin and hollow – just like a shoe-box.

  • Butterfly

    There you go:


    Just add that to the YouTube address (with slash).

  • Tony

    Right… its the trunk

  • McHare

    The rear suspension with the embedded drive shaft looks good and the detailing around the sides there to encourage little voticies to trap the air underneath. Now that sounds just damn right mean!

  • The Fuzz

    Hope McLaren have pulled out ALL the stops for their 50th. Expect nothing less than WDC and constructors by mid season

  • Tony

    Thanks for the information Butterfly. That Scarb guy has one mean tech web site. Knows his onions as my father would say.

  • fools

    Button you havent even driven it yet… Maybe he says its the best car now to play mind games with LH and now since “he is the senior of the McLaren” team he says its the best now. Will shall soon see Mr. Button…will see.

    I will be laughing hard though if it fails to finish the race in Melbourne during the first GP. LH will be laughing too.

  • Butterfly

    Let’s be honest here, Jenson isn’t going to qualify like Lewis. Neither will the Mexican, so unless the car is a bullet, I just don’t see McLaren in a good position.

    I mean, you know you’re doomed if you’re relying on Jenson to lead the team. He can barely take care of his own head…

  • McHare

    Butterfly – I don’t know, put an uncanny ability to make tyres last together with a tyre manufature who’s mission goal is to make tyres degrade quickly and I think the result should see a race day at least that’ll make the Mexican wave.

  • McHare

    Fools – The McLaren simulator is so advanced that it can take data from the wind tunnel and all the new car modelling to create a realistic delta from the MP4-27. So although he’s not driven the real car, he and Checo should have a fair idea how it will perform already from the simulator.

  • Butterfly


    It remains to be seen whether the tires were lasting longer because of the Sauber car or the Mexican’s skill set.

    Even if it was Perez doing that, I’m still not convinced he’s got the speed to get anywhere in F1 on his own steam. After all, Kobayashi wiped the floor with him in qualy week in, week out.

    If you’re slow in qualy you’re a nobody. Let’s see what happens. Maybe the McLaren is good enough to hide his problems.

    For his sake.

  • Butterfly

    Oh, and that “advanced simulator” part made me laugh. :-)

    You are aware that’s basically a video game, right? Tires aren’t simulated in real-time like real rubber moves while the car runs at 200 mph. It’s all pre-computed and fed into the game (that is, simulation) then the driver is let loose.

    The simulation is *very* crude and limited by the amount of computing available. Not even the most powerful supercomputer in the world can simulate four tires and the vehicle’s dynamics at 200mph in real-time.

    On a side-note, the graphics used in those simulators is crap, and I know a thing or two about real-time rendering.

    Maybe they should get a proper game engine on there.

  • prince

    Button u should develop the car faster i knw u won last season opener after that downhill hope this is time around is a different story better 1st half of the season

  • McLaren

    Brave responce dear Butterfly and while you are correct about tyres being a black art that cannot be replicated by even the most capable product from the labs at apple, the rest is actually pretty representative nowadays and can be tweeked. That is why I said against the known quantity of last years car which of course was used for validation. Anyway, save your laughs for the Ferrari launch later today. Ferrari may never win another world championship but they will always win the pre season BS wars!

  • McHare

    Twas me McHare. McLaren themselves are far too busy in their simulator to respond to idle chat

  • Butterfly


    I wasn’t laughing at McLaren’s simulator per se. I was laughing at the idea that current simulator technology is as advanced as some of you chumps think it is, that’s all. Whether it’s McLaren’s, Ferrari’s, etc., they’re all limited – which is why most of them don’t learn sh(it) by driving the thing.

    You poor retarded McLaren fan…

  • Butterfly

    Regarding Ferrari… they finished ahead of the team with the fastest car throughout the year, didn’t they? And they had one driver in the hunt for most of the year.

    Nuff’ said.

  • McHare

    Butterfly – I think you are mistaking the machines in your regular haunt of the amusement arcade for the bespoke tools of the trade. Put your coins away and take your anorak off. You are a funny girl though!

  • The Fuzz

    Hey Butterfly I hear the launch colour of the Ferrari this year is going to be yellow in recognition of last years lemon. Looser

  • Butterfly

    The Fuzz:

    At least you spelled loser correctly…

  • Speedo

    He is still to drive and test the car and here he is shooting his mouth off saying “This year’s car is the best we’ve ever made” How stupid can he get. May be he loves the sound of his voice

  • Butterfly


    He actually does.