Glock:Small F1 teams stuck in vicious circle

Timo GlockTimo Glock has lamented the pay driver trend that is afflicting back of the grid F1 teams.

The salaried German has been dropped by Marussia mid-contract, with the backmarker team openly admitting that it needs to replace him with a sponsored driver.

30-year-old Glock has switched to the DTM series, with BMW.

“A few years ago,” he told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, “if the gap [to the front teams] was one or two centimetres, now it is ten.”

Indeed, HRT has folded, Marussia has cleared space for a second pay-driver, and Caterham is yet to announce a teammate for Charles Pic – and it is unlikely to be the highly rated Heikki Kovalainen, as he lacks financial backing.

“As long as this model [in F1] continues, it will be increasingly difficult for the smaller teams to stay in the race,” Glock predicted.

“And next year, with the new engines, then Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren will pull even further ahead.”

Needing ‘pay drivers’ simply to stay afloat but then suffering on track as a result, Glock said that the smallest teams are “stuck in a vicious circle”.


Subbed by AJN.

  • fapper

    timo is correct.

  • Emaaduddin

    Absolutely correct Timo..
    Sad to see you go..
    When I 1st saw u in F1, I thought you would make it big in F1.
    One of the most under-rated driver in F1..
    Wishing U all the best for your future.

  • McLarenfan

    A ridiculous trend that means drivers that were more than worthy of driving in F1 are being forced out.

  • Hawk

    One small glitch..
    Charles Pic the pay driver was giving him a run for his money.. Likewise Petrov Heikki.. Oh one more pair Perez Kamui. Need I go on?