Webber: It’s evident that I’ve never been a part of Marko’s agenda

Mark Webber

Mark Webber gave his first interview of the 2013 season

With the first week ofFormula One testing fast approaching, Mark Webber took time out and released a pre-season Q&A where he gives details of the final rod being removed from his leg, while dismissing Helmut Marko’s recent disparaging remarks which he says are part of another agenda.

Mark Webber Helmut Marko

Mark Webber with Helmut Marko

Reacting to Marko’s claim, in a recent edition of Red Bulletin, that Webber is only unbeatable in one or two races per year and was not on the same level as world champion Sebastian Vettel, Webber said, “Look, everyone at this level has their own agendas and it’s been evident for a long time now that I’ve never been a part of Marko’s.”

With regard to his leg,  which he broke badly in a cycling accident in January 2009, the straight talking Aussie revealed, “I had the final procedure on my right leg at the start of December [2012] to remove the remaining piece of metalwork, a 40cm titanium rod. The surgery went very smoothly and my recovery was exceptional.”

Webber shed light on the subsequent recovery, “I had a few weeks off from my normal training schedule but I was able to ease myself back into it by the first week of January and now I’m back into it properly. I didn’t really know what to expect from having it removed, apart from my own peace of mind, but I’m very happy that some of the niggles and pain I’ve sometimes experienced with my training over the past three years already seem to be a thing of the past.”

Mark Webber during a Pepe Jeans photo shoot in Monaco

Mark Webber during a Pepe Jeans photo shoot in Monaco

Looking ahead to the 2013 season Webber predicted, “I’m sure we’ve got another exciting and challenging season ahead, and it’ll be interesting to see who comes out of the gates strongly; you might get an inkling from pre-season testing to the form book but it’s only when we arrive in Melbourne for the first race that the gloves really come off.”

Webber will be starting his seventh season with Red Bull, one of the longest driver/team pairings on the grid, in the RB9, another Adrian Newey creation.

“I’m certainly looking forward to getting my hands on the RB9 and I also have a new race engineer in Simon Rennie. It’s going to be important to have a solid pre-season with him after spending some six years with Ciaron Pilbeam who I had a long and enjoyable relationship with, but he’s no longer with the team,” said Webber.

The season kicks off at his home race in Mebourne, on the weekend of 15 to 17 March. It is the venue of his F1 debut with Minardi back in 2002, but has to date not proved a happy hunting ground as in 11 races on home soil his best result was fourth, last year.

“I’m looking forward to starting the season in Australia having prepared very well for it over the past two months. But it’s clear there’s no point getting too far ahead of yourself, so it’s a case of taking each week, test and race as it comes,” concluded Webber.

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  • Little_E

    “Look, everyone at this level has their own agendas and it’s been evident for a long time now that I’ve never been a part of Marko’s.”

    In 2012, Mark, it was equally evident that you were the best teammate Fernando Alonso could have hoped for.

  • skidhead


    Mark would be a great teamate for Fernando & get more respect from him & Ferrari than he would ever get at Red Bull$#%^, at the very least he would get a car that was the equal of his teammate’s.

  • Mark

    what do you expect, Webber? you rammed your teammate out of the race track twice this year, you helped Ferrari the whole Interlagos race. What do you care about Marko? you should be answering to Montezemolo, like the Ferrari idiot guy you are.

  • SP7

    Good old Mark. Straight Shooter. Tells it like it is. And I think he’s right. Marko has never really been a Webber fan. Marko’s job is strange, he has no real “power”. He’s more of a consultant to Mateschitz and makes sure his investment in F1 is being looked after. With Horner and Newey at the helm of Red Bull, you really don’t need Marko at all….

  • i Zeus

    ahhh i hate listening to sooks, when you get everything on the platter like seb does then can u complain if his teammate doesnt always want to comply, lets all bend over and get on our knees for seb lets give him championships n not worry about him earning them, harden up you little sooks, go and cry because you have nothing going for yourselves in life..

  • TimeLord

    dear Vettel fanboys,
    I’m sure you love your -thisiswhati’mtalkingabout- FingerBoy’s major fan, HeLLmut.

  • mharker

    Marko’s agenda is probably to have two drivers capable of winning championships. No surprise Webber doesn’t fit in there.

    Webber is just wasting that second seat at Red Bull. It should go to a better and younger driver.

    With Webber’s average performances and anti-Vettel driving no surprise Marko is not happy. And Marko didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. I would have said far worse about Webber and his selfish attitude.

  • TimeLord

    I’m not sure if someone is selfish if he isn’t willing to help Vettle. You want a supporting role and not equality.
    Sure, there are many young drivers who would love to play a second fiddle as long as they’ll be in RBR.

  • Djabula

    Webber/RedBull it’s not the longest team/driver parring.I think massa/Ferrari is.Massa was at ferrari when Schumacher retired and back then RedBull didn’t even existed.

  • quattro

    You have always to ask youself the question “who is benefitting from this”, in order to undertand what is going on.

    This is not the first time Marko opens his mouth to discredit other drivers and I am sure he is intelligent enough to know exactly what he is doing and what he wants to achieve.
    It is quite obvious that the only one benefitting from these “low standard” statements (against ALO last time and now WEB), is Markos boy, VET. Obviously Marko does not have so high thoughts about VET and must think that VET alone, will not win a head to head fight against world class pilots. So he feels the need to “give him a hand” by play these mind games with VETs strongest competitors before the season starts.

    This only confirms my view about VET (no opinion about Marko as he is only doing what he is paid to do). VET is nothing but average…Car is super though.

  • mharker

    @TimeLord Don’t you think it is a bit selfish not to help your teammate when you are out of the running for the championship? In Abu Dhabi and Brazil Webber was just not being a team player at all. He made it as hard as possible for Vettel.

    @quattro it’s just everyone playing mind games. Alonso attacks Vettel, Marko attacks Alonso, and Vettel just stays away from it all. I highly doubt if anyone is really affected by them – other than the fans, since you imply that Marko’s mind games makes you think less of Vettel (though I really don’t see how you could reach such a conclusion).

  • quattro


    “…since you imply that Marko’s mind games makes you think less of Vettel (though I really don’t see how you could reach such a conclusion).”

    My assessment of VET is not solely based on what Marko does or says. I said that Markos actions “confirms what I think”. My belief of VETs capabilities as a driver is based on his performance the last 3 years.

    In two of the latest three years he have had a very good car, in comparason to what ALO have had. Still he only managed to clinch the title with the minimal or close to minimal amount of points. In 2012 the RB car was IMO light years ahead of the car at ALOs disposal for majority of the season.
    Add to that, the amount of misstakes that VET makes in comparason to the best. ABU and Interlagos springs to mind from the 2012 season – he was lucky his car did not take damage at those occasions which would have meant title is gone…despite the huge car advantage.
    That is average in my book, no matter what Marko or anyone else says.

  • TimeLord

    I’m not suggesting he is the most cooperative teammate. Also, IMO he isn’t unfair. Sure, he wants to prove himself. I don’t know how he could react with having his friend Alonso as a teammate, probably competitive (because I think he is highly competitive) but maybe he was a bit more helpful, I don’t know.