Mayor claims that 2014 Russian GP will happen

Sochi F1 race track

The Black Sea Resort town of Sochi will host the first ever Russian GP

The Russian Grand Prix – the country’s first Formula One race – will be held in Sochi in November 2014 despite delays in constructing the circuit, the city’s mayor said on Friday.

“It will be held in November, after the [2014 Winter] Olympics,” Anatoly Pakhomov told reporters in Moscow.

Last year local media reported, citing sources within the Russian Automobile Federation, that work on the $ 200-million project had been stopped.

Pakhomov, however, dismissed any doubts about the construction being completed on time.

“The circuit’s construction is being closely monitored by the regional government. Everything is going according to plan,” he said. “If we had any problems we would have asked for help from other regions.”

In 2010, Russia signed a seven-year deal with Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone to stage a grand prix race in the Black Sea resort from 2014 until 2020.

Sochi will host the Winter Olympics in February 2014. (Reuters)

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