Alonso to miss Jerez as Massa and De la Rosa to drive new Ferrari first

Felipe Massa with Fernando Alonso

Felipe Massa with Fernando Alonso

It will fall to Felipe Massa to give the car that Ferrari will use in this year’s Formula 1 World Championship its track debut, while Fernando Alonso will miss the first test at Jerez and only get into the cockpit two weeks later in Barcelona.

Pedro De La Rosa (ESP) HRT Formula One Team. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Preparations, Austin, Texas, 15 November 2012.The Brazilian will begin work on development of the new car, starting on 5 February at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit, which hosts the first of three test sessions of four days duration each, to be held in the run-up to the start of the season.

Massa will stay on track until 7 February before handing over to Pedro De La Rosa, who will thus make his debut at the wheel of a Ferrari.

In the meantime and throughout all the first part of February, Fernando Alonso will intensify his physical training, in preparation for a first part of the season which, as usual will be very demanding, both because of the long distances involved between the various grands prix and because of the variety of weather conditions encountered from Melbourne to Sakhir, with Sepang and Shanghai in between.

Fernando will get behind the wheel of the fourth car of his Ferrari career for the first time on 19 February at Montmelo’s Catalunya circuit. The Spaniard will drive for three days before handing over to team-mate Massa.

Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari F2012. Formula One Testing, Mugello, Italy, Day Two, 2 May 2012.The final test session, also at Montmelo from 28 February to 3 March will see Felipe and Fernando take turns on track: Thursday and Saturday for the Brazilian, Friday and Sunday for the Spaniard. This means the breakdown of test days for the Ferrari men is as follows: Massa six days, Alonso five and De La Rosa one.

De la Rosa was in Maranello on Wednesday for a seat fitting to fine tune his position in the cockpit of the new car. He has had a series of meetings with the Scuderia engineers to define his programme on the simulator, which will constitute the major part of his role as test driver.

This means that his day on track on 8 February will be very important, as it will allow both the team and the driver to work specifically on looking at the correlation between the virtual and the real experience. The work of assembling the new car goes on: yesterday the engine was fired up for the first time. (Ferrari)

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  • Bec

    And we all though he wanted more testing ;-)

  • Bec

    Thought (predictive text sucks) :)

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso has no value added in testing as he lacks the skills for that. In the meantime he can practice mind games for the press.

  • Butterfly

    Well, Ferrari are obviously letting Felipe & Pedro iron out the bugs so that Fernando drives a bug-free car at test #2. Plus, he could use the rest.

  • McLarenfan

    Strange I would have thought Alonso would want as much playtime in the car as possible. Seems to be a case of why have a dog and bark yourself.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Both drivers will have almost the same amount of testing days under their belts when the season starts. So what if Felipe will have one more day, big deal! I really don’t see it affecting Fernando in any way. It will allow Fernando to work on his fitness, which is always a very important thing in Formula 1.

  • Butterfly

    What the brainiacs at Ferrari are doing is making sure Fernando milks that F2013 for all its worth in Barcelona on the second test. Remember, that track shows which cars are fast and which aren’t, unlike the Jerez circuit – where Massa runs.

    Plus, Felipe and Pedro will iron out the bugs so that Fernando can run – presumably – uninterrupted by reliability problems. If problems are found, they’ll surely have enough time to fix them by the time the Spaniard gets behind the wheel.

    Good thinking. Ferrari are firing on all cylinders this year. :-)

  • ?


    Or, another way to look at it, would be that if he isn’t good at testing it would be him “moving out of the way” in a somewhat “Petersonesque” manner…

  • fools

    @ the haters.

    Alonso is busy doing sponsors and intense training for the season opener. The article states he will not be there for the first test. It does not say he will not test at all. WTF do you guys smoke at night? (crack?) You haters are so quick to comment you only read the headline like a child and bark like a bitch without continuing the article.

    Let me educate you dumb ass haters. When your clearly the number 1 driver for Ferrari you never test first. Does Vettel test before Webber. NO! Webber goes first then Vettel!

    They recruited De La Rosa for a reason. Therefore in Alonso absence he could test first and do simulations with his seat fitting as well. When Alonso is next he can correct what he thinks he needs for his car. You haters NEVER have any logic in your comments. Strictly hate because the headline said Alonso. The name Alonso to you haters is a plaque to you all.

  • Mark

    hes practising his new retarded llines for the year xD

  • Butterfly

    Hey, did you guys read that Red Bull tried to hire Alonso several times? He said that’s why Dr. Marko is pissed about.

  • Damon

    Because of this Alonso is biting his elbows.

  • Butterfly

    The way things are going at Ferrari, I would say it’s Dr. Marko who’s biting his elbows.

    It’s understandable why they (i.e., Red Bull) would want the best driver in their team, though.

  • Sameferrarilover

    Yes he wanted more testing But Less racings…the racing schedules are still the same as last year…you blind haters…no matter what you fart behind your PC and type it down…nothing will change reality…Fernando remains one of all time best drivers…eat your sh*t out because there is nothing you can really do about it.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Schumacher was always first to test the new Ferrari as his input was needed.

    Alonso’s input is simply not needed.

  • Butterfly

    It’s just a matter of Fernando getting as much time as possible in Barcelona rather than Jerez. Plus, I reckon they expect reliability problems on launch – possibly some extreme packaging on the car.

    Should be fun to watch.

  • F1 Neutral

    @ Alonso_is_slow

    You undermine your own argument as soon as people read your name.

    It’s easier to skip your comments because they’re always going to be anti-Alonso and they will always come from a place of ignorance.