Alonso claims that he turned down several Red Bull offers

L-R: Sebastian Vettel (GER), Red Bull Racing, and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, give an interview for cable TV channels RAI & RTL. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Preparations, Monza, Italy, Thursday 8 September 2011. BEST IMAGERed Bull consultant Helmut Marko is bitter because he was turned down several times, Fernando Alonso has claimed.

Following Red Bull and Ferrari‘s 2012 title battle, a verbal spat broke out between Spaniard Alonso and Austrian Marko, who is right-hand man to Red Bull team owner Dietrich Mateschitz.

Marko claimed that while world champion Sebastian Vettel is fully focused, Alonso is too “busy with politics and funny comments”.

Alonso retorted: “Some [people] say they don’t read [Alonso’s comment]), don’t hear them and don’t see them, before adding that they are not influenced by them – so clearly they do read them, maybe at night.”

Now, the feisty 31-year-old Ferrari driver has hinted that Marko is bitter because of how many times he rejected Red Bull’s interest in his highly-rated services.

“After hearing “no” several times, it always hurts a little more each time,” Alonso is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace. (GMM)

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  • Mark

    It’s obvious helmut is bothered by something, reason why is was hitting on Alonso the past few weeks… Suck on that helmut!

  • AlonsoFan

    not trying to be padentic or anything buy Lewis also plays alot of politics and mind games regarding Newey and vettel’s car but helmut Marko doesnt bitch about him aswell.

    and one more thing that when Vettel swore in Abu Dhabi,he said somethings on the lines of “if some one doesnt like the grown-up stuff,he should watch kids programmes” ..according to this when Vettel bitched in Brazil that “some people tried playing dirty-tricks” then maybe Vettel and horner themselves havent grown out of Kids-programmes and NICK tv.

  • Hawk

    gloves off

  • karoti stous kolo tou

    Alonso is right, also the new Dutch 3rd driver at Sauber (Robin Frijns) (pushed to 3rd driver by chavez’ money) turned down Red Bull already two times.

    This kid has allready achieved more, and more prestigious titles then Vettel at the same age..

    He turned down already two times a Red Bull offering. And called them in the media “Dogs” who rule dictatorship, and who only allow obidient sheep in their circles.

    He will never drive for Red Bull after these comments, but it become more and more apparent that RB are dirty dogs who play faul.. maybe even more faul then late 90’s Ferrari.

  • quattro

    I am really looking forward towards reading Webbers post-retirement book – “My (dark) days at Reb Bull”. It will, I think, be very interresting reading.

  • Alonso is a cry baby

    Alonso is a big cry baby. Look at how he cried at McLaren when he did not get his way. Face it Alonso is nothing without full number one status on a team, when he has to compete he crumbles.

  • F12013

    Alonso is a bloody loser. He can never beat Vettel on track. All he can do is bark like a bitch.

  • Forza Ferrari

    hahahahaaa keep going Alonso! Fry up those Red Cow fools good! This stuff is priceless! Soon Marko and Horner will be committed to a mental hospital with a severe nervous breakdown haha :)

    Way to go Fernando!

  • fools

    reading this article was refreshing and hurt alot of RB fans.

    lol :)

  • Wardski

    Gotta love Alonso. I mean who in their right mind would work for Marko? The guy is an absolute A-hole. The best thing RB can do right now is sack the guy. I am so surprised that Dietrich gives him so much rope to say the things he says – all he’s doing is making RB look bad.

    I also hate the way he degrades Mark Webber. Marko needs to go!

  • TheStigsAmericanCousin

    These type of comments/stories make Vettel even more competitive. I think this is the one ability he has over any other driver. He uses these stories as a motivational tool.


    Alonso had wanted to drive for RBR the 2009 season, but a short-term and high fees made ??it unattractive for RBR.
    Stop whining Alonso, and start acting on the track.

  • Mark

    RB are so hurt… oh poor RB with their broken hearts, if only they had Alonso they could win a WDC for 3 years in a row………. wait, what? LOLOLOOLOLLOLOL

  • Venezia

    Yeah right Alonso turned them down and vettel became triple world champion! Good thing for red bull. Nuts Fernando.

  • Petrol Head

    Here goes the silly little boy cry baby Alonso again.
    When will he try growing up???

  • G

    karoti stous kolo tou:”….RB are dirty dogs who play faul..”

    No, Red Bull WINS! I remember when Red Bull first entered the sport.(F1) They were laughed at and not taken seriously by the other teams because they were a “Drink Company” not a car company, they were impugned, derided, scorned, you name it, every indignity was hurled at them by the other “real” race teams.
    RBR took that crap and turned it into the motivation that transformed them from a lower mid-field team to a low top-level team before finally coming to rest at THE TOP of F1! They have been sitting atop the pinnacle of F1 for 3 yrs running.
    Now they are cheaters and rule breakers. They can’t just simply be champions due to innovation, motivation, and strong teamwork because that would upset the narrative of those who still believe Red Bull doesn’t belong in F1.
    As a Red Bull fan from the beginning(I like their product) who endured the abuse of my friends for backing losers, I can emphatically say that I am glad you bitter babies love to squall so loudly. Only problem is; The screams of the WORLD CHAMPION
    Red Bull Racing’s car gleefully drowns out the agonizing cries of the bitter losers!