Force India: No truth behind claims that the team is in crisis

L-R: Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara (IND) Manager and Working Director Sahara India Pariwar with Dr Vijay Mallya (IND) Chairman UB Group. Sahara India Pariwar and Dr Vijay Mallya Announce Co-Ownership of Force India Formula One Team, Grand Hotel, Delhi, India, 12 October 2011.

Force India released the following statement to in the light of a report published earlier today on our website questioning the future of the team:

“Sahara Force India dismisses the rumours that appeared on the internet this morning, which are part of a growing trend of irresponsible online journalism directed at the team.”

“There is no truth behind claims that the team is in ‘crisis’, which only serve as gossip at a time when news in the Formula One world is limited. It’s also disappointing that the team was not contacted for a response.

“The team is pushing ahead with the new car build and looking forward to the launch of the 2013 car and new team partnerships.”

Yalla Responds:

“Earlier today we ran a GMM supplied story regarding the future of Force India, as reported by Italiaracing, but which was not fully verified by ourselves.”

Due to the seriousness of the matter and implications thereof we have removed the original story. At the same time we have asked the team’s media office to comment on the original report and await a response from them.

Meanwhile we apologise for any distress or inconvenience that this may have caused.

Subbed by AJN.

  • patagrande

    its the end of the world as we know it. what ever happens please do not bring back either one of the equally repulsive creatures mentioned CK nor FB.

  • patagrande

    to think that Lucasaurus wants to do without Bernie! without whom these goofballs will kill the sport in a few weeks …

    no wonder de resta has been freaking out and rather than building bridges has been setting a few a blaze.

    he should go visit A Parr in France and together ponder whether the chicken will dare to go walk in or go lay an egg in the dog house, while enjoying some sour grapes.

  • F1Lover

    It all rubish that force india going to collapse.Mr Mallya has submitted a new plan for his airline to local autorities. and talking about his private jet it is seized only for threaten Kingfisher to pay salary to their employee.In last the delay in declaration of drivers for 2013 the reason is that force india always want to be last in drivers announcment so wait for caterham to declare their drivers
    .ForceIndia will rock in 2013

  • monty

    having worked there when ck came in with to run the team as midland it would not be a good thing him being back there as more stuff left the back doors than the front he has no interest of running a team just milking its assets for his own gains

  • Junior Johnson

    What does CK stand for, is it Calvin Klein the guy who raced for Sauber?Why and what is he taking through the back door?what are you talking about?does it make any difrinse to go through the back or front?Patagrande Im confused by you talking about chickens eating sour grapes in a dog house?
    In any case the new car looks fantastic!WOw look at that Colanda exaust it looks like the most advanced one yet!even to put red bulls trunnels to shame!
    Lol x 2 look at the guy on the right he’s like going im so serious weer going to win with this advanced car and the guy with the mustash is going yeah i know it baby!