Alonso:Twitter allows direct contact with fans

Alonso-cycling1-400x400Fernando Alonso has always jealously guarded his privacy, but social networks, especially Twitter, have given him a means of defending himself and counter-attacking those who want to invade his privacy.

“Since I started using Twitter, I am the one who says what I am doing,” explained the Ferrari driver. “Before, it could be said that I was spending my holiday with elephants or that I was having dinner with Obama, but now for example, I can be the one to say that I was in Italy, skiing on New Year’s day before going to Russia and from there to Brazil to take part in the kart race organised by Felipe.

“Tweeting means I can be in direct contact with my fans, to help them discover aspects of my job that they would never get to know otherwise. Of course, I can’t say everything because in Formula One, a lot of information has to remain confidential, but I think it is still a fun and useful tool,” said Alonso. (Ferrari Press Release)

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