Stewart: Jenson can win the world championship again

Jackie Stewart with Jenson Button and trainer Mike Collier before the 2012 Italian GP

Jackie Stewart with Jenson Button and trainer Mike Collier before the 2012 Italian GP

Sir Jackie Stewart has urged Jenson Button to seize the number one driver status at McLaren and target his second world championship title, despite Martin Whitmarsh declaring that, as per the team’s tradition, new boy Sergio Perez will be afforded equal treatment to the 2009 world champion.

Sergio Perez (MEX) Sauber and Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren in the Press Conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd15, Japanese Grand Prix, Preparations, Suzuka, Japan, Thursday 4 October 2012.Speaking to the Press Association Stewart said, “It’s not a question of equal footing this year. You’ve someone in Jenson who knows the engineers, telemetry people, knows the business, and who has been there, seen it and done it. So I think he can [win the world championship again] with the right equipment, and there cannot be a better supplier of that equipment than McLaren.”

“They are about as good as they come. They’ve got the facilities, so many assets, so yes, he can do it if the car is good enough and he is psyched up enough. He no longer has to keep up with Lewis and that’s a mental thing, so he has to see himself as the number one driver, and that McLaren are depending on him,” added the three time world champion and respected F1 observer.

The only doubt that Stewart has is in Button’s ability to win races consistently – he has won only eight times in three seasons with McLaren. hence Stewart’s questions over his chances of mounting another serious title campaign. Last year Button won the season opening race and the final race of the championship, too.

Race winner Jenson Button (GBR) Brawn Grand Prix celebrates after the race. Formula One World Championship, Rd 6, Monaco Grand Prix, Race, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Sunday 24 May 2009. BEST IMAGE“When he wins races they are beautifully-controlled races. You just know he is not going to fly off the race track or make huge errors of judgment. He is very solid. Whether he has what it takes to be a serial winner [with McLaren], the jury is still out because he hasn’t done that yet,” mused Stewart.

Stewart is mindful of Red Bull and their dominance over the past few years, and admitted that a fourth title in a row for the energy drinks owned squad is a distinct possibility.

“There’s a big risk of that happening, that’s simply because Adrian Newey  [Red Bull’s technical director] has an amazing energy level and deep wells of adrenalin in him somewhere. If he continues to have the same enthusiasm and interest, and with him being so creative, then it’s tough for anybody to keep up,” predicted Stewart.

When Lewis Hamilton announced his departure to Mercedes, McLaren were quick to sign up Perez from Sauber. But compared to Button, and Hamilton for that matter, the 22 year old Mexican has limited experience and none in a squad with McLaren’s reputation and need to win, which suggests that Button is the biggest winner in the game of driver musical chairs ahead of the 2013 season. (GP247)

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  • The Fuzz

    Wouldn’t rule out Sergio though. Complementary styles should help car develpoment. Remain positive McLaren folk!

  • Eevel

    I think McLaren should have signed the Hulk rather than Checo.
    They’ll regret not having done so when Hulkenburg goes to Red Bull or Ferrari.

  • nWc

    sorry uncle jack, can’t see it happening for jense unless the car is incredibly ahead of the field for the first 10 races

  • Junior Johnson

    You know what Jensen needs to do?he needs to talk to Brawn about coming to Maclaren to build the car again.Brawn must still have the original drawings from that winning car somewhere hidden safely and if he can find it they can use it to build another winning car just like before only slightly modified for the new rules.Not much has changed since that time and that car used to beet red bull so it should do again if Brawn builds it today and expecialy with Jensen driving it.Jensen showed us that year just how fast he can be but he needs the car to suit his way of driving.Because there are two cars in a team wich both must have the same setup for qalifying and the race and Jensens partner can never drive in his perculiar style the car always gets setup more like his partners which makes it almost imposible for Jensen to drive as fast as he would of.

  • Butterfly

    Every year the former British drivers talk about the current British drivers being able to “take the title” again.

    Of course, it never happens.

    What a bunch of amateurs. No wonder GB is sh(it)…