Ferrari recruit F1 aerodynamics guru

Loic Bigois (FRA) Williams Chief Aerodynamicist.  Formula One World Championship, Rd 7, Monaco Grand Prix, Practice Day, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 25 May 2006.  DIGITAL IMAGEJan.11 (GMM) Ferrari has added another Briton to its ranks. After acknowledging its aerodynamic weaknesses, the Italian team last year signed well-known F1 aerodynamicist Loic Bigois to switch from Mercedes.

Ferrari is currently developing its 2013 car, probably to be called the F2013, in Toyota’s state-of-the-art Cologne wind tunnel, while the Maranello facility is closed for improvements.

At the same time, Autosprint reports that the scarlet-clad team has signed Martin Bester.

The Briton’s last post was as Williams‘ aerodynamics team leader.

He has also worked for BMW and McLaren.

Prior to working at Mercedes, chief aerodynamicist and Frenchman Bigois worked alongside Bester at Williams, the Italian magazine noted.

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  • Whats goin on?

    wow!! cool! B-)

  • James

    whatever they may do, I wish it works for them…

  • Bec

    Loic Bigois a Briton?

    I’m sure he was born in France and didn’t even start working for a UK team until about 2003.

  • dsdsdsdsd

    @ Editor, does Loic Bigois sound British? For real, he’s born in Aix en Provence, that sounds British too doesn’t it :p?

  • fools

    This is good for Ferrari. Good change and I should suspect quality and a much improved aero department and F2013 soon.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Whoaa, that is great news! I have a good feeling about this! Loic Bigois was already a fantastic signing and now this guy…things are looking really positive for Ferrari :)

    And Loic Bigois is NOT a Briton, he is French. Get your facts straight yallaf1.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Ferrari needs Nr 1 drivers instead of a Nr 2 and a Nr 3

  • Kaizo

    The author never said Loic Bigois was a brit idiots.
    Read again he said: “Ferrari has added another Briton to its ranks.”
    Remember Pat Fry was added last season. Some of you’ll need to take grade school english again.

  • Nowhereman

    Yeah yeah yeah.
    You can add a ton more of bodies to any problem and not have the solution you need.
    The proof is in the pudding people.
    Ferrari needs to find an engine designer that can squeeze more HP and torque than the next guy.
    HP makes up for minute CFD differences.
    More power allows for more wing.
    More wing allows faster speeds through turns.
    No car is that slow in straights that it gives up competitiveness.
    HP rules.

  • Bec


    That’s exactly what adding ANOTHER Briton means.

    Another = ‘One more; an additional’

    eg: One more Briton, an additional Briton, and as Loic Bigois is NOT a Briton, how can he be classed as an additional Briton?

    Pat Fry is a Briton, so who is the other additional Briton?

  • Kimi4WDC

    Not gonna help, Alonso just had his prime year. They better secure Vettel fast. Ferrari need some fresh blood.