Ferrari start work on new Formula 1 factory at Maranello

Costruction of new Ferrari F1 factory gets underway at MaranelloFerrari has begun work on a new factory building at their Maranello headquarters in Italy that will be home to its Formula One team.

“The first excavations have indeed begun of the foundations of the building that will house the offices of the management, engineers and administrative staff along with the working areas of the team,” Ferrari said on its website (

It said that the location, already owned by Ferrari, was a car park and was between the renowned Cavallino restaurant and the existing team building that dates back to the days of late founder Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari, the only team to have raced in every Formula One championship since 1950, is currently alone in building its F1 cars and engines on the same site.

The road car production line, which turns out thousands of sportscars every year, is also alongside. (Reuters)

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