Marko on: Vettel nonsense, Alonso politics and Webber under pressure

Helmut Marko not mincing his words

Helmut Marko not mincing his words

Straight talking and often controversial Helmut Marko makes it quite clear that Sebastian Vettel is the outright number one in the Red bull team, while taking a poke at Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber.

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing, celebrates wiacnning his third F1 World Championship with Dr Helmut Marko (AUT) Red Bull Motorsport Consultant, left. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.In a candid interview in Red Bulletin magazine, Marko pulled no punches as he started by slamming Vettel’s critics who claim that the triple world champion’s success is down to the genius of Adrian Newey’s designs.

Marko reacted to the allegations, “There is a lot of nonsense being said; ‘Vettel can’t overtake.’ Ridiculous; just look at Abu Dhabi and Brazil. ‘He is only able to win because he’s sitting in a Newey car.’ We have two Newey cars, so why aren’t we clinching one-two at every race?”

“Then the comment of the great Jackie Stewart that Vettel must go to another team to prove himself. This is said by someone who scored all his greatest successes in just one team, Tyrrell,” stressed the Austrian F1 advsior to Red Bull billionaire Dieter Mateschitz. “I can’t take it seriously. We at Red Bull Racing are not just a bunch of civil servants. As long as we provide Sebastian with a car and an environment in which he can become world champion, he will probably stay with us.”

L-R: Sebastian Vettel (GER), Red Bull Racing, and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, give an interview for cable TV channels RAI & RTL. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Preparations, Monza, Italy, Thursday 8 September 2011. BEST IMAGE“If both do not fit, then we have to come up with something fresh. But we have a very good junior programme, and maybe some day someone else will become champion in our car,” mused Marko.

Much has been said of an energy drinks manufacturer beating teams such as Ferrari and McLaren. Marko was asked if such a scenario would have irked Enzo Ferrari.

He responded, “There’s no way Enzo would have liked such defeat, but he would acknowledge the performance of the opposition – and then would whip his boys accordingly so they’d do everything to beat us. But not with such actions as we have recently experienced.”

On the subject of Alonso, Marko was forthright in his comments, “Alonso is constantly involved in politics. I believe that we saw the stress that he was under towards the end of the season. Saying things like, ‘I’m competing against Hamilton, not Vettel,’ and ‘I’m up against Newey,’ these psychological skirmishes. We said, ‘Just ignore him.'”

(L to R): Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing with Dr Helmut Marko (AUT) Red Bull Motorsport Consultant. Formula One World Championship, Rd 8, Canadian Grand Prix, Practice Day, Montreal, Canada, Friday 11 June 2010.The former F1 driver also had some choice words about Webber’s inability to match Vettel during the course of a full season, “It seems to me that Webber has on average two races per year where he is unbeatable, but he can’t maintain this form throughout the year. As soon as his prospects start to look good in the world championship, he has a little trouble with the pressure that this creates.”

“In comparison with Seb’s rising form, it seems to me that Mark’s form somehow flattens out. Then, if some technical mishap occurs, like with the alternator for example, he falls relatively easily into a downward spiral. No driver remains unaffected by this, because the tension is palpable,” said Marko.

He also pointed out; “In 2010, it was particularly extreme. Webber headed into the final race with better chances than Vettel, and he probably carried the disappointment of his defeat into the 2011 season, which is so easy to understand. Something that I think is also very important is that for much of his career, Mark was never in a top team, but he was always regarded as a high flyer if he only could get into the right team.”

“Then Red Bull puts him in a car – a possible winner – and suddenly along comes this young kid and he snatches the booty from under Mark’s nose. Psychologically it’s not easy, of course; this would gnaw away at anyone’s confidence. It’s more than understandable,” concluded Marko. (GP247)

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  • Alonso_is_slow

    True – Seb does not have to prove anything anymore. He has already declassified Alonso which is confirmed by stats as well as Alonso’s bad crying plus the scyzophrenic behaviour of Alonso fans.

    False – Seb will not stay just because he is given a good car. He Already earn more one the market than Alonso (even Montezemolo confirmed that he would be happy to replace Alonso with Seb). It will sooner or later happen, Seb’s management will go for the money.

    Alonso is nonsense overall, be it his speech (bad mouth, whining), salary (overpaid as confirmed by Montezemolo), or driving (ultimate mistake in Suzuka).

  • fools


    you still talking trash after I told you Alonso is the best and Yalla told you the same with by backing. Smack yaself.

    Alonso is nonsense? I guess being 2nd in the WDC in the 4th fastest car isn’t good enough for u. your love affair with Alonso is funny. Always talking crap about Alonso but no factual facts to diss him. Your a troll. Quit hating on Alonso. You need to stop that dirt.

  • fools

    If anything Marko need to understand why Webber isnt performing for dog poo. No question he plays the 2nd fiddle. Marko can deny this as Ferrari are open about everything they have done so far. RB always hide stuff and awaits for teams to protest or complain to FIA. I wish people would stop the hate on Alonso though. Haters act like he runs the F1 Club and Politics. Everyone in pit-lane is involved in politics. Are you just now being educated on what you should already know? Smack yaself.

  • Butterfly

    Alonso is skying somewhere in Europe while Marko is talking politics.

    I guess Alonso got to him.

    Vettel is totally butthurt, which is probably why Marko felt the need to attack.

    Ah, Marko should bring Alonso over at RBR.

  • quattro

    Always beware of politics & cheap talk, as soon as you see Mr Marko open his mouth. Listen to what he says, invert it and you will have the truth.

    1. WEB beat VET comfortably both in 2010 and 2012 the whole first part of the season – that is 10 races. Everything changes though in the 2nd part, as soon as RB team is sure they have gathered enough points to have a good shot at the constructors. In the 2nd part, WEB will suddenly start to suffer from various problems that either make his car slower or give him reliability issues that force him to retire. How many times have we not heard “My xyz has stopped working” radiod out from the car driven by WEB either in qualy or race? Of course Marko knows this, and therefore feels that need to come out in this manner to “explain” why VET “beats” WEB.

    2. Show the knowledgable part of the fans some respect Mr Marko, please. We all know, and this can easily be verified by timings, that VET has now for 3rd year in a row have had a package on average at least half a second PER LAP faster than the one at ALO disposal. STILL, the magician beat him in two of these three season. He beat him speed- and consistency wise both in 2010 and 2012, until circumstances gave it to VET. In 2010, the safety car in ABU and crazy Ferrari strategy literally handed it to him. In 2012, the two Lotus drivers, each took ALO out once, from behind.

    3. Unlike VET, who is waved by by not only his team mate but also the puppies of Toro Rosso, ALO has to fight to pass all other teams.

    4. ALO does not look like a clown at intervjews.

    By the way, nice pose in that picture! New haircut?

  • DB Cooper

    At least Mr Marko is consistent; presents himself as an A-hole, as usual…

  • Butterfly



  • Alonso_is_slow

    @fool – wrong asusual
    last time i looked raikkonen was the best @yallaf1, plus Alonso was not part of the top 10 drivers ever…. and what you said ever was whining anyway.

    No need to lie to yourself. Talking does not change facts.

    You are a good example of the now scyzophrenic Alonso fans, @bittersprite being another.

    Alonso soon to be replaced by Vettel. Montezemolo already said it.

    Instead of sking, Alonso is at the psychiatrist at the moment, learning who he is.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    @quattro – completely wrong, you need to go to school.

    1. Webber only beat Vettel in 2010 first half due to Vettel technical failures. Vettel also found to be using a corrupted chassis for several races, including when Webber won in Monaco. Once the chassis was replaced for Vettel by a non-fauly one, Webber was erased.
    In 2012 Web an Vet were on equal level for a long time, but it is Vet who won the first race, and Webber was beaten fairly. Compare this to Alonso who could not beat Hamilton even with team orders at Mclaren (like in Monaco where Hamilton was asked by the team to stay second).

    Your argument is crap.

    2. Alonso’s package was faster than Vettel’s in more than half of the year, especially in the race. Qualifying was different due to Ferrari’s DRS problem, but Alonso had many times the upper hand in the race. Alonso had the chance to win until he crashed into Raikkonen. Sorry, but to win you need not to crash.

    Your argument is crap.

    3. Alonso could never beat his teammate when there were no team orders. Fisichella was on team orders, Massa on team orders, Nelsinsho on crash orders. Alonso has never beaten any teammate fairly, only via cheating and team orders.
    Vettel never ever needed team orders, and yeat he beat all his teammates, including nultiple champion Bourdais and teammate-killer Webber. Noticable Webber never managed better than 3rd in ‘Newey-car.’

    Your argument is crap.

    4. Alonso looks like a bad cheater in all his interviews, since we officially know he is one….

    Summary: you are another of the self-lying Alonso lovers. That helps to avoid mind disorder trough not forcing you to admit reality. You must feel comfortable. Truth is the hard way.

  • McLarenfan

    Marko you talk from the rear end, Webber has loads of sudden issues with his car that never happen to your blue eyed boy.
    If you gave genuine equal cars at all times you may get 1-2’s but not always in the order you want.
    Webber does not play the game you want so now you want him gone see if you can get a swap for Massa he will play your game if you pay him enough.
    As for Alonso He would have got the title this year if not for some DNF’s, only mistake was with Kimi’s car sorry Marko go buy some Andrex to hang under your chin.

  • Anthony

    Lol @ butterfly. A case of the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to being butt hurt.

  • Anthony

    And fools. No one is really hating on Alonso. The contempt and disdain largely comes from his fans. You guys are nothing but a pack of ravenous morons. Every story pertaining to RBR and Vettel will have countless negative, unnecessary, and unproductive comments. Meanwhile, aside from the infrequent blatant trolling, Alonso articles go by largely uncommented on. Until this last season this site and the comments had an effective and relatively reasonable dialog. Now this place is nothing but an Alonso jism chugging contest where the contestants second prerogative is to fling poo RBRs way. All this does is drive away legitimate posters who want to discuss the sport with others. Your guys incessant petty bickering is quite old. All you have done is turn the comments portion of this site into pure rubbish.

  • pheasant plucker

    Helmut Marko is the type of person who would not pass an elementary psychological test required by most corporations as part of the recruitment selection process. He is clearly not a team player, but worse than that is excessively divisive. No organisation can function properly with senior management constantly praising one team member and constantly denigrating another, all played out in the global media. It would be a very corrosive and toxic environment to work in, and one that Webber would most certainly find demoralising. Whoever replaces Webber in 2014 will be in exactly the same situation. Dieter Mateschitz should recognise the problem and dispense with Helmut Marko sooner rather than later.

  • Wardski

    Marko needs to pull his head in. WTF is he doing putting his No2 driver down. Without a doubt RB would not have won 3 x constructors championships without Webber being consistent. Also, how about Marko giving Webber a reliable car to work with. For 3 seasons now, Webber has had more KERS fails than anyone else on the grid. I mean WTF, it seems to me the RB mechanics can’t handle the pressure either..

    I still think Webber should have made the jump to Ferrari…

  • Gowra

    Sorry to see such words from someone like Marko who makes statements for media exposure. First of all when did RBR ever give webber a good car? can marko ever admit this if he is a gentleman?

    Marko also fails to recognize the fact that Alonso gave a fight until end in a much inferior car what if Alonso had a really good car them the WDC would have gone to him not to Marko’s wonder kid.

    What does Marko get by controversy is unimaginable.

  • AlonsoFan

    @ Anthony sorry mate but trolls snd Alonso-haters have never let a post relaring to Alonso go by without comments(for atleast 2 past years) so all of us Alonso’s supporters have to defend our cases aswell.

  • Mark

    “We have two Newey cars, so why aren’t we clinching one-two at every race?”… because not both cars have the same set-up old man! commonsense please. Cars are set-up based on drivers request and comfort. Engineers do develop these cars, but in the end, the drivers pick which set-up they think are best for them on the track. And yes, the fingerboy only won because of the car he has. Put him in a mercedes car and let’s see what happens.

    Vettel wont be put in a Ferrari car even in the future. Only real champions deserve to drive for Ferrari.

  • Peter

    Can you tell me why Ferrari want Vettel when Alonso leaves Ferrari then despite a lot of other drivers on the grid ??
    Is Mr.LDM was so blind or you??

  • Butterfly

    It would be embarassing for the red cars (one of them) to start hitting everything in their path.

    I wouldn’t even put that moron in a Sauber.

  • Peter

    I don’t think so mate. Vettel can reproduce the results what micheal did in ferrari. Also Vettel was a Driver who was equal with Alonso , Kimi and Lewis in the current Grid.
    If you hate him then its fine but that doesn’t mean every thing you say need to be true
    I think you are missing a Point
    Fact can be a Opinion and Opinion cannot be a Fact. Vettel was a Driver who makes Mistakes which is a Fact but Opinion is he doesn’t improve in your view.
    Fact is he was improving not only in a Normal way but in a Exponential Curve Which is hard for you to digest in my view.

  • Quattro_T


    “@quattro – completely wrong, you need to go to school.”

    Huh, more school? No thanks, already got a maters degree in computer science and a major in business admin, no more school for me!

    1. still you seem not to be able to explain how come suddenly WEB goes from BEATING VET in 1st part to being easily beaten by him in 2nd part of season…or the many reliability issue WEB faces…in 2nd part of season. I understand why and you do too!

    “2. Alonso’s package was faster than Vettel’s in more than half of the year”
    That is a direct lie and not even worthy of more of a response. You need to check your eyes man as you seem to confuse stuff. There is nothing called fast in qualy and slow in race. Only reason the speed difference between RB & Ferrari, although visible, not as apparent in race conditions is that the RB need to look after its tyres while in race conditions full of fuel. If they really did go as fast in turns as their package is really capable of doing, the tyres would be OFF after a couple of laps…theatis the only reason you wrongly percieve the Ferrari to not have been as slow in races. Look at the onboards and see how ferrari drivers were fighting with thier cars…after fixing your eyes that is!

    3. ALO managed the overhuman achievement to getting equal points as HAM, while driving in HAMs own team. Everyone know that the whole Mclaren team was WITH HAM and AGAINST ALO in 2007. Damn, ALO was not even on talking conditions with the team boss R Dennis and on his way out at end of season!
    In proofing they were against him and therefor could not blow away HAM totally, he has since then beaten HAM EVERY YEAR he has had a semi-competitive package 2010 2011 2012. Now eat that!

  • Butterfly


    Are you trying to say that Sebastian Vettel is as fast as Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton? Or Kimi Raikkonen?

    Look, mate, when you go out in qualy, miss four apexes, and get pole by more than .5 seconds you know it’s the car and not you.

    Not to mention his annoying habit of crashing into things at least once a year… he took out the DRS sign on the side of the track, for God’s sake. The damn DRS sign!

    It’s all good for him when he’s got everybody in the team giving him confidence, not to mention that beautiful car. But I would like to see him in the 2010-2012 Ferraris with a team that was totally lost and looking to the driver for support.

    People like you just don’t understand how good those RBx cars really were, and you start building that kid up to the point that he should easily walk on water.

    Get real. Please.

  • Peter

    Just because he misses 4 apex’s and got pole doesn’t mean it was car He always tries to find gripper path than others. That’s why he was quicker. Observe the Driving line in Corners in entry and exit and compare it to others.
    I may not have great knowledge like you but i was watching F1 since 1998.
    I know with my little Knowledge what was Going. and you are here who was not accepting the truth in my view.
    Sebastian is a fast Driver. He was Just 25 years of age and i’m not saying he was a Perfect one . He was not perfect but he was Making Mistakes and learning from them which was most important in F1.
    When he gets 30+ he will be the Most toughest opponent for any one like Fernando was now.

  • Butterfly


    What you should be observing in the corners is the perfect balance of the RBx, not some figment of your imagination.

    Take care.

  • Peter

    The Rb was fast in corners but you can’t gain extra time as Vettel doing
    How can you explain poles in Montreal ,bahrain of 2012 there are not too many corners in that track also Vettel was quickest through the Renault – Handicap sectors i.e Straights

  • Butterfly


    You can’t gain through the corners? Do you remember Monza 2011? Demolished the Merc & Ferrari powered cars using a Renault engine and awesome aero. Was making up so much time through the corners than took pole by .5 sec.

    The Red Bull has the most downforce of any car. They’re always fast through the corners. That, plus excellent balance, traction, easy to set up.

  • Peter

    I asked why Vettel was only fast in Straights by your point Webber (If it was the car )should be up there isn’t he Locking the Front row or Being on Pole.
    just because you doesn’t like him doesn’t mean he was skill less driver. Many of the People accepts that He was one of best drivers on the grid along with the people i mentioned earlier.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    @quattro – still completely wrong

    1. I explained to you with hard facts what was affecting Vettel in 2010 and 2012. In answer you repeat and repeat your theory which has no facts.

    2. There is nothing called fast in qualy and slow in race. Completely wrong. If you say this is it quite clear that you have not seen many F1 races. There are countless examples of that, one of the being Red Bull with its DRS. Try thing to think. If a car has a better DRS system, will it have an advantage in the qualifying where it can continuosly use it?

    3. Ham against Alonso. Yes, Mclaren team was with Ham, this is why they team ordered Hamliton in Monaco not to attack Alonso for 1st place and this is also why Alonso was able to block Hamilton in Hungary qualifying to prevent him. Truth is that Alonso was fairly beaten and he could not accept it therefore started to feed ignorants like you with this story.

    Since that Alonso does not even dare to go to any team where teammates can compete with him. It hurty him so much.

    4.May I ask where you got your degree? I would like to prevent my children from going there, where functional analphabets like you who read hard facts and then reply with repeating factless theories as answer are given degrees.

    Thank you.

  • AlonsoFan

    the redbull car at india/korea tracks in 2012 was like it was driving on rails,it was cartoonishly fast,just see an onbaord comparison to ferraris or Mclarens in those races.

  • AlonsoFan

    And just to clear up some confusion Vettel missed a complete corner and ran off the track in India(on his q3 lap)and The FIA still allowed him to keep his pole,it was all over skysports.

  • quattro


    1. so RB does not favour VET. Ok, lets put it in a more simple and obvious way for you. how come they take off wing from WEB and put it on VET, after VET brakes his? What does that indicate? What does it indicate when WEB goes on the radio and say “NOT BAD FOR A NR 2 driver” to “his team” right after winning a race? You need sometime to read between the lines and draw OWN conclusions – RB (or any other team) will never tell you how they control things internally – NEVER.

    2. Agree with you regarding the DRS, but thing its impact is marginal. I think strong area for RB has been downforce i e cornering speed, so while they will loose on the straights during race, they will still dominate all corners, compaired to the Ferrari. Were you gain meaningful time is in the slow and twisty parts of the circuit, not the fast. Monza performance springs to mind.

    3. Explain please how come ALO has been blowing away HAM for THREE consecutive years, in what can be proven to have been a much slower package (mainly 2011 and 2012). Before you starting typing a lousy “explanation”, take a look at the final point standings for those years.
    It is amazing how people will give credit to HAM for managing to only get EQUAL points with ALO in one (questionable) season, but at the same time TOTALLY IGNORING when ALO completly destroys HAM pointwise for several years…in a different and slower car. Tells you something about how irrational humans can get to prove thier point.

    4. Actually it is very hard to even be accepted at that university – you need quite high grades from high school to even be allowed to enter. Judging from your (un)logical reasoning capabilities, I think your children could be at disadvantage to start with. No offence intended!

  • Butterfly

    Guys, you’re wasting you time with Mr. Troll.

    He’s got a crush on Alonso and is in denial about it, hence the conflict.

    No wonder everything he writes about the guy is so damn personal, like Alonso killed his dog or something.

    Just admit it, son, it will do you a world of good.

  • Butterfly


    I didn’t stop to think about the Alo-Ham comparison because I rate Lewis so highly, but it’s true that Alonso kind of destroyed him these past few years.


    Still, Lewis deserves the same respect as Alonso and Raikkonen because of the skill set.

  • pheasant plucker

    Helmut Marko has an unhealthy infatuation with Vettel. Are they an item?