Maldonado vows to remain extremely aggressive

maldonado_hamilton_crashJan.8 (GMM) – Incident prone Williams driver Pastor Maldonado insists that he has no intention of easing what he describes as an “extremely aggressive” driving style despite the criticism which he has attracted.

Like Romain Grosjean, 2012 Spanish Grand Prix winner Maldonado was heavily criticised last season for being involved in too many on-track incidents.

One analysis showed that he was the driver penalised most often by the FIA in 2012.

But the 27-year-old Venezuelan insisted: “Every time I walk down a hallway in my house and see everything I’ve got with this style, I think I should continue on this path.

“Yes, I’ve had run-ins with other drivers, not only now but in the past,” Maldonado is quoted by Spain’s Marca sports newspaper.

“But I have won in each of the categories in which I have competed.

“That gives me strength to keep going, because you can always improve,” he added.

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    Go, HAMILTON !

  • McLarenfan

    Aggressive is one thing dangerous & stupid is another.
    Pastor needs to learn from his mistakes yes he won in the end but it took longer and he destroyed a lot of carbon fiber along the way.

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    Not So Fast.

    PASTOR Needed 10 Races After His Victory To Start Scoring Again, Yes.

    Before The Ban, ROMAIN Got 3 Podiums In 9 Races, And After The Ban, The Best He Got Was A Few Seventh Places In 7 Races, And If Not For ROC He Would Have Been Fired.

    KOBA Was A Joy To Watch In 2009 And 2010, But Not In 2011 And 2012, Podium Obviously Not Enough, Because He Was Fired.

    If You Are Not In The 3 Top Teams With A Car Pushing For You, You Need To Do The Pushing Yourself And Be Ruthless, Because Team Principles Are So Damn Nearsighted.

    Go, HAMILTON !

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  • McLarenfan

    Perhaps I wasn’t clear I was referring to the statement by Pastor “But I have won in each of the categories in which I have competed”. He has but it took longer and he has done a lot of dangerous maneuvers and broken a lot of machinery. and he still needs to learn to control his mind. I would never say don’t push because if you don’t your not racing.