FIA slam Sir Jackie Stewart’s criticism of motorsport organization

Jackie StewartJan.8 (GMM) – An FIA spokesman has rejected Formula One legend Sir Jackie Stewart’s claim that the sport is disorganised and poorly managed.

Triple world champion Stewart, 73, said the post-season controversy over yellow flags in Brazil that for several days questioned Sebastian Vettel’s latest title, was proof of the FIA’s shortcomings.

“Was the judgement of yellow and green flags right or wrong in Brazil and why would that have to come up on a Wednesday or Thursday?” he told F1 business journalist Christian Sylt.

“That is a huge statement of a disorganised function that it should come up then,” Stewart is quoted by

“The whole world is celebrating a new world champion and then that happens on a Wednesday. That is a poor declaration of management.”

But an FIA spokesman hit back: “It was not a lack of management as there was no case to answer.

“Race control did not refer this to stewards because it was not deemed to be an incident.”

Stewart, however, said the situation would be improved by replacing the system of rotating stewards at each grands prix and having at least “one man who goes to every race”.

He also commented on the presidential style of Jean Todt, who since late 2009 has led the FIA in controversial predecessor Max Mosley’s wake.

“I am surprised how silent Todt has been,” said Stewart. “I expected him to have more presence.

“I don’t know whether he’s biding his time. I don’t think he is by any means not smart so there must be a reason.”

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  • Not Bernie

    To be fair to the FIA it really was Alonso and Ferrari who made something of the flags. I believe Charlie Whiting had already stated there was no case to investigate. Unfortunately the Spanish media jumped on the bandwaggon to try and help Alonso; which you’d only expect them to do. Could the FIA acted with more force to silence this noise? You’d have to agree with Stewart that they could have.

    Jean Todt certainly has been very quiet compared to Max Mosley. Again, Stewart is right on this one. But sometimes that’s a good indication of a very well run organisation!

  • JodyRenza

    We all know by now that if you question the FIA you will get double the penalty…so rather keep! Must admit that Jackie is right..Jean Todt is awefully quiet, but then Max had some personal issues that kept him in the news..I really don’t know why he was chosen in the 1st place because his administration did no wonders for Group C when it was more popular than F1 at one stage.
    I think the yellow flag issue in Brazil was down to the steward that was at the official doctor I think we must a an official steward at the race with maybe a back-up (former driver).
    Why kill a good race with silly verdicts…