Sauber capable of winning in 2013 predicts Perez

Sergio Perez SauberJan.4 (GMM) Sauber is set to reveal its 2013 car, the C32, in the days before it makes its track debut at the start of winter testing, and early reports indicate it could be a winner.

Team founder Peter Sauber had already announced that the new Ferrari-powered single seater will run for the first time at Jerez on February 5.

The Swiss team on Thursday invited the media to an official launch event at its Hinwil headquarters, on 2 February.

Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber’s new driver replacing Sergio Perez, has already had his seat fitted.

The German’s teammate will be the Mexican rookie Esteban Gutierrez.

McLaren-bound Perez, who finished on the podium three times in 2012, is quoted by Swiss magazine Speed Week: “Sauber will be strong again, I am firmly convinced.

“The rules are fairly stable, the team has understood its car well, so why should they be worse than 2012?

“I even think there could be races they are capable of winning.”

Perez continued: “Sauber has done a lot for me, so I want them to do well more than any other team — with the exception of McLaren of course!”

In other pre-season testing news, Reuters correspondent Alan Baldwin wrote on Twitter that he believes Mercedes has booked the Jerez circuit for filming on the day before the first official test begins.

“Wonder who will be first in the car,” said Baldwin, contemplating Mercedes’ 2013 lineup of Lewis Hamilton alongside Nico Rosberg.

  • The Pessimist

    I believe Sergio is right on the money. The Sauber C32 should win atleast one race if not more in 2013 with the brilliant Nico Hulkenberg at the wheel and don’t forget that the creditable Sauber C31 was a very good car in 2012 whose potential was not fully exploited by Sergio especially who switched off his brains during the last few races of 2012.

    Force India need to watch out for Toro Rosso who will give them a run for their money in 2013 and do not forget that the Sauber C31 was designed by none other than the brilliant James Key who is currently the technical director of Toro Rosso.

  • Junior Johnson

    Of course he says this.He couldnt win last year in the best car now he wants to say next years car will be better and the new boy Guterez will win with it so that he doesnt look so bad and can carry on pretending to be the new Maclaren hotshot!Now everyone thinks that poor Perez going to a bad car while the new guy comes in and wins!How awful for Perez and should I cry now or later?
    My brother says that this guy was having a siesta which is a mexican nap in his car especially at the end of the year and that he needs one of those big hats i think he called a sumbreo not a helmit!

  • Jorge García

    Yes indeed, Sauber’s forthcoming car should be as good as the C31, let’s cross fingers!

    Also agree with the belief that Pérez switch off his head after the McLaren deal, but I don’t see any room to show ignorance and silly stereotypes about Pérez’s country.

    But as we say in México, “tómalo de quien viene (take it from who comes)” and I definitely wouldn’t take seriously anything from someone who writes Maclaren instead of McLaren. ;)