Schumacher not sure he would have won in Vettel’s car

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1, right, celebrates with Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing after winning his third F1 World Championship in parc ferme. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Jan.3 (GMM) Michael Schumacher’s comeback would have been far more successful at the wheel of a top car, according to F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

“If he had had a Red Bull or a Ferrari, Michael would have won again,” the F1 chief executive told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“He should have demanded more guarantees, because it was his [Mercedes] car [to blame] and now his reputation has been tainted,” added Ecclestone.

In a new interview with Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, Schumacher – who turns 44 on Thursday – didn’t want to say that he would have definitely won races in a Red Bull.

The seven time world champion said: “I would agree that if I was in a car like that, I would be running with those [top] guys.

“Whether I would win races in the current Red Bull or McLaren is a good question,” said Schumacher, who won a record 91 races in his ultra-successful first career.

“You don’t just get in a car and win immediately. Could I go as fast in a custom Vettel car as I could in a custom Schumacher car? Probably not,” he admitted.

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  • Hammad

    O come on Michael . . .
    Every driver has his car customized to his driving needs. Even Fangio or Senna cannot have won in vettel’s customized car. Look at the time that was taken by Lotus to adjust the seat and steering on the Kimi’s car. I think your opinion is a very humble one. That’s how your 2nd career has changed you.

    Anyways, Happy Birthday Michael. I’ll miss you a lot whenever I’ll see F1

  • McLarenfan

    Lets be honest Michael Schumacher can make a Fiat win so a Red Bull would have been no problem but he can’t say outright yes as he hasn’t tried the car.

  • Not Bernie

    This is Schumacher once again being the really decent guy that he is by not blaming this or that for not having won. It’s done now; there’s little point in going back and stating he’d have won in a McLaren or a Red Bull.

    However, it was excellent to see Schumacher back in F1.

  • conservancy@MHR

    … 2010, when Jenson tossed the keys to Michael Schumacher, that was a race winning car. Four races in to his comeback, outpaced by teammate Nico Rossberg by 1 second per lap, Schumacher pulled a wheelbase stunt. 30 miillion Euro they were paying him? Right then and there, Schumacher should have been fired. Ceremoniously. Complaining the wheelbase was too short, forced Ross Brawn to redesign aspects of his chassis which (1) ruined any chance Nico Rosberg might compete for the title, and (2) dendritically evolved Mercedes-Benz development up the wrong branch of its decision tree. Norbert Haug and Michael Schumacher destroyed that team. Gross incompetence, they were summarily fired. Modus operandi of Norbert Haug: (1) he hurries his cars to the grid, slapdash (e.g., LeMans, ’99), (2) he always overpays his drivers, and (3) they always under-deliver. Schumacher and Rosberg were grossly overpaid — asj.

  • Venezia

    The Schumeister is just being gentle here. Definitely he would have won lots in a top car. But for a lousy merc car, it was just the reliability to start of a long litany of finger pointing..

  • drago

    Who cares what schumacher thinks…?

  • Hammad


    And who cares about what you think about Michael?

  • GPFanatix


    Shut up! Get the hell out of here!!! This is not your court!!!
    drag o queen…


    Your opinion is not very accurate. Merc engines are the most powerful there is in F1. If you’ve read the article during the time Norbert resigned, his success was posted with it. The reason for his resignation is F1 is such a huge investment too big to win only once in 3 seasons. And about your wheelbase, remember Nico only won after it was fixed…

  • Thiago


    I DO CARE! SO WHAT NOW? Most of people who knows what race is cares too, because Schumacher is an authority in these matters.

    Now, who cares about what sennists thinks? SENNISTS LIKE YOU! So passionate and with no authority because you’re all based on…Passion.

    An example how works Schumi fans and sennists: I admit that Alonso is a great driver and champ. Sennists, however, thinks that Prost, Mansell, Piquet and Schumacher are just jerks.