Money a factor in Mercedes F1 failure says Schumacher

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes GP talks with Andy Shovlin (GBR) Mercedes Race Engineer. Formula One Testing, Day One, Jerez, Spain, Wednesday 17 February 2010.Jan.3 (GMM) Money, or lack thereof was a factor in Mercedes‘ failure to succeed during his three-year comeback, Michael Schumacher insists.

The German marque openly admits that it does not spend as much on its Brackley based works team as top teams like Red Bull and Ferrari.

Schumacher told Auto Motor und Sport: “It’s a factor. Over the years Red Bull built an infrastructure and has a budget giving them the possibility to respond to anything in the best possible way.

“It is nothing more or less than what we had at Ferrari,” said the 44-year-old, who won five titles for the Maranello based team.

Mercedes, never higher than fourth in the constructors’ championship since the Brawn buyout in 2010, has denied that it is now pumping in more funding for 2013 and beyond.

It has, however, replaced Schumacher with 27-year-old Lewis Hamilton.

Briton Hamilton has said he wants to turn Mercedes into a top team.

“I know that deep in his heart he wants to win all the time,” team boss Ross Brawn is quoted by Germany’s Die Welt, “but he must also understand the course of development we are on at the moment.”

Niki Lauda, the new non-executive chairman, agrees: “I prefer a sober analysis of the situation rather than promising something we cannot deliver.”

But Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg insists that, although car development appeared to stall in the second half of 2012, Mercedes is making progress.

“If you walked through the factory today, you would see a massive improvement compared to three years ago,” said the German, who is six months younger than Hamilton.

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  • kaka007

    well then they should have been atleast ahead of lotus with much less capital….n also they almost got beaten by sauber..that says it all

  • The Pessimist

    Aldo Costa, Bob Bell, Geoff Willis, Ross Brawn what a team they’ve got…but is it a case of too many cooks?

  • Not Bernie

    You get the feeling that Mercedes abandoned the 2012 season in favour of working on their 2013 challenger. Something that they seemed to do in 2011, and 2010. Hence why they’ve not been able to keep up with the developments the front teams have been making.

    But with less money at their disposal there was probably very little else they could have done. It’s a sad situation and Schumacher has certainly suffered from it, but the world isn’t awash with cash as it was when he won his titles. That’s not to infer that he only got them through big spending! Rather that proportionally the front teams are huge spenders, receive the biggest dividend from Bernie, and attract the best sponsors. Everyone else has to cut their cloth to suit the funds they can aquire.

    I would seriously doubt that Merc haven’t increased their budget to get a hold of Hamilton. Not through sponsorship, but by a bigger investment by Mercedes automotive. F1 is shockingly expensive.

  • Bridgestone Fraud

    Funny how no longer having those exotic Bridgestone tires that were 2 full seconds a lap faster then the tires Bridgestone supplied to other teams has shown Schumacher for what he really is, just a regular driver after all.

    Face it Schumacher you ran after it became clear that Michlen had become the equal to those exotic tires you used to get from Bridgestone that no other team was allowed to even look at let alone run them on their cars.

    Once the playing field has leveled out with tires you were no longer dominating and instead of staying you choose to run and hide. The only reason you came back was because you thought that 2009 Braun championship car and team was going to allow you to have some kind of advantage over everyone else again.

    The truth is without those exotic Bridgestone tires you used to get you are no better then any other top driver and at this stage you are not even in the top eight any more.

    For three years running you got your butt handed to you by your teammate and that same teammate who beat you for three years running is about to get his butt handed to him next year by Hamilton.

    That is going to put an exclamation point on just how bad you were these last three years.

  • Venezia

    Well it’s all hindsight

  • conservancy@MHR

    … the highest salaries in F1 history ever paid, to a retired driver, and a driver who’d never won a Grand Prix, Norbert Haug’s drivers were grossly overpaid. Were it not for Michael Schumacher, and for that wheelbase stunt he pulled back in 2010, likelihood looms Mercedes Benz might otherwise be enjoying a constructor’s championship –

  • Hammad

    Send me your email so that I can send it to Dieter Zetsche. They must fire every body and instead you alone must be enough. They are a bunch of a** holes who accepted the MSC plea of shortening the wheel base. MSC hijacked the whole team in 2010 and kept imposing his ideas on them for 3 years. BS