Marko not expecting Webber to beat Vettel in 2013

Helmut Marko and Mark WebberJan.3 (GMM) There is pressure on Red Bull‘s Mark Webber to perform in 2013, insists the team’s driver consultant Helmut Marko.

“Mark knows what we expect of him,” Austrian Marko – the main link between team owner Dietrich Mateschitz and the Christian Horner-led F1 team in Milton-Keynes – told Germany’s Sport Bild.

Australian Webber, who openly admits that Marko is closer to Sebastian Vettel, has only a one-year contract with Red Bull Racing.

Now 36, he has been with Red Bull since 2007.

“For four years Vettel and Webber have driven together in our team,” Marko said. “Sebastian was runner-up once and champion three times.

“The statistic speaks for itself. There is no reason to think the balance of power will change,” he added.

If Webber is not retained beyond 2013, he could retire.

He says finding the right time to go is important.

“I haven’t been there yet but it is going to be a very difficult moment, no question about it,” Webber is quoted by GP International magazine.

“Now I have a lot of wisdom it’s about dropping that into your whole skill set and performing better.

“But there comes a point where even that’s not enough to keep you at the front. And that’s when you need to stop,” he said.

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  • McLarenfan

    Well now is this a surprise coming from Marko NO.

  • muddles

    How can Mark do better than Web when his car is controlled by Mario’s call in the pits.
    I would like to see Mark with a more reliable car this year. I think he will do well, but beating Web will be difficult for anyone.

  • muddles

    Last post, Web should be Web.

  • muddles


  • Not Bernie

    Webber is a decent driver; no question. The only problem is that Vettel is a superb driver. I’d still go with the two of them to be honest as I can’t think of anybody else on the grid that I’d rather have in the same team together.

    You could have the other really great driver, Hamilton, and the battle between him and Vettel would be epic. But there would also be fireworks going off all the time too. Maybe Kimi would be an option too. Quick enough, no fireworks, and certainly no BS. I think Kimi would love being part of Red Bull!

    Otherwise you’re in to the next tier of drivers such as Button, Rosberg, Alonso, or Massa. Then you’re wondering who would be able to work in a team and you’re down to Button and Rosberg.

    So ultimately Webber is the right choice because he’s quick enough to keep pushing Vettel, and reliable enough to finish races.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    4 years continusously beaten, even Webber does not beleive he can beat the Super-Vettel.