Lauda admits that he admires Red Bull’s Marko

Dr. Helmut Marko(AUT) left, and Niki Lauda(AUT)  South African GP, Kyalami 1972Jan.3 (GMM) Triple world champion Niki Lauda has admitted that he admires his Austrian compatriot Dr Helmut Marko.

Lauda is Mercedes‘ new non-executive chairman.

The German business newspaper Handelsblatt on Thursday reported that he is stepping down from the board of the airline Air Berlin.

“The 63-year-old wants to dedicate his future to his role in the Formula One team [of] Mercedes,” the report said, adding that Air Berlin has confirmed the news.

Lauda’s task is to steer Mercedes in the right direction after the three-year period of Michael Schumacher’s unsuccessful return to F1.

He sees Red Bull‘s Marko – the outspoken, brusque character who, like Lauda, is the link between the main company and the F1 team – as a role model.

“He’s the tough dog,” Lauda told Austrian television Servus TV, “holding everything together and ensuring that no one works against the other.

“When you have this harmonious effect from the smallest mechanic to the head designer all pulling together, you can have this outstanding result,” he said, referring to Red Bull’s three year domination of the sport.

“This applies to many companies in the world,” Lauda continued. “If [they] all worked as Red Bull do in F1, then they would all be much more successful.”

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  • Thierry Dubus

    Lauda is really, shall we say, nationalistic. The type who brought to them Joerg Haider. Marko is responsible for the drivers program (…) but his real role is, as Mateschitz’s friend (?) is of “second and outside” eye on the team with no real power except that of direct access to the boss and therefore a possibility of convincing him of his views.
    Lauda is again wrong on how a business is run and therefore should not have anymore success with Merc as he had with Jag. He’s probably blinded by his ego of having had the axe instead of Horner after which he became a sort of “Eddy Jordan” of aust/ger TV. Accepted because of his past but as Bernie, time to go…

  • conservancy@MHR

    … qualities which make Dr. Helmuth Marko are: (1)

  • conservancy@MHR

    … what community college dropout did the javascript on this site?

  • AlonsoFan

    one loudmouth admiring another loudmouth,both Redbull and Mercedes now have sjitheads who think problems can be solved by bitching out loud.