Fangio tops F1 all time greats list, but no place for Alonso in top ten

Juan Manuel Fangio

Jan.2 (GMM) A list of the best Formula One drivers of all time has overlooked Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna for a top-three spot, and left out current Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso completely.

Italy’s Autosprint said that Juan Manuel Fangio, the five-time world champion of the 50s, deserves the number one spot.

He is listed ahead of runner-up Michael Schumacher, with triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart also finishing ahead of the late, much revered Senna.

Jim Clark, Alain Prost, Sir Stirling Moss, Alberto Ascari and Niki Lauda are ranked fifth to ninth respectively, with reigning triple world champion Sebastian Vettel completing the top ten.

Spaniard Alonso, Ferrari’s double world champion who was recently voted the top driver of 2012 by team principals, was not mentioned.

“We have analysed not only the results on the track, but also the importance and impact a single driver had on his era,” the Autosprint report read.

Subbed by AJN.

  • [email protected]


    Unfortunately, A lot of people Think That If A Driver Is Not An F1 Multiple WDC He Is Not Worth Spit.


  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso epic fail – talking about himslef as great but assessed as nobody by professionals.

  • grat

    I’m not sure a list of all time greats should include anyone who hasn’t retired from the sport.

  • Venezia

    Fangio ok. Schumi the Schumeister is the greatest!

  • Janleroux Pieterse

    Ayrton Senna not nr 1?Hahaha!!!Rediculous.


    Good! Senna is so overated! Download some races and you will se why. If you watched the movie senna you are brain washed. It basically says F**K Prost, F**K MS and F**k you if you don’t agree. It’s a great movie tough.

  • famer

    I’ve seen Ayrton Senna in action and i rate him number 1 way ahead of Schumacher. Statistically Schumy looks impressive. We were deprived of seeing more of Ayrton. It would have been totally different if he had to live for more years. We will never know. Long live the good memories of the best natural talent of my era.

  • T.C

    @KIMIRN1. Senna over-rated ? The Guy was rapidly fast especially in the wet. Monaco ’84 he was nearly four seconds a lap faster in a 4 cylinder Toleman, than Prost was in a V6 McLaren. He also made the JPS Lotus dance. An overrated driver doesn’t win Monaco 6 times, no matter what package is underneath him. Senna should have been at least second.

  • T.C.

    @KIMIRN1 Senna had a very distinctive sound coming out of corners. He rapidly tapped his throttle early exiting corners and had faster exit speeds than any of his team mates. The guy was completely tuned into his car. He could even tell (by listening to the engine) that Schumacher’s Benetton was running T.C. before
    it was – later – discovered by the FIA.


    Yes, Senna was the best in the late 80s and early 90s. But his exelent style of driving didn’t fit for the newer cars. I think he is overated because most people think he was far far better than everyone else ever in formula 1. MS was faster than him in newer cars wich required more gentle driving wich MS had. Senna on the other hand was more rough with his driving(wich helped him in the wet). To rate people you really have to rate them in their own era. I’m not saying Senna was bad. Just that at the end of his career his driving style wasn’t good enough. Best of of his era? Yes he was.

  • drago

    This is a list of good drivers…
    Great there was only ONE.

  • Not Bernie

    It’s impossible to rank what was where in terms of F1. Cars are different, tracks are different, risks are different thoughout all the time F1 has been run for. Any list like this is always going to be an opinion rather than fact. But fun none the less.

    Fangio, however, waited to see who had the fastest car then drove for them. Moss seemed to always be playing a supportive role.

    Without Jackie Stewart F1 wouldn’t be as safe as it is today simply because as a World Champion he demanded safer tracks, even though Max Mosely tries to claim it was him who started safety campaigning in F1.

    What Senna did by pumping the accellerator was in effect an early form of traction control. Human controlled rather than computer. The problem for him was that McLaren didn’t have the technology that was in the Williams at the time, and when he moved to the Williams that techonolgy was banned and the car was slow without it.

    Schumacher won in the Bennaton then moved to the dreadfully slow and unreliable Ferrari. He then restored the team by bringing those who’d managed Bennaton’s rise to re-build Ferrari. They’re still living off his work today.

    And if you were at Monza the day when Vettel won his first F1 GP, as I was, you’d have seen something amazing. Because of all the drivers entering that first chicane where I was seated he was the only one who didn’t make any mistakes. Many others were over-shooting, the worst was Alonso, but never Vettel. Every time he got it perfect. Perfect braking, perfect speed in the corner, and the perfect exit. It was then I realised I was watching someone rather special. An F1 great.