Driver of the Year: Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen our Driver of the Year

Picture a pitch black stage. A drum roll begins, growing quickly to an explosive crescendo as a spotlight suddenly illuminates a microphone stand…a figure trudges into the limelight wearing a baseball cap with a straightened peak, a black t-shirt and khaki utility shorts. Ice blue eyes peer into the darkness for a few seconds before we hear a familiar monotone: “I hate awards ceremonies.”

Kimi was not always cool in 2012

And with that Kimi Matias Räikkönen turns on his heel and darts out of the closest exit – clutching the highly coveted, prestigious 2012 Driver of the Year Award – to a standing ovation from hundreds of F1 luminaries.

So there we have it, Raikkonen, the Iceman is our 2012 Driver of the Year. In a field of 23 nerds, the Finn was “The Dude” – in the Big Lubowski kind of way – and coming back to the sport in a manner that suggested that he had hardly been away.

Rewind to 2001, when a fresh faced Raikkonen was announced as a Sauber driver alongside Nick Heidfeld. At that point Raikkonen had only competed in 23 single-seater races, mostly in the minor Formula Ford arena, prior to that he did some karting. In other words he was virtually born a Formula One driver.

Hence it was no surprise that his WRC forays with Citroen ended more often than not with bent metal, and his NASCAR escapades were a mere flirtation.

Raikkonen is an out and out F1 driver. It’s as simple as that.

Nevertheless his comeback was looked upon with scepticism in some quarters – as sporting comebacks often are, but it took little time to silence the naysayers, as he topped the timing sessions in the first test he took part in, at Jerez early in the year.

Kimi Raikkonen with Sebastian Loeb WRC promo event

The rest is (recent) history. Some will argue that the Lotus was a world championship winning car, but you could also venture that Raikkonen in a Red Bull RB8 would have been world champion. The debate would rage forever…

In terms of his comeback – it was simply stellar – perhaps the blistering raw speed of the past was not quite there, but then he made few mistakes all year and scored in 19 of the 20 races, was on the podium seven times, won in Abu Dhabi and finished third in the world championship.

Yes, the E20 was a good piece of kit, but it never really suited Raikkonen and his discomfort early in the season was an issue. They reached a compromise but the Finn was never really in his element when he sat in Lotus the cockpit.

He was also paired with the golden boy Romain Grosjean, well known for his raw speed in GP2, and keen to make amends for his abortive introduction to Formula One with Renault in 2009. Granted, the young Frenchman tended to have a slight edge in outright pace, but was simply no match for the craft and experience of Raikkonen. Grosjean is lucky to have kept his seat as he endured an incident packed season. He was perhaps over eager to match and beat his slightly  older, but far wiser teammate.

(L to R): Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) Lotus E20 and Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 W03. Formula One World Championship, Rd12, Belgian Grand Prix, Preparations, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, Sunday 2 September 2012.Perhaps the most telling quote was his response when asked why his comeback was way more successful than that of seven time world champion Michael Schumacher. Raikkonen replied oozing honesty and respect at the same time, “It’s just about whether you have a good car or not. It has made life much easier for me. [Schumacher] was not so lucky.”

Ultimately Raikkonen brought more to the party this year than anyone else. He broke the monotony of an increasingly spin doctored sport where the likes of Timo Glock and Pedro de la Rosa, among many others, have to sing the praises of a hopeless car when all they really want to say is: “This is a piece of sh*t, but I gave it my best shot and ended 19th.”

Raikkonen would say that for sure, but then he would never demean himself to drive a piece of sh*t.

His unique dry humour was evident throughout the year in most of his interviews, and the videos he made – the contract signing and the Christmas wishes – were hilarious.

His banter (for lack of a better word) with his engineer during his course to victory in Abu Dhabi was the stuff of legend and his now famous: “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” is a slogan that will stand the test of time.

2012 Monaco Grand Prix - Thursday Monte Carlo, Monaco 24th May 2012 Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus E20 Renault. World Copyright:Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic ref: Digital Image _Q0C7952But what swung it for us in the end was his salute to James Hunt by wearing the British world champion’s helmet replica during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend – a gesture that said so much about Raikkonen – a true touch of class.

The Finn embodies that same intangible spirit that makes him one of the most loved drivers of this generation and his legacy will live on beyond his era, pretty much like Gilles Villeneuve who despite only winning six grands prix is still one of the most popular drivers of all time, 30 years after his death at Zolder.

The doyen of F1 writers Nigel Roebuck summed up the sentiment best when writing his column in the January 2013 edition of Motorsport: “As far as I’m concerned, it can only be good that in 2012 there still resides a free spirit in grand prix racing.” Spot-on Mr Roebuck.

In other words, The Dude among the 23 nerds.

Alonso and Vettel hard to separate them

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari in the press conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd16, Korean Grand Prix, Race, Korea International Circuit, Yeongam, South Korea, Sunday 14 October 2012.Judging by comments on, the result might have been different had readers been polled, with Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel probably slugging it out for top spot for our prestigious Driver of the Year Award.

What lost if for them both was that they moaned too much in their own inimitable ways.

Vettel was too quick to insult rivals in far inferior cars, or criticise his peers. Calling Narain Karthikeyan a cucumber was out of line for a world champion. Having a go at Lewis Hamilton after their tussle in Germany, although the McLaren driver was a lap down, spoke of a spoilt child.

Red Bull go to great lengths to inform the world that both their drivers ,Mark Webber and Vettel, enjoy equal equipment, and perhaps this is true, but perhaps it isn’t.

Clearly from Singapore onwards the RB8 seemed to favour Vettel’s style, while Webber appeared to struggle to extract the same amount of performance – especially in race mode.

As much as they try to deny the fact, and their denials a sure sign, Vettel is number one in that team and the cars are built for him no matter what Christian Horner says.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012 and Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 battle. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Race, Monza, Italy, Sunday 9 September 2012. BEST IMAGEAlonso was like a stuck record all year long reminding us in his cunning manner how bad the Ferrari was and only a miracle had them so high up in the standings each race, no prizes for guessing who the ‘miracle’ was. Agreed, many imbeciles follow F1 but Alonso’s interviews were guilelessly condescending. And Fernando, what’s with the whole Samurai thing?

Unlike Red Bull, Ferrari makes no secret that the team is geared up to ensure that Alonso has everything as his disposal to go to ‘war’. This includes the subservience of Felipe Massa who has accepted his career saving role as number two with relish.

In our books Alonso and Vettel tied for second place because of the above-mentioned reasons and they simply lacked ‘The Dude’ factor that helped clinch it for Raikkonen.

Hamilton’s year of too many misses

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren MP4-27 retires from the race. Formula One World Championship, Rd14, Singapore Grand Prix, Race, Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore, Sunday 23 September 2012.Lewis Hamilton endured a season packed with little luck. His two retirements while leading comfortably, in Singapore and Abu Dhabi were gut wrenching, and he too was an oft forgotten victim of Grosjean’s kamikaze antics at Spa. Without these setbacks, he may have even been champion.

In fact, if we judged Hamilton from Monza onwards he would probably be our driver of the Year, but his early season antics cost him dearly. From the early criticism of his crew, which admittedly did cost him points and possibly even a win with their pit stop fumbles, but the ill-chosen words thereafter only served to alienate the darling of the team and turn him into the villain. Losing the garage floor was the beginning of the end.
Then there were the Tweets; What was he thinking?

Hamilton is trying hard to shed his nerd-ness, hence the proliferation of gangsta rappers and people’s poets in his pit garage on race weekends, but truth is when his homies hang out with him on race weekends he tends to implode as he did on a number of occasions in the first half of the season, including the Twitter saga.

Yet when his old man Anthony is hovering in the pit garage, dispensing bear hugs on the grid to his son, young Hamilton excels as he did in the final half of the season, with papa in the background.

Trick question for Lewis: Who best to have in your pit garage on race weekends?

Button was marking time in 2012

Motorsports: FIA Formula One World Championship 2012, Grand Prix of BrazilJenson Button’s season was somewhat enigmatic as he started the year with a win and ended with another maximum points haul, but in between April and July the Englishman was absent without leave and this did his title aspirations no favours.

He bounced back in the latter half of the year, with a famous victory in Belgium and some feisty performances thereafter. But reflecting on his season it seems that Button was marking time in 2012 as he waits to ascend the throne of number one driver in the Woking squad.

In the end we have to step back and ask a simple question about the 2012 season:
Which of the five candidates for Driver of the Year would have attracted more fans to Formula 1 this past year?

The very obvious answer: Kimi Raikkonen.

A second opinion, by Adrian Nel

Fernando Alonso Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen Lotus and Sebastian Vettel Red Bull on the podiumThe debate was intense, if brief. When the editorial team of sat down to make a final decision on Driver of the Year, this writer had been adamant that one Fernando Alonso had impressed so strongly that our man for twenty twelve had to be the Spanish guy who has a pop star for an ex wife, and would have been a maths teacher had he not become an F1 jockey.

Instead the editor of GPI pulled rank – GPI is after all our prestige publication, and we ended up agreeing that the star performance of a most amazing season of F1 racing – undoubtedly the most exciting season in recent memory, came from the rock star of F1 who would have been a rally maniac if he had not become an F1 superstar…well, in terms of alternate career paths, the Iceman certainly wouldn’t have considered the public speaking circuit – an irony if ever there was one as he is known for ‘doing his talking on the track’.

Yes, Kimi’s comeback was great to watch, and oddly enough great to listen to – the sound bite of his terse response to his chatty engineer has become the stuff of great F1 background stories – “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” will someday be written into the history books. In the meantime, those eight words have been captured on some very collectible T shirts.

Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Some 500 were made at the behest of the Finn, as if to prove that he has a sense of humour as sharp as wheelmanship. If you want one, you’d best befriend some Enstone employee, but you’d probably have to ply him or her with a lot of alcohol, and still have to part with a lot of your hard earned dosh before said employee would be prepared to part with such a gem.

While the F1 fan world (made up to a large extent of Yalla readers like you) was debating whether Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel deserved the 2012 drivers’ title, Kimi Raikonnen totally outperformed all expectations and made it difficult for this writer to argue the case for Fernando Alonso taking our Driver of the Year title.

Given the above, it should then come as no real surprise that Fernando ran Kimi a close second – after all, such is title is specifically not about pure statistics, if it was, the coveted trophy would have gone to a certain young German – please note, definitely not the older German who chose the wrong team for his comeback. The debate about whether Herr Schumacher should have chosen red over silver, back in 2010, is a debate best left to another day, and some other commentators. (Grand Prix 247)

Read for free Grand Prix International #51 below on any device or web browser:

  • Mansell


  • Ahmed Nafea

    Exactly What i expected! Kimi deserves, pure racing :)

    Comment wrote on the 27th Dec: “Who will be Yalla F1 driver of the year article”

    “I think Kimi Raikkonen deserves this year’s driver of the year. After a rallying stint, he came back & what a comeback! Kimi was very consentient throughout the year finishing all races and scoring points in almost everyone. Kimi’s Character and hilarious Radio comments made us all laugh

    I vote for Kimi, cause if he was driving a Redbull he would have been this year’s title winner period”

  • Rabih Habchy

    i totally disagree with this article, i’ve been watching F1 since 1994 and never missed a race, Raik is an “A” class driver, but how many drives of the year did he do this year? in contract we have “Alonso” in Melbourne, Malaysia, Valencia, Germnay, Italy Etc,,, did not read the article as well as i did not read the drive of the year which was given to Vetel in abi dhabi, where he did too many mistakes, crashing his front wing and was so close to hit the toro rosso from the back during the safety car , HOW JUST HOW

  • Butterfly

    Is this a joke? How can Raikkonen be the driver of the year? What are his accomplishments?

    The author must be a Kimi fan.

  • Samraat Dash

    The Good Lord made too many of F1 robots. And then he sat down quietly, had a sip of the finest Scotch and decided to craft an enigmatic Iceman.

  • Mansell





  • Not Bernie

    I did say that if it weren’t Vettel then it should be Kimi.

    Although Vettel calling Narain Karthikeyan a cucumber I thought was quite restrained. Karthikeyan liked to pretend that his souped-up Vauxhall Corsa could beat anybody in a traffic light race, forgetting that everybody else was in a decent car. He kept trying to defend against vastly faster cars which caused himself more retirements without any gain of proving himself or the HRT team. Shame that seemed to be enough to prevent him getting the DOTY award.

    As for Hamilton; that’s exactly what I’ve said about all his rapper groupies. Hope Ross Brawn has figured that one out too.

  • maybet

    comeb after missing 2 years of action. New car that wasnt built around him unlike the top 3 stables, power steering incompatible, since summer, the car has been terrible, still finished 3rd in WDC.

    WIthout team ;s strategy blunders and slow pit stop, kimi could achieve more.

  • Lol.

    Loving all the butthurt!

    Kimi was amazing every race, held back only by his car. His only poor performances were Monaco and Melbourne Qualifying.

    Vettel and Alonso had great races but both of them had more poor performances than that. The measuring stick of an F1 driver is consistency. Mclaren had the fastest car, then red bull, and I would argue the ferrari was quicker than the lotus.

    Raikkonen beat 4 of those 6 drivers.

    Amazing return, amazing season. I said in the comments of the other article I thought it should be Kimi, and I am glad it was. Well deserved.

    Also, FYI, this article is purely an opinion. Just because it isn’t yours, doesn’t mean this site sucks. Open your frickin’ minds, guys…

  • manish

    Well deserved. The team lacks money for car development, hence the fall down in pace since summer break. Kimi kept pushing and kept himself within title fight until abu dhabi when he again outperform the car and won the race after 2 SC came out and wiped off his lead. Finished 3rd in the end…………in a car that wasnt built around for him, and he also had to adapt to the incompatible power steering.

  • Kimi Rules

    Kimi came back to a team who had a terrible car in 2011. Lotus built a much better car that came close to the performance of Ferrari, RedBull and McLaren but was just that 1 to 3 tenths off of them.

    Kimi kept that car in the hunt all year long.

    Now that Lotus can design the car with Kimi in mind knowing what he likes I have a feeling that just maybe Lotus can be a challenger to RedBull who clearly has been the best car.

    Kimi deserves driver of the year.

    Lotus and Kimi never dropped themselves to the level of Ferrari with their un-sportsman tactics like breaking the gear box seal on the number two car to give Alonso an advantage. That was dirty and unfair because it did not just involve Ferrari it involved other teams in a negative way and the FIA should never allow that.

    What should have happened is FIA should have resealed the gear box fined Ferrari and banned Massa from the next race and left Massa in his original starting position. That would put an end to such dirty tactics.

  • voonder1

    Most underrated driver. If the team nvr focus on the failed passive DRS and focus on the car improvement overall, kimi would at least came close to challenge for title, instead the team fell back since summer break.

    The facts that he finished 3rd overall is really a great achievement after two years break in a car that wasnt built around him. Not to mention he had hard time with the power steering setup the team failed to provide him.

  • kaka007

    Leave all the other things that kimi has done to F1 behind…..
    he brought millions of f1 fans back to the sport more than all the so called great drivers combined could bring….as yalla said, the dude among the nerds, the man among the boys….a living legend..
    Bring on 2013

  • Brenda

    Dear YallaF1,

    Absolutely spot on regarding Kimi – the numero uno driver of the year! And even more spot on regarding the “guilelessly condescending” Alonso… in fact, you were being too kind to him…

  • Keke

    The best comeback ever,he deserves this title fair and square..

  • Prat

    LOL… is it a commedy show? and kimi is best commedian in all 24 drivers…? the who says yah yah dont remind me to warm up my tires? and has shit while presentation by pele and agrees on National Television?
    yah man he is the best f1 could get. LoL.

  • prashanth

    Kimi totally deserves the driver of year :-) he brought millions of fans back to f1

  • Barlow

    Kimi finished every lap of every race in 2012, no other driver accomplished this, also, his interviews are way cool. Kimi driver of the year!! YES

  • Adrian Lopez

    Absolutely spot on. Kimi was arguably the best driver of the year for me, just edging out Vettel and Alonso. Kimi did have some lacklustre qualifying but he is always the first to admit he made a mistake and never the one to say “I did perfect qualifying” “My qualifying was a miracle” “Eighth was the best we could do” etc..

    Kudos for bringing out Alonso’s condescending and self-worship all year. To a lot of fans, it may seem that he is a national hero in Spain and revered in Italy. This is wrong. In fact, a lot of respected spanish journos frequently questioned if the car was so bad and whether Domenicali was the actual principal of the team. The Spanish public is tired of Fernando’s lack of sportsmanship and moanung

  • muks

    Kimi very deserved

  • muks

    Kimi is very deserved,to be driver of the year not only because their achievement in the track,kimi has a nice personality,and he didn’t care about beome number one driver

  • jl

    Yeaah,.. Kimi deserved!

    His performances was great, remember 2012 is his first year after 2 years “retired”.
    His epic radio conversation.
    His lightning reflect to avoid collision, made him always finished all 2012 races. (you may search kimi lightning reflect in youtube)
    His interview.
    His friendship with Vettel, lol.
    all factor made him deserves.

    Who is alonso??

  • conservancy@MHR

    … for the newsies of the yellow press, their “driver of the year” can never be the guy, who actually won it. It always has to be somebody else –

  • Editor

    For the record:
    2011 Driver of the Year was Sebastian Vettel
    2010 Driver of the Year was Sebastian Vettel
    2009 Driver of the Year was Sebastian Vettel

  • hillside

    Kimi was away for 24 months and came back like it was nothing. he drove far better than almost every driver that has been driving for the past three years plus testing.

    if he came back in a mclaren, Ferrari or RBR seat he could easily won the WDC

  • conservancy@MHR

    … Raikkonen? Driver of the year? How asinine! Every assumption, argument or contention anyone could muster, that Kimi Raikkonen merits 2012 driver of the year, doesn’t hold water. Erasing a 44 point gap to Alonso, 5 Grand Prix wins, 4 in a row, 6 pole positions to Kimi’s none, Raikkonen doesn’t close to matching Sebastian Vettel’s 2012 accomplishments. Never in Kimi Raikkonen history has he ever put together more than two Grand Prix wins, in a row. By every measure, medium, standard or store, driver of the year is, Sebastian Vettel. And, everybody knows it. People who author this site don’t know beans, about driving — asj.

  • Malcolm

    His only win came about at Abu Dahbi after Lewis dropped out.

    His performance during qualifying at times was abysmal, when compared to that of his teammate Grojean.

    As Mansell said……” THIS SITE IS A JOKE “

  • Lol.


    So he took full advantage of a situation to take maximum points, holding off Alonso for several laps in the closing stages, and you give that no merit?

    And he consistently beat his younger (and in your opinion faster) teammate at near enough every race he contested, yet this is a negative aspect of his season?


    The really funny thing is people aren’t giving valid points for their favourite drivers to be driver of the year, they’re just trying to tear apart Raikkonen. At the end of the day, Kimi has had a great year and no-one can deny that. He’s been awesome. If you think your driver was better than say so, but trying to undermine Kimi’s achievements makes you look like butthurt idiots.

  • Iori

    I for one would like to congratulate you on your choice for driver of the year. At least you have enough in your heads to see beyond the Alonso hype that has been spread about by none other than himself, good on you I say!!!

    Kimi’s return has brought a breath of fresh air to the paddock, he is far more entertaining on and off the track than all the other drivers.

    Maybe, just maybe if Alonso had taken some notice of how Kimi goes about his buisness without constantly whining to anyone who would lend him an ear and concentrated on his driving then he possibly could have won the championship. It’s a bad workman who blames his tools!

  • fawxx

    good choice, choosing either vettel or alonso would have started another flame war.

  • patrick

    kimi has shown the maximum output of the e20, bringing back a team towards its glory days, giving hope for lotus wc couldnt be underestimated. if you look at statistics…kimi is also a crashkid before but now he has overcome it to learn with his new team’s package.
    putiing this perfromance is truly a job well done. just think of it, if he’s on rb8 or ferrari, with his consistency. it could be a different story.
    its just to show that yalla chose their top driver based on driver alone, not because of what he drives or what team he’s in…its about what he has made for his team and his car. not a joke!

  • Butterfly

    So you’re all agreeing Raikkonen deserves it just because he drove this year, is that what you’re saying?

    I guess a lot of kids here want to be as cool as Kimi.

    Are you all feeling like losers?

  • stoner

    Woot , Kimi the best

  • Butterfly


    Well, Kimi is among the best on the grid, but he’s no driver of the year.

    Sorry, I like him too, but he felt short on accomplishments this year.

  • conservancy@MHR

    … just how far are the newsies going to lower the bar? When’s the last time in motorsport history a guy got voted “driver of the year,” for 1 Grand Prix win in three years? It may as well otherwise be Pastor Maldonado! Or, Nico Rosberg! How about throwing objectivity out the window, completely, and say it was Bruno? Or, Nahrain? Even better, how about Robert Kubica? — asj.

  • jimbo

    Gutsy but excellent call. I agree that if his return was with RBR or Ferrari he would have been WDC this year.

    Obviously, Mr. Samurai and his fans are not happy about this choice… it must be hard to deal with the fact that Kimi still is the most recent Ferrari WDC, and looks like it will stay that until Mr. Samurai self destructs, or Santander cannot pay to keep their boy in the red car (whichever comes first).

    Unconditional #1 corporate driver for 3 years with no resources to spare, and still cannot get it done… what a looser, and a sore one…

  • Anthony

    More editorial pieces like this please.

  • fools

    Wow…Alonso loses because he quotes Samurai’s??? When was believing something for motivation go against you for a Driver Award? I mean, its not like Alonso cares because he doesn’t even know this website exists and wouldn’t care of it anyways. However to us fans whom know he deserves it that this is just a slap to the face.

    Basically YallaF1 didnt like Alonso’s quotes so that gets him to lose an award? lol that is the biggest joke of the year if there was one :)

    Wasn’t Kimi bitching about his steering wheel and his balance of the car and triple diffuser lol all year
    Like all year he was. He even gets mad at his teammates when they are advising him. I guess Yalla likes jokes like that but then they blame Vettel for bitching. Alonso didnt bitch he praised and thanked his team all the time and only commented when needed. Which is a drivers responsibility!
    Yet he gets the award?

    Alonso 1st
    Kimi 2nd
    Vettel 3rd

    That how t should of went for the award.

  • fools

    jimbo, Alonso aint going no where. You and every other hater like yourself know he was robbd, read my other comments from every other hater who tries to say the same crap u do.

  • fools

    Like Yalla said…it was to close for Alonso. Meaning Alonso would of won but that would of caused a bee hive stir on this site and would only brought more haters like the crash website. However yalla was neutral on everything by choosing Kimi.

    Its ok, the editor knows Alonso was the best. He had 3 wins and most podium finishes of they year in the 4th fastest car. Robbed by 2 DNF’s and lost by 3 points. That is more amazing to me then Vettel and Kimi put together. I also respect both of them as drivers but not as much as Alonso. Alonso was 1 position away from winning the title same as 2010. Easily could of been a 4x Champ.

  • ruthvin

    i think u guys forgot about malaysian ice cream incident . that was hilarious. . super idea of giving ice cream to media. .
    KIMI definitely made the best overtakings this season. great wheel to wheel racing without a single incident. ……… ever not crashing into vettel in brazil shows his superior race craft and respect for othes

  • AlonsoFan

    I respect kimi alot.his speed is the same as Lewis and Alonso but a *rational* F1 fan cant ignore Alonso’s mega drives in Australia,Malaysia,Valencia,Italy…but anyways Yalla played it safe cuz had ythey voted Alonso DOTY ,Redbul fans(mostly noobs and trolls) would crash the site…JUST ONE FACT:Alonso,kimi,Schumacher have shared the podium 5 times and everytime Alonso has been on the top step.

  • Hawk

    Yeah, the ice cream stunt was the winner!

  • jl

    The atittude of Alonsofans
    When Vettel clinch 2012 WDC, they said “Alonso more deserved”.
    When Kimi take 2012 driver of the year (from Yalla), they said “Alonso more deserved”.
    We can give Alonso F1 driver Cheater of the century!
    That will solve everything.

  • dimitris

    Most people commenting on this article really miss the point. The criteria used by the editorial staff of Yalla are not strictly based on performance on the track and on results, but on the overall presence of drivers, including their personality, driving and racing skills, demeanor, humour, etc. Kimi was the ‘Dude’, the ‘Man’ who stood apart from everyone else this year because of his total presence. I totally agree with their choice. Kimi was indeed outstanding as a driver, he gave us more thrilling racing moments than anybody. His overtakes on Schumi in Germany and SPA were works of art, in fact I do not believe that any one of the present drivers could pull out his move on Schumacher in Germany. If the champion is not chosen as driver of the year, which he should as Vettel indeed had an outstanding season and won the championship in the second best car, then why not the most exciting and interesting driver on the field? In any case, Kimi was driving a car not suited to his style of driving, especially in qualifying, and still managed to finish ahead of the two drivers with the fastest car. And if Lotus was able to keep up with the development of the car, he probably would have finished ahead of Alonso, too.

  • Alonso Cheater

    This was totally right!

    Alonso can have the title of sorest loser and biggest cheater. How can anyone be a fan of someone like him?

  • FenIX

    Fernando Alonso was the driver of the year according to F1’s 12 team principals in the end-of-season poll conducted by Autosport magazine.
    No comment ;)

  • Butterfly

    @Alonso Cheater:

    So, Mr. Troll, should I add this alias to your list?

    1. visz963
    2. jl
    3. alonso_is_slow
    4. Not Bernie
    5. Alonso Cheater

    That’s five aliases for a single “person”. F-ed up.

  • Tripled

    what are you smoking yallaf1?


    Kimi has performed superbly well this year with his consistency. however, does he deserve the title driver of the year? With only one win under his belt with a rather superior machine at his disposal. in contrast to Alonso’s underpaced, underperforming and ugly F2012, i dont think he deserves the title. Also, in comparison with Hamilton’s flawless form this season, with no driver mistakes, if only his car hasnt failed him in numerous occasions he would have overtook vettel in the championship.

    YallaF1, i am officially disappointed in you. for bringing out such rubbish of late. as for that i shall never ever visit this site ever again.

  • muks

    @fenix I hope you never visit this site again

  • Tee

    The people complaining and ranting: Did you even read the article? I bet you didn’t.

  • IMAX

    Alonso is not a real man. Whining too often and inside from paddock say he is not straight

  • Adonis Cnut

    If kimis racer was as good as Vettels or alonsos, he would have won easily.

    btw, if want a joke for a champion, its Mansell.
    He won the title with a racer that drove itself!

  • Alonso_is_slow


    your the funniest miserable Alonso lover.

    So if you go the wrong direction in the highway than everybody coming towards you is the same guy

    Anybody voting against your favourite party is one single person.


    I want more of this! Reality show!

    Congrats to Kimi and welcome to the next epic Alonso fail.

  • FenIX


    Why? The true is hurting ;)

  • Butterfly

    OMG, such fa*ggo*try on this site. Most of it comes from the troll, no doubt.

  • Not Bernie

    You might not agree with the decision that YallaF1 has come up with but your imaginary lover didn’t win. I’m sure he’s not that bothered.

    You’re just going to have to accept that Alonso is over rated. You can try and dismiss those who tell you the truth as being all the same person, but they’re not. Another one of your delusions, sorry.

    Has he returned your calls yet? Mayby with a restraining order?

  • f1fanatic

    @Not Bernie

    sorry i cant help but to notice your rampant type rage on this site portraying how immature and underdeveloped your brain is.

    i will have to agree with the rest that, the article above isn’t the least bit accurate. the person writing this should have done his research and let the statistics of the season do the talking instead of just blabbering out his personal opinion.

    i think he got abit lazy during the festive season and decided to slack off a little. shame on you YallaF1

    aka f1fanatic, Jorhe, Tripled

  • SennaFTW

    What nonsense YallaF1? lol. how unprofessional. this is just amusing seeing a professional news site like this stood down to this level of amateur-ness.

    btw @f1fanatic
    are you trying to promote

    aka f1fanatic, Jorhe, Tripled

  • Butterfly

    @Not Bernie:

    Ah, just shut the f*uck off!

  • Butterfly

    *up. :-)

  • conservancy@MHR

    … the driver of the year? Kimi Raikkonen? Low level of scholarship, only a panel of biased, myopic, self-serving jock-sniffers would ever stoop, to leveling such a misplaced contention. This looks to be a flash-over-substance wannabe site, authored by people who know absolutely nothing about international motor sport, dedicated to people who know absolutely nothing, about professional driving. Sebastian Loeb, having scored 9 out of 13 World Rally Championship victories in 2012, 5 in a row, no bona fide motor sport authority worth their salt would soil their internati0onal reputation, stooping to so low a level of journalistic scholarship, in nominating Kimi Raikkonen 2012 driver of the year — asj.

  • AlonsoFan

    @Yallaf1 we are so lame,arent we?

  • jl

    Hei,.. it’s driver of the year for F1 not another motorsport.
    You got wrong address. :)

  • Butterfly

    For once, I agree with the troll.

  • Erska

    Right man won the title! With 4th-5th fastest car finishing 3rd in standings is a great performance in my opinion.

    And what comes to Alonso, a hypocrit cry baby who always talks shit and never looks in the mirror. Ferrari was a fast car why people don’t see it? It was reliable, capable to win and overall very good. Why people can’t just see the fact that Alonso actually led the series by 40 points and then he made his own mistake in Suzuka. Spa was absolutely Grosjean’s fault but what’s with those fan glasses. Does Ferrari (Santander) pay you fans too that you praise Alonso with his driving skills and grasshopper wisdoms?

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso_is_slow 1 January, 2013 at 7:22 pm


    your the funniest miserable Alonso lover.

    So if you go the wrong direction in the highway than everybody coming towards you is the same guy

    Anybody voting against your favourite party is one single person.


    I want more of this! Reality show!

    Congrats to Kimi and welcome to the next epic Alonso fail.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Erska – brief and correct

  • stoner

    I don’t give a $hit about what you say.
    Alonso is still no match for Kimi
    Alonso only managed to come 2nd in WDC with the mighty Ferrari while Kimi reached 3rd in WDC with a Lotus.
    The other Redbull and Mclaren’s were not in picture.
    His pass on MSC was classic stuff.
    People who wrote this article are not a Daft like you.
    So once again


  • Butterfly


    Are you aware that cars influence the results of races?

    Fernando never had the cars Raikkonen has had at his disposal.

    Raikkonen has driven Newey cars and fast Ferraris, whereas Fernando drove reliable renaults (pretty fast in 05-06), one fast McLaren and a couple of crappy Ferraris.

    The Iceman is as good as anybody, but he wouldn’t be able to fend off Alonso in the same car.

    You must be a stoner.

  • Butterfly


    FYI, that “Lotus” was seen by everybody as the fastest car on the grid in the first part of the season. They had a mid-season slump, but it was better than the Ferrari.


    Live long and prosper.

  • m

    Many people here are saying that Alonso was the best driver but in my opinion he was just the luckiest. Let’s face it, without weather changes, other peoples technical difficulties etc Alonso would have propably won one race.

    And another thing: the comments Alonso gave to the media. Every time things didn’t go as planned he was always blaming others even if it was clearly himself who made mistakes.

    Also at the end of the season, Massa was faster than Alonso. So really, Alonso doesn’t deserve to be the driver of the year.

  • Butterfly


    Well, let’s hope the majority of F1 fans like to check the facts before drawing conclusions. That includes taking into consideration technical aspects like, say, the bloody car.

    The team principals voted Alonso top dog and they’re the ones running the actual F1 racing teams.

    But I can understand why Alonso is hated by so many people. I wouldn’t want this guy racing in the same series with, say, Vettel if I were a fan of the German.

    I can remember seeing a picture from ’05 or ’06 saying something like “Schumacher 7 titles, Alonso 7 wins, he’s a nobody”. Well, guess who’s driving for Ferrari right now.

    Raikkonen didn’t actually achieve that much this year, given how good that Lotus was. You probably only remember the last race (since it was the last one you watched) but I would like to remind you that damn car was incredibly fast since it came out the door.

    Remember in testing when Red Bull sent their people to spy on it while it was sitting in the garage? Of course you don’t.

    For much of the it was said that the Lotus is the fastest car on the grid, followed by the Sauber.

    Aparently, apart from the excellent suspension layout, the internal aerodynamics were unlike any other, which allowed it to have lower drag than the competition. Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Merc are all copying that for 2013. Plus the tight bodywork, good DRS.

    Some piece of kit.

    Now, there’s nothing wrong with you doing a bit of trolling around here – I like to troll the trolls sometime – but make sure you understand all the variables.

  • conservancy@MHR

    … Raikkonen? — asj.

  • famer

    Wow, amazing. It’s like looking in the mirror with these Alonso followers. Alonso and Ferrari was sour grapes after Vettel won the championship. Digging up yellow flags, inappropriate situations. Yalla voted Kimi as driver of the year and it’s sour grapes all over again with the Alonso followers. This is crazy. I support the decision. Kimi had a massive successful year and remember he was sabbatical for two years and he finished third in the championship. Beating all the other drivers that was still driving while he was away. Amazing Kimi.

  • Lol.


    The lotus was a good car out of the box but the ferrari overtook the Lotus VERY quickly. This is not an opinion, this is fact.

    Also, the Lotus was a superior car in qualifying during the early going, yes, but the ferrari was the superior race car all season. On only 5 occasions this season was Alonso beaten by a lotus car;

    China, Grosjean > Alonso
    Bahrain, Both > Alonso
    Canada, Grosjean > Alonso
    Hungary, Grosjean > Alonso
    Abu Dhabi, Raikkonen > Alonso

    The ferrari has been poor this year by their standards but it is by no means a slow car, you greatly exaggerate it’s lack of performance. The only faster cars were McLaren, Red Bull and (in my opinion) the sauber. Lotus, Mercedes and Williams were all slower except on certain tracks with reasonably high temperatures. Alonso lost the title due to tangles in Belgium and Japan (one of which was his own fault), not because of his car.

    Regardless of whether you think Raikkonen is worthy winner or not, not everyone who hates Alonso is an idiot. I personally like Alonso but I feel Raikkonen has done the best job this year, and I do not believe I am an imbecile.

  • Junior Johnson

    The question was who was the best driver for this years 2012?
    I have to ask myself one thing and that is only who do I think was the best? I would defnitly go with Rozburger for a number of reactions. The way he won that race in China was a spectacluaer!!!!! Even in about the third sloest car of all! It was an amazemint to watch, even now!
    That silver car wasnt worth the dirt on my shoes! but he made it good.
    Can you imagine this guy in say a Red Bull, Vettel would be crying on this day!
    My brother says it must be Alionso but how can this guy not win this year wen he should have afterall Schumacker won in Alionsos car five or six times already!

  • Junior Johnson

    In reply to lol
    China, Rozburger > Alionso, Vettell, Weber, Button ,Schumacker,
    Australia, Rozburger > Perez (new bigshot Maclaren driver)
    And the list goes on and on.
    Now that says a lot about this guy doesnt it!

  • conservancy@MHR

    … plaint to see, this “driver of the year” award actually has little to do, with driving. The photo they chose wasn’t Raikkonen, at opposite lock. Indicative of glossies the recording industry typically churns out, for bedroom walls of 14 year old schoolgirls, scroll back up, check out the Beiberesque pretty-boy pin-up of Kimi Raikkonen they chose, atop this article. Painfully evident, just one look at the glossy accompanying this article, pretty much says it all. Like a bashful 14 year old in puppy-love with Justin Beiber, the “boys” at the have it real bad, gushing unabashedly over Kimi Raikkonen — asj.

  • Butterfly


    You could be right about that. :-)

  • Hawk

    @Junior Johnson
    Just shut up. We don’t have the time and energy to respond to that line of argument. Rozburger you said.. Next it will be Maradonado because he also won a race.

  • AlonsoFan

    @ conservancy@MHR absolutely right,the “boys” at yalla have got it wrong again

  • muks

    So if you don’t agree with this site,maybe you have to make your own site

  • weasel

    bwaahaahaaa yallaf1 is crazier than I thought! “Kimi the best in 2012″… yea right LOL! Great joke…not very funny though.
    Alonso was by far the best driver in 2012, no question about that!He drove almost flawlessly throughout the season. You guys at yallaf1 must be insane!

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso stats:
    -no title won despite lucky season (apart from Grojean only self-mistakes, much more technical DNFs for Vettel, Webber, and Ham).
    -not the best driver in 2012 (see this article)
    -not amoing the top 10 ever (see other yallaf1 article)
    -constgantly outpaced by Massa in the last quarter of the season
    -brutally overpaid
    -proven cheater
    -whining and self-praising
    -unfair and putting the blame to others
    -attacking his own team
    -unwanted by any current F1 team, and Montezemolo already thinking about replacement with Vettel.

    The current black whole of F1 is definitely Alonso.

  • Mr. Speed

    Wow! I can hardly believe all the insults to world class F1 Drivers from a bunch of Bumper Car drivers!
    Don’t think anybody here never whinned before, or called someone something worse than a cucumber…

    Lots of good and exciting driving done in 2012….

    However, YallaF1 got it right… Kimi was simply the best!!!!

  • Butterfly


    Did you come up with all that by yourself, Einstein?

  • jl

    Sory dude, this time I do not agree with you.
    There are another black holes: Alonso fans who act like his idol, pathetic and sore loser.

  • jl

    Sory dude, this time I do not agree with you.
    There are another black holes: Alonso fans who act like their idol, pathetic and sore loser.

  • iMad

    Alonso cry too often and acts like not a real man should. And he has a big secret paddock hide from the world. My paddock insiders say Alonso is not straight. That is why Alonso is not a respected man.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    yes this is true, it is really amazing how much Alonso and his ‘fans’ are alike in terms of personality. I would pe worth a PhD thesis to explire this phenomenon.

    On the other hand, I someone is an Alonso fan, and not a girl, you should be cautious with him given the experiences from this forum.

  • Butterfly

    @iMad/IMAX (a.k.a. Le Troll):

    Well, if he’s g&ay or bis*exs*ual then you can make a move, big boy.

    Rosberg sure is bi, that’s obvious. So what?

    OMG, we have a g&ay/bi troll. :-)

  • Petros

    i wonder why all the team managers agree that Alonso was the best driver of 2012!

  • Butterfly


    That’s a bit naughty on your part, mate…