Grosjean: I made rookie mistakes wanting the first win at all costs

Romain Grosjean reflects on a torrid season

Romain Grosjean reflects on a torrid return to Formula One

Romain Grosjean thinks that he is ready to take a more mature approach to Formula One, after an incident packed season which tarnished his image and almost cost him his place with the Lotus team for 2013.

Romain Grosjean crash at SpaAfter the abortive start to his F1 career at scandal-ridden Renault in 2009, the Frenchman got a second chance at the pinnacle of motor racing this year, with Lotus.

By mid-season, he had proved his speed with three podiums, but the 26-year-old also became the subject of intense criticism for repeat mistakes, culminating in his ultra-rare race ban following the Spa-Francorchamps start crash.

After a period of speculation about his seat, Grosjean has been signed for a second consecutive full season in 2013.

“I had figured F1 was hard, but not that much,” he admitted to Sport24. “Gradually I realised that the difficulty of the challenge was at least a multiple of two compared to what I knew at the beginning.”

Placido Domingo (ESP) on the podium with Romain Grosjean (FRA) Lotus F1. Formula One World Championship, Rd11, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday 29 July 2012.“For sure I have been criticised a lot, but if you had told me at the start that I would finish eighth with three podiums, I would have signed for it immediately.

“Yes, I made rookie mistakes for wanting to do things too quickly – for example, I wanted to get [Lotus’] first win at all costs.

“I hope I’ve learned now and grown up although there is still work to do,” added Grosjean.

“I expect a different pressure now; I cannot commit the same mistakes over and I’ll try to score points as often as possible.

“I hope to demonstrate the same pace as this year but be more consistent.

“In terms of the standings, I would rather not set any targets – that would be another mistake,” he concluded. (GMM)

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  • maybet

    Mr. Excuses

  • Not Bernie

    He’s quick enough to be in F1, but we’ve yet to see if he can keep out of trouble. It wasn’t his fault every time, in Monaco for example it was Alonso who first pushed him left. Like many races, luck was with Alonso that day.

    But the most important aspect is that he has speed and hopefully can learn all the other skills he needs for F1. You can’t have all the skills and learn speed so he does have a chance to make it in F1.

  • Speedo

    I hope you have learnt from your mistakes . Looking back, you deprived Alonso of the WDC who lost by 3 points to Vettel. If you had not taken him out of the race he may have been the WDC and not Vettel.

    I hop the FIA will crack the whip this year and come up with banning idiotic drivers for a race or two. Even in the last race in Brazil on the wet track,the idiotic Nico whose head swelled took out Lewis who was leading.

  • Dan Haggerty

    Let see what kind of excuses he will come up next year.

  • muks

    Lotus has made a right deccision to keep this man in 2013 because he has speed and can beat kimi in qualyfying,but only lack of experience,I think lotus will have a strongest pair driver in 2013,let see what he can do next year

  • Not_Not_Bernie

    The Smiling Fool was exactly the same in GP2, crashing at every opportunity.
    I don’t know who they could have replaced him with though, Schumacher in the E21 alongside Kimi would be very interesting!

  • alanf1

    Romain my friend, you need a 3-action plan for 2013 to be a contender. 1st action is about HEALTH issues prone for crashes (peripheral eyesight, attention deficit issues and the likes). A quick health check is a must. 2nd action is about EMOTIONAL HACKING. All people are subject to it, in your fast-speed business proving frantically to get the first podium, it is more critical than anything else. A hard work by a professional mind-and-soul psi mentor can help mastering your emotions control, your mind is hacked for sure, aggravated by repeated crashes and peer pressure. Getting emotional intelligence expert advice will render you as a man machine. 3rd is about LEARNING from the best! The master is Vettel whose training, people around him, his attitude are the best examples you should start “copying” them. You need to seriously study Vettel’s unpublished book :) “How to become three time F1 champion” crashing (“vettelizing”) five other F1 champs, including his childhood’s idol, King Michael. Watching closely Vettel, will help you to make a massive step ahead. You won the ROC beating everybody a few weeks ago, you can be a champion for sure. If my advice proves true, I am almost sure about it, you owe me an year tour with Lotus around the world to live my dream, a year sabbatical with F1 circus. Good luck man!

  • drago

    Romain will be world champion very soon.
    Don’t you guys worry about him.

    GO ROMAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauda Fan

    The jerk most responsible for costing Alonso the 2012 title…he’ll be gone by mid-season due to too many wrecks

  • alexander

    You thought you were better than the old fox, Kimi Raikkonen. It took you almost a 20 race-season to figure it out: Kimi is better than me, I must try to learn something from him, instead of keep on fooling myself. Your big ego almost cost you your F1 seat, as it almost cost some of your contenders their lives (alonso at spa for instance).

    Now, next year you probably won`t even be close to match Kimis race pace, even on a good day, because now you too have to take in account the need to back off every now and then, to avoid collisions. Just as Kimi did on a lot of occations this year. He might have won in Bahrain, he might have squeezed through fighting Hamilton, but he did not. Do you NOW understand why Kimi backed off sometimes?!! Racing is all about keeping your cool when needed. Just as much as beeing quick. And quite frankly: Even on that one you lack a few inches on your team mate. Lucky you, -you still have your seat, and you still have Kimi as mentor. Make a use of it, for god sake!