Quotes of the Year

2012 Quotes of the Year

Dec.27 (Grand Prix 247) Here is our selection of some of the better quotes from the 2012 season, where some will wonder what they were thinking when they said what they said. The sum of all the quotes also provides the background story of what was an amazing season of Formula One racing and a lot was said from March to November – here we have most of those memorable bites.


Jenson Button at Jerez on the opening day of testing

Button: We must start the new season stronger
Di Resta: I want to race Vettel at the front
Raikkonen: I haven’t sat in a[n] F1 car since 2009
Marko: Buemi and Alguersuari not good enough
Domenicali: 2012 a very important year for F1
Domenicali: Fernando best, Vettel very close
Domenicali: Our new F1 car is not that pretty
Montezemolo: We want to win F1 title in 2012
Massa: Something needed changing on my side
Massa: With a good car I can fight for the title
Alonso: I have always stood up for the team
Alonso: One cannot say that Ferrari has to win
Lopez: We aim to challenge the top three
Di Resta: Nico and I need to work together
Horner: We have a great driver pairing
Hembery: We will be more aggressive going into 2012
Senna: I am very proud that Williams has chosen me
Barrichello: I’ll just enjoy my family for a year
Buemi: I just want to get better and better
Alonso: Vettel still slightly below the level of Hamilton
Trulli: I have confidence in Caterham
Mateschitz: Vettel will be stronger than ever
Ecclestone: I don’t want Red Bull to dominate again
Raikkonen: It was nice to get back in the car again, I feel very positive
Webber: Always sunny when we drive the simulator!
Hembery: The highest level of quality in F1 ever
Gascoyne: It’s time we moved forward again
Fernandes: We will be a danger to many midfield teams
Raikkonen: I expect to fight in the middle group
Whitmarsh: Hamilton is truly brilliant racing driver


Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari F2012.Sutil: Lewis is a coward and not a man
Button: We have every reason to feel optimistic
Whitmarsh: We aim to challenge hard for both titles
Hamilton: I feel very free of the burdens I had last year
Button: My head’s definitely in the right place
Szafnauer: Force India needs to grow to win
Montezemolo: Massa has to do something great
Di Resta: We’ve got to start stronger than we did last year
Hulkenberg: It’s exciting times and I’m looking forward to it
Alonso: I am sure we will do well this year
Grosjean: It’s a dream come true to get this drive
Boullier: Our driver line-up reflects the ambition of this team
Lopez: Kimi will provide a vital ingredient in driving us forward
Raikkonen: I think people expect things from me
Hamilton: I out qualified Button when my mind was elsewhere
Newey: RB8 is the fourth generation of what started with the 2009 car
Vettel: The target is to obviously try to do it again
Newey: I can’t see myself going anywhere else
Tombazis: We cannot be accused of being timid with the Ferrari F2012
Massa: Still a lot to do, maybe more than we expected
Schumacher: I’m around to fight for the championship
Alonso: There is much to do but that does not scare us
Lopez: We feel very good with Kimi and he clearly feels at home
Red Bull: Our attitude has not changed, there are no team orders
Lotus: Everyone seems to have a smile on their face at Enstone
Mateschitz: Vettel still has great potential because he will be given free rein
Hulkenberg: I have to get back in the groove and get that F1 feeling back
Tost: Alguersuari and Buemi lacked the right stuff
Horner: There’s a race committed to Bahrain and we’ll be there
Stirling Moss: Vettel is a modern day Fangio
Massa: A lot of work to do to fine tune the Ferrari F2012
Horner: Red Bull RB8 secret is in the detail
Schumacher: W03 instantly gave us good feedback and sensations
Kovalainen: New teammate doesn’t change my life in any way
Rosberg: Webber was tougher team mate than Schumacher
Alonso: At the moment we are not where we want to be
Button: I have best manager in F1, best PR man, best PA and best physio
Ecclestone: I’d like to see Schumacher in the second Red Bull
Buemi: I am amazed by the negative comments from Toro Rosso
Alonso: We’re only taking small steps forward but they are constant
Webber: Being at the front is a big factor for me to stay very hungry
McLaren: It’s 100 per cent game on for the title


Podium (L to R): Stefano Domenicali (ITA) Ferrari General Director, Sergio Perez (MEX) Sauber, Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren. Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Race, Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday 25 March 2012.Perez: Ferrari is the greatest team and I would love to be there some day
Grosjean: The Lotus chassis is stronger and the team is stronger
Karthikeyan: HRT is not a Mickey Mouse team
Domenicali: We can’t be happy how testing went, considering our goals
Vettel: We have a long list of points we must improve
Montezemolo: I hope that it is not true that we are going to suffer
Raikkonen: I have never had issues with motivation
Schumacher: Victory for me in Melbourne is unlikely, I see Red Bull in front
Kobayashi: We must score more consistently in 2012
Kovalainen: I’ve made a couple of changes off track to help me focus
Petrov: I think we have a good year ahead of us
Rosberg: We are really ready for the first race
Vettel: You never know where you are until we get to Melbourne
Hamilton: I feel more relaxed and ready for new season than ever before
Ecclestone: Still too many people in F1 with rose-tinted glasses
Grosjean: I want to make the least amount of mistakes possible
Raikkonen: I’m very confident that we’ll get it right when the time comes
Di Resta: Our goal is simply to try and pick up points at every race
Hulkenberg: ‘Excitement’ is the word I keep using to describe how I’m feeling
Horner: It’s important to have the right balance within any team
Horner: Webber is going to be a contender this year
Alonso: I’m confident and relaxed about the possibilities of our car
Vettel: As a kid I had posters of Michael Schumacher on my wall
Hamilton: I’m still here living my dream, very happy and in a good place
Massa: It’s nice that the time for ‘blah blah blah’ is over
Raikkonen: We could have gone a bit faster in testing if we wanted
Vettel: I’m here to win the championship, so that’s the target
Webber: McLaren looks nice but we’ll see which one gets most champagne
Alonso: There is a great spirit as we want to be world champions
Raikkonen: It feels like I have never been away
Button: Starting the year strong for this team was really important
Raikkonen: There’s a lot of speed in the car and much more to come
Grosjean: A great feeling having a team behind you who all work for each other
Vettel: We need track time to really understand what’s going on
Webber: I think the usual suspects will be up front at Sepang
Schumacher: We have to do a better job in terms of race pace
Vettel: We’re motivated to make sure McLaren don’t keep the upper hand
Alonso: This year we are convinced that we will fight for the world title
Domenicali: Of course with no magic stick you can’t do anything
Raikkonen: We’re still working on the steering
Alonso: We knew it was impossible to compete with the guys in front
Alonso: To be honest this win [in Malaysia] changes nothing
Perez: I will stay with Sauber for the whole season
Button: I deserve the pain after Malaysia
Perez: In an ideal world my first F1 win will happen this year
Hamilton: The main thing is I need to pick up my race pace
Senna: A good result takes some weight off your shoulders
Vettel: As in real life, there are a few cucumbers on the road
Karthikeyan: One does not expect Vettel to be such a cry baby
Red Bull: Sebastian did absolutely nothing that was against our wishes


Motorsports: FIA Formula One World Championship 2012, Grand Prix of China, #8 Nico Rosberg (GER, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team), *** Local Caption *** +++ www.hoch-zwei.net +++ copyright: HOCH ZWEI +++Massa: Not scoring any points in two races hurts
Di Resta: You’re seeing the strengths of our team at the moment
Vergne: Racing, qualifying, working in the garage – none of it seemed strange
Button: If Lewis wasn’t in F1 it would be exciting to be Fernando’s teammate
Horner: You can’t blame Sebastian for being a bit frustrated
Raikkonen: People see me more relaxed which I think is down to the team
Barrichello: Massa has to close his eyes and enjoy
Button: I’ll definitely stay with McLaren for the next few years
Vettel: Sometimes you let some emotion show it’s part of the sport
Alonso: I won’t let anyone else do my tweets on Twitter
Grosjean: When you make mistakes you have to admit it and not repeat it
Button: When you’re fighting for victories it makes a massive difference
Raikkonen: For my comeback I have a good car but Schumacher did not
Hamilton: It’s important to get some good results in the bag while we can
Raikkonen: We have new parts for the E20 so that should be good
Vettel: McLaren seem very strong right now, they are the team to beat
Pat Fry: I wasn’t expecting to have one driver leading the championship
Red Bull: We have a plan to solve our problems
Alonso: I never expected to arrive in China leading the championship
Massa: It’s a tricky time for me and it cannot go on
Perez: People in Mexico were going crazy, it was great result for my country
Alonso: Nothing changed. I think it’s going to be a tough weekend for us
Senna: I’m still learning the team, learning the car, learning the tyres
Hamilton: I love the challenge of coming through and gaining positions
Vettel: I don’t think it’s right to blame the package now
Alonso: This does not mean that I have lost hope, quite the contrary
Rosberg: My Dad said when the time is right [victory] will come
Schumacher: The way I can drive this car is how I have driven my whole life
Mercedes: We are a small team, with a small budget
Ross Brawn: I told Nico that it was my ambition to help him win his first race
Al Zayani: I don’t think anything drastic will happen [in Bahrain]. It’s not Afghanistan or Syria
Massa: I hope the Bahrain Grand Prix can be an occasion for unity
Alonso: At the moment we are too far behind to fight for the championship
Hamilton: Finishing on the podium for the first three races has been fantastic
Grosjean: I’m very, very happy to be on my first podium
Raikkonen: The team is doing good work and we deserve to be here
Vettel: I owe this one to the team, to the boys
Ferrari: We’re working day and night to give our drivers a much better car
Boullier: There’s more to come, I’m sure
Red Bull: We’re not as confident as we used to be
Raikkonen: I don’t really like Twitter… or Facebook. I prefer privacy
Raikkonen: I’m only here for racing, all the other bulls**t I can do without
Button: Consistency is going to be very important this year


(L to R): Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren MP4-27 alongside Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Williams FW34. Formula One World Championship, Rd8, European Grand Prix, Race Day, Valencia, Spain, Sunday 24 June 2012.Schumacher: 2012 is a 1000 piece puzzle you need to put together at each race
Alonso: I feel like Rocky, always fighting
Hembery: We built the tyres the way we were asked to by F1
Massa: I am confident about the work we have done in these past few weeks
Alonso: There is no magic button but I am confident for the future
Rosberg: We do need to improve our car in fast corners
Grosjean: We were not looking specifically to try to top the times
Alonso: Fear and competition are not compatible
Raikkonen: After China people probably started thinking that we are idiots
Boullier: Barcelona might be even tighter than what we have already seen
Schumacher: We drive like on raw eggs and don’t want to stress the tyres at all
Hulkenberg: The first four races have been quite tough to be honest
Raikkonen: You don’t have to be on pole now to win
Alonso: This is not a mathematical problem, it’s a sport, we all try our best
Vettel: I think the races have become much better
De la Rosa: We’re establishing ourselves, restructuring the team, we’re growing
Schumacher: It is certainly nothing to do with me being frustrated
Massa: I hope we will benefit from having a better car from now on
Maldonado: I’m lucky to have not only a sponsor behind me but also a country behind me
Maldonado: My first podium, my first victory, you can imagine what I feel
Williams: Maldonado deserves to be on the team, with or without money
Kobayashi: We have a good car and good chances for good results
Maldonado: At the moment of the fire I was so scared for all of us
Maldonado: I prefer to do my talking on track and do the best job for the team
Massa: I don’t feel in any way different to the way I was before the crash
Heidfeld: It’s very difficult to accept I am no longer an F1 driver
Montezemolo: Massa must bring home the results we expect from him
Maldonado: We are not the best team – but we are not that far [off]
Brawn: Next few months shape of Formula One future will become clear
Mallya: Di Resta is a huge asset and a very valuable asset to us
Massa: I really hope I can always be in the fight for the top places
Grosjean: There wasn’t enough room and next thing I’m facing all the traffic
Ecclestone: KERS should never have been introduced


Bernie Ecclestone Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Preparations, Austin, Texas, 15 November 2012.Alonso: They’re limiting creativity and F1 is looking more like GP2
Raikkonen: We’ve been competitive in most places, our day will come
Montezemolo: Perez too inexperienced for Ferrari and still too early to judge Massa
Vettel: I’m fine at Red Bull and I have no intention of leaving
Villeneuve: Today’s F1 drivers are children, babies – and they’re kept like that
Hamilton: The championship is more important now than my next contract
Massa: I’m really looking forward to getting stronger race by race
Perez: We have enough speed but we’ve been very unlucky since Malaysia
Alonso: We need to improve the pure pace of the car
Sauber: Grosjean has both of our drivers on his conscience
Villeneuve: Hamilton or Alonso or Vettel in a Lotus might have won every race
Sam Michael: I will pay for beers when they average three seconds a pitstop
Montezemolo: We need to tackle urgently and with determination costs in F1
Lotus: There won’t be a seventh version of the steering system for Raikkonen
Peter Sauber: In 20 years for me F1 has never been better or more exciting
Allison: To win races we are going to have to improve our qualifying performances
Todt: F1 is too expensive and teams could go out of business
Domenicali: Alonso’s level of competition is fantastic, we cannot ask for more
Schumacher: I will certainly not be driven by emotion regarding my future
Domenicali: Alonso and Vettel could easily co-exist together at Ferrari
Massa: I’m much happier because I can drive the F2012 the way I like now
Alonso: At Ferrari the key is for two drivers to make one car quick
Massa: I would be very happy to be the eighth winner
Ecclestone: I was a little bit stupid
Hamilton: I don’t see there being many problems negotiating my new contract
De la Rosa: We’re having fun because in the team we are all pushing very hard
Alonso: Whatever team-mate comes to Ferrari in the future will be welcome
Haug: I feel sorry for Michael, the team can do a better job
Schumacher: Where did we finish? Third, that’s podium. I can’t believe that!
Raikkonen: You’re never happy until you win
Montezemolo: I am worried because we’ve seen Red Bull is very strong


(L to R): Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) Lotus F1, Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 and Andrea Stella (ITA) Ferrari Race Engineer celebrates on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd8, European Grand Prix, Race Day, Valencia, Spain, Sunday 24 June 2012.Ricciardo: When you’re out there it doesn’t matter who you’re racing
Ecclestone: Of course I’m going to Hockenheim
Raikkonen: I am disappointed not to have a win yet
Grosjean: Reality doesn’t always follow the script
Hamilton: I’m in the battle for the title and there’s still a long way to go
Marko: Serious differences in Pirelli tyre quality this year
Hamilton: I would like to keep the trophies I win
Raikkonen: I have no feelings at all towards Ferrari, neither good nor bad
Massa: We believe our car is not too bad in the high speed corners
Rosberg: We can win the title this year, we are very close
Senna: We’re always trying to find the magic button to make the car faster
Alonso: We know that there are still a few cars quicker than our car
Ecclestone: If it was up to me, [Schumacher] would stay [in F1] forever
Vergne: I am told Vettel had a disastrous first season with Toro Rosso
Webber: Decent chance I will be in F1 next year, let’s see who it is with…
Grosjean: I’m pretty surprised with the way the season is going
Alonso: I want to dedicate this pole to Maria de Villota
Perez: If they don’t do something, Maldonado could hurt someone
Maldonado: Sergio can say what he wants, we are trying to do our best
Hamilton: Hopefully at some stage we’ll get a car to challenge at the front
Button: We don’t have the pace of the top three teams
Webber: In the end signing with Red Bull for 2013 was an easy decision
Schumacher: I’m highly motivated and getting to where I can get the most out of the car
Horner: Webber and Vettel have a genuine respect for each other
Ma Qing Hua: It was a fantastic experience and really hard to put into words
Karthikeyan: F1 is complicated but I would like to remain with HRT
Vettel: Truth is I haven’t signed with Ferrari and I haven’t shaken any hands
Stella: Michael is a great racer, Kimi is very quick, Fernando has no weaknesses!
Massa: If I carry on performing, then I don’t feel too worried about my future
Sam Michael: Two seconds for a pitstop not unrealistic
Schumacher: Tyre war in F1 would be good, we would have decent tyres
Alonso: I’m in the best condition of my career
Webber: The decision was straightforward, stay at Red Bull or move on
Glock: Every day is a new possibility and it’s very easy to motivate myself
Lopez: We have a strong, fast car and one of the best driver pairings
Alonso: Extremely satisfying, a feeling you really have given your all
Hakkinen: F1 is much more exciting now than when I was racing
Vettel: Hamilton is a bit stupid to race the leaders [in Germany]
Hamilton: Vettel’s maturity has come through I guess
Ferrari: Fernando was perfect, not one mistake, pushing to the maximum (in Germany)
Domenicali: Until we have the quickest car, we cannot claim to be happy
Whitmarsh: Our car is good enough to win races and the title
Raikkonen: I want to win and the team is pushing hard to make it happen
Montezemolo: Our rivals will redouble their efforts to beat us
Marko: Nowhere does it say we can’t use regulations in our favour
Hamilton: There’s every good reason to feel confident
Alonso: When I was karting Ayrton was my idol and my reference point
Kovalainen: It’s the time of the season where you hear a lot of rumours
Maldonado: We are looking to recover the points we lost
Raikkonen: The steering is not perfect, it’s improved, but still a way to go
Hamilton: If I had given up… then I would expect to be fired
Hamilton: Martin Whitmarsh is my boss [not Ron Dennis]
Wolff: My role involves helping Frank in the daily job running the team
Hamashima: Fernando is calmer and Michael is more aggressive
Alonso: It seems everyone keeps forgetting we are not quick
Hamilton: It’s just like old times, Kimi
Hamilton: I reckon it was one of the toughest races [Hungary] I’ve ever driven
Senna: I think this is a turning point [Hungary] and hope we can carry this momentum
Boullier: I can’t see why Kimi would want to be the second driver at Ferrari


YEONGAM-GUN, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 12: Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Red Bull Racing talks with Red Bull Motorsport Consultant Dr Helmut Marko as he prepares to drive during practice for the Korean Formula One Grand Prix at the Korea International Circuit on October 11, 2012 in Yeongam-gun, South Korea. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Sebastian Vettel; Helmut MarkoDomenicali: We are aligned with Felipe and we want to protect him
Marko: Rivals copy Red Bull or want our innovations banned
Vettel: All the trouble lately is binding us together even more
De la Rosa: It’s not easy being at the back and finishing last
Kobayashi: We missed some opportunities for some more great results
Perez: We didn’t make the most of every situation
Perez-Sala: My first taste of HRT was a total disaster
Pat Fry: We must continue to keep up the pressure to a high level
Whitmarsh: Raikkonen is one of the fastest men on the planet
Barrichello: Williams would have had a really great year with me
Lauda: Vettel is having to fight like a donkey in order to stay in touch
Bottas: I hope for a long career with Williams
Domenicali: Massa knows what he has to do for Ferrari
Maldonado: I would like to win the championship with Williams
Karthikeyan: Still a lot to do but we’re making steady progress
Alonso: Hamilton and Vettel are the biggest challengers
Piquet: If Alonso was at Lotus he would win the championship
Barrichello: F1 ended too early for me
Massa: I’ll do what I can to help Alonso win the championship
Raikkonen: For me there have only been good memories from Spa
Grosjean: I’m back from the break stronger than ever and ready for action
Schumacher: I have not regretted my comeback for a second
Marmorini: Ferrari wants to do even better in the second half of the season
Symonds: We need to improve Marussia in all areas
Domenicali: Without testing, F1 puts itself at risk
Massa: I have no news to give you regarding my future
Alonso: We are in no way the favourites for the title
Tombazis: We recovered from one of the worst beginnings of my career
Schumacher: For the 400? We probably say no for that one


SINGAPORE - SEPTEMBER 23: Michael Schumacher of Germany and Mercedes GP crashes with Jean-Eric Vergne of France and Scuderia Toro Rosso during the Formula One Grand Prix of Singapore at Marina Bay Street Circuit on September 23, 2012 in Singapore. (Photo by Vladimir Rys/Getty Images)Horner: I think it would be premature to discount Jenson
Hamilton: Never just sign the first contract given to you because most of the time it’s sh*t
Marko: Now we need to show all of our teeth in the race
Button: I need to beat Alonso at every race for the rest of the season
Vettel: A lot of races ahead and you see how quickly things can change
Button: To get a victory [in Belgium] from lights to flag is very special
Button: Very surprised and disappointed with Hamilton’s Twitter rant
Alonso: Hamilton is probably the most dangerous opponent for the title
D’Ambrosio: It’s a big challenge, but I will deliver 100%
Glock: Maybe Pic doesn’t understand the English on the radio
Webber: Fernando has lost some of his lead [after the Spa crash], that’s good for all of us
Alonso: Grosjean apologised in an SMS
Domenicali: The more ‘horsepower’ the tifosi can give us, the better
McLaren: Hamilton to replace Schumacher at Mercedes is not true
Button: I don’t enjoy standing on the Monza podium
Maldonado: I need to think more
Hulkenberg: It’s positive press if you are linked to a team like Ferrari
Todt: Alonso signing with Briatore in 2000 was something I took badly
Hamilton: I learned from Fernando, but I haven’t learned from Jenson
Kubica: Myself and Alonso would’ve been a great pair [at] Ferrari
Perez: I was fighting for my team and will always fight for the team that I’m in
Hamilton: Winning at Monza is one of my greatest experiences
Vettel: Our biggest problem is a lack of speed on the straights
Button: Every time I jump into the car I know we have a chance of winning
Heidfeld: It was not the farewell that I imagined
Kaltenborn: No one expected things would turn out so well at Monza
Alonso: 37 points is nothing, we have to win more races
Grosjean: I can still learn a lot from Kimi
Hamilton: Most important that I do not get distracted by all the rubbish
Bottas: Keen and ready for Williams race seat
Briatore: Alonso is better than Schumacher
Massa: No doubt good results will help my future
Hamilton: I’m kind of like what’s going on, what’s going on?
Vettel: I’m not afraid to go against Fernando in the same team
Raikkonen: I have a good relationship with Lotus, they’re real racing people
Rosberg: It’s only a matter of time before we build the best racing car
Hamilton: You need a team that doesn’t mess up pitstops
Da Matta: Every new thing Gascoyne did, we just got worse, not better
Alonso: Lewis I respect most, because of what he can do in good or bad cars
Perez: I feel ready to do a good job, to be in a top team, to fight for the title
Whitmarsh: Lewis is very, very focused on doing the job
Maldonado: Hopefully it’s going to be a good one for us this time
Hamilton: It was gutting when the car stopped, I was cruising (in Singapore)
Button: Every race we go to we really do have a chance of winning
Vettel: I dedicate my victory [Singapore] to Professor Sid Watkins, a very special man
Brawn: Decision for Michael to stay or not is a difficult one
Hamilton: It is now time for me to take on a fresh challenge [with Mercedes]
Schumacher: I wish Lewis well and for the team to achieve success
McLaren: We made Lewis a very, very big financial offer
Whitmarsh: Sergio is one of the best and most exciting talents in F1
Schumacher: It did not go as well as we all would have wanted
Brawn: Schumacher informed at every stage of Hamilton negotiations
Coulthard: Hamilton’s move is part of growing up and becoming a man


Romain Grosjean and Mark Webber come together exiting Turn 1 shortly after the start of the Japanese GP Formula One World Championship, Rd15, Japanese Grand Prix, Race, Suzuka, Japan, Sunday 7 October 2012.Rosberg: In my contract I have the same opportunities as my teammate
Massa: The best plan is to race without worrying about the future
Mercedes: Expectations of Schumacher were probably too high
Hamilton: One of the most difficult decisions I’ve faced in my life
Montezemolo: We would definitely not put Alonso alongside Schumacher
Whitmarsh: Lewis won’t be involved in development of next year’s car
Alonso: If we win the title, it will be a miracle
Schumacher: I have decided to retire at the end of the year
Perez: We were talking to Ferrari but it was never an option
Alonso: For Lewis it’s a good thing to move on
Hamilton: Sometimes you just go the wrong way
Alonso: What can I say, other than get angry about being unlucky? (after a Suzuka first corner DNF)
Webber: It was the first-lap nutcase again (at Suzuka)
Kobayashi: My first podium, in my home grand prix, that’s amazing
Massa: Ah, it’s nice! It’s like a relief, y’know? It was great! [to be back on the podium in Japan]
Vettel: Still a long way ahead and a lot of things that can happen
Webber: Look me in the eye, Romain
Boullier: Grosjean must learn to control the pressure
Button: I am building McLaren around me
De Villota: I have won this race because I’m alive
Ecclestone: Lotus should send Grosjean for eyesight tests
Montezemolo: I expect a huge effort from our engineers now
Alonso: F1 is a team sport – you win and you lose together.
Hamilton: Perhaps me and Twitter don’t go together too well
Raikkonen: It makes no difference where you finish if you don’t win
Button: The constructors’ championship is definitely on
Alonso: Red Bull have a car advantage, our advantage is our team
Alonso: It will be a beautiful last four races to the end
Webber: I have good points and champagne but it’s not what I was after
Vettel: We can take nothing for granted
Button: I’ve just been hit by Kobayashi. What an idiot! (in Korea)
McLaren: Hamilton is loved in this team and he knows that
Montezemolo: Ferrari doesn’t give up and we will fight to the end
Susie Wolff: It was incredible, I’ve dreamed about this day for a long time
Kaltenborn: I’m very happy at the confidence Sauber has placed in me
Schumacher: I didn’t return to drive around in circles
Räikkönen: My motivation is very high, like it has always been
Grosjean: I’ve been my own worst enemy at times this season
Ferrari: Many reasons why the wind tunnel is not perfect
Hamilton: Ron Dennis and I will go for dinner, have a good chat
Massa: I am capable of doing a good job
Alonso: Ferrari have a lot of talk but very little updates
Mallya: Why should there be even one iota of doubt that I wouldn’t be here? (in India)
Alonso: I remain 100 percent confident that we will win this championship
Alonso: We’re not fighting Vettel and Webber, but Newey and his car
Alonso: Still many points on the table and I’m still very optimistic
Vettel: There’s a lot more to come and we’ll take things step by step
Vettel: There’s nothing to report about Ferrari, I’m very happy at Red Bull
Lotus: Delighted that Kimi Raikkonen is staying with us for 2013
Mallya: I offered extensions to both Hulkenberg and Di Resta
Red Bull: It’s going to be a question of having three perfect weekends
Raikkonen: I’m looking forward to achieving more good things in 2013
Alonso: I’m sure Michael would have won three races this year for Sauber


Sebastian Vettel in BrazilAlonso: There are no victories in war without a scar
Massa: It’s nice to be still driving for Ferrari
Raikkonen: I don’t see a reason why I should make long term contracts
Hamilton: Vettel’s car is just that far ahead of everyone else’s
Vettel: I don’t know why I was asked to stop
Vettel: It was obviously a chance to f*ck it up and we didn’t do that (on the Abu Dhabi podium)
Raikkonen: Leave me alone I know what I’m doing!
Raikkonen: I’m happy, but there’s nothing to jump around about [after his Abu Dhabi win]
Alonso: The glass is half full rather than half empty
Lotus: We show the world that we are serious and can deliver
Montezemolo: It’s clear that we have to do more for the coming races
Whitmarsh: I hope that Hamilton thinks that he’s made an awful mistake [going to Mercedes]
Hamilton: I’m very, very happy with the decision I have made
Massa: Circuit of the Americas has more or less everything
Alonso: I am very confident, I trust my team, I trust myself
Alonso: All sorts of things can happen, we will push to the limit
Ecclestone: [Vettel] lacks a little charisma. Guys like Hunt, Rindt, Lauda, Senna were real characters, but they can’t be like that anymore because they are protected by the team bosses far too much
Vettel: Going to Brazil in the best possible position (after United States GP)
Hamilton: Tough to beat Red Bull and Sebastian but we did it (after United States GP)
Newey: Our third alternator failure this year, which is a ticking time bomb
Hamilton: Last race in Brazil is going to be a really emotional sendoff
Hamilton: I vow that I’ll give it my all on every single lap at Interlagos
Hulkenberg: I think we can be proud of the results we achieved together [with Force India]
De la Rosa: None of us know what will happen with HRT
Hamilton: I leave McLaren with greatest memories and a lot of good friends
Ecclestone: Interlagos is an old race track, a bit tired, but with a good update and some plastic surgery, it’ll be alright. I know [that] it will happen soon.
Alonso: We have nothing really to lose
Vettel: Schumacher was a hero and inspiration for me
Marko: If Alonso says he’s fighting with blunt weapons, then he is whining
Alonso: I am hoping for a chaotic race [at Interlagos]
Schumacher: My final F1 race was tremendous fun
Hamilton: I feel numb, it is mixed emotions at the moment
Alonso: I’m so proud and happy to fight until the last lap with what we have
Vettel: It was the toughest race of the season (after Brazilian GP)
Vettel: I don’t feel more or less important than other guys on our team
Alonso: We cannot fight for a world championship if we’re too slow
Montezemolo: Not winning the title is cause for great sorrow and great regret
Lotus: The kind of speed Grosjean has does not grow on trees
Massa: I was crying more because of the difficulties than the joys (on the Interlagos podium)
Horner: We have yet to see the best of Vettel
Frank Williams: Excited about what Pastor and Valtteri can achieve
Maldonado: I want to be a part of a new era of success for Williams
Bottas: Incredible to be driving in F1 next year with a team like Williams
Webber: I’m not going there thinking in a supporting role at all
Montezemolo: I want to start 2013 immediately capable of fighting for wins
Ecclestone: Vettel will suffer no consequence and is 2012 world champion


ecclestone christmas cardEcclestone: I would rather  [that Schumacher] had stopped as a seven time world champion than stopping now
Domenicali: 10 for Alonso, 7 for Ferrari
Marko: Alonso seems to have problems if he doesn’t win
Massa: I paid too much attention to the speculation about my future
Ecclestone: F1 is my baby and I want to look after it
Alonso: To be one of the greats of F1, it’s not enough to win titles
Adam Parr: Very regretful I wasn’t able to finish what I set out to do
Alonso: The objective is to be ahead of the field, on Saturday and Sunday
Ecclestone: We’d rather have 10 teams so long as we don’t lose Ferrari
Ecclestone: when I feel I can’t deliver, I will certainly say goodbye
Lauda: Haug felt responsible for Mercedes F1 failure
Stuck: Mercedes failure Brawn’s fault not Haug’s
Horner: I would have ousted Massa
Haug: I’m not being made a scapegoat for Mercedes’ lack of success in F1
Vettel: I admire Alonso very much and I respect him as a driver
Domenicali: Why does Webber have so many failures on his car? Because the best parts go to the driver getting the better results

Subbed by AJN.

  • jmartinez2767

    Best one…Raikkonen: Leave me alone I know what I’m doing!

  • Joe Kinnear

    Kimi wins hands down.

    I know what I’m doing!

  • kaka007

    Kimi wins………..

  • maybet

    Raikkonen: It makes no difference where you finish if you don’t win

    what a ledge!!