Faulty wind tunnel forces Ferrari to develop 2013 car in Cologne

Ferrari wind tunnelDec.27 (GMM) Ferrari will develop the aerodynamics of its 2013 car exclusively in Cologne, after encountering problems with its Maranello wind tunnel facility this year, which will be closed next year until August.

International reports, including in El Mundo Deportivo newspaper (Spain) and Kolner Express (Germany), said Ferrari has now turned its attention to Cologne, where the former F1 team Toyota rents out its state-of-the-art facility to clients.

Asked why Ferrari chose Cologne exclusively, team boss Stefano Domenicali said: “Because working in two wind tunnels would be too risky.”

Team president Luca di Montezemolo added: “We will develop the 2013 car exclusively in the Toyota wind tunnel to avoid confusion and mistakes.”

The Italian added that McLaren is also a regular customer of the Toyota tunnel.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s Rob Leupen commented: “Our clients are very happy with our wind tunnel services.”

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  • Not Bernie

    This isn’t a “calibration” problem, but rather Ferrari upgrading their wind tunnel. They just won’t say exactly what they’re upgrading it to, and what capacity and size of models that will be able to run.

    Expect big.

  • Ghazi Andika Awhi

    the should hire the briton from beverage team

  • Matthys Strydom

    We’d never know the real reason, but by the statement issued by Ferrari, I’d be cautious to buy one of their road cars, assuming that they also get tested in this “faulty” wind tunnel…