Who will be the YallaF1.com Driver of the Year?

YallaF1.com Driver of the Year

Dec.26 (Grand Prix 247) While the rest of the world enjoys festive cheer and all that goes with that, we at YallaF1.com are earnestly pondering whom to bestow with our highly coveted and prestigious title of Driver of the Year.

We are aware that the F1 world is awaiting the announcement on the morning of 31 December with a great deal of excitement and anxiety. Word is that the five candidates are having sleepless nights as the big day nears.

We have also had to hire more security over the past week as journalists from the likes of Autosport, F1.com, L’Equipe, the New York Times, F1 Racing, Auto Motor Und Sport, and others have been snooping around our offices trying to get the scoop on who will be the DOtY. Patience lads…

There are five guys who have stood out this year for a bunch of reasons: Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button.

Our final decision, which is totally undemocratic and based on the biased opinions of a select few, will not take into account just their prowess on track, or how many points they scored – although these are obviously factored into the equation – we also take into account the impact these candidates have had on the season, unforgettable moments and the headlines they made along the way. All very scientific of course…

Tune in on the final day of 2012 when all will be revealed…

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  • Peter

    I’m a Vettel fan but i know who was The DOTY. The Man Finished 3 Points Behind the Winner and made Extraordinary Fight.
    If any one didn’t award him then they don’t know about F1.

  • Mansell


    “We have also had to hire more security over the past week as journalists from the likes of Autosport, F1.com, L’Equipe, New York Times, F1 Racing have been snooping around our offices trying to get the scoop on who will be the Driver of the Year. Patience lads…”

    LOL Yalla is sh*t compared to these reliable sites. YOU ARE A JOKE.

  • Butterfly

    Alonso, no contest.

  • Not Bernie

    If it’s not Vettel for his breath-taking comeback from being nowhere at the start of the season to winning then it must be Kimi. No-nonsense driving and much higher finish that you’d have imagined from the Lotus.

    Alonso? Nope, not fast enough and nowhere near sporting enough. It would make Yalla Driver of the Year a joke. A joke on Alonso. A joke of all the Alonso fans on here.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    Alonso and Raikkonen…

  • Venezia

    The Schumeister and baby Schumeister!

  • alanf1

    For lack of sportsmanship, I would fully disregard Alonso. Absolutely a shame!
    Who else than Vettel could win this competition? Remember Abu Dhabi and Interlagos, amazing races, doubt anyone else could have done better than him.

  • Nowhereman


  • Darren Bly

    There is no doubt who the Driver of the Year is. Alonso took Yalla’s “Flop of the Year” car to within 3 points of the championship. Had Alonso been in a RB8 it would have been a runaway.

  • Kimi sucks

    why is Raikkonen even in list, all he won was 1 race in the fastest car of 2012,

    its btw Vettel and Alonso
    I say Alonso

  • fools




  • fools


    slap yaself…you know nothing about Alonso nor F1. You are blind from seeing pure driving talent. Who is Alonso.

  • fools

    We already know if it wasnt for Spa or Suzkuka being taken out by 2 Lotus cars Yalla wouldnt even need to have this article. It would automatically be Alonso for the 2012 of year driver award.

    He still although lost by 3 points had he best yr and everyone on the grid feared Alonso.
    Remember folks…he had the 4th fastest car this year and lost the WDC by 3 points with 2 major DNF’s that handed Vettel the title.

    Enough said!

    Alonso for 2013 WDC! and for the 2012 of the YR driver.

  • Not Bernie

    going for the Yalla Drivel of the Year award?

  • fools


    your quote: “Alonso? Nope, not fast enough and nowhere near sporting enough. It would make Yalla Driver of the Year a joke. A joke on Alonso. A joke of all the Alonso fans on here”.

    So “us” Alonso supporters are jokes? Did you have a horrible Christmas? lol…

    Surely Alonso is well respected from his team Ferrari and the other teams. He is feared because he makes a 4th slowest car look WDC worthy…Can you not imagine…when he gets his dominant car?

    It will be a wrap for seasons to come when that happens.


  • Butterfly


    Dude, go easy on the trolls. They can’t handle that much fact at once. :-)

  • Psych4191

    You can make a case for quite a few, but it really should go to Fernando. The Ferrari was a piece of utter dog dung. He was putting it on the top step of the podium with relative consistency.

    Those of you saying Vettel: yeah, he won the WDC, but he was in a WCC capable car. His drives in Abu Dhabi and Interlagos were crap. He crashed three or four times in those two races. That being said, if this was “qualifier of the year” You’d have to put Vettel up there, but he knows nothing of race craft.

  • fools


    Hope you had a good Christmas unlike others.


  • Butterfly


    I did, thanks. :-)

  • Butterfly


    You, sir, have a gift for seeing the truth.

  • Erich Lacher

    Who will be the YallaF1.com Driver of the Year

    Sebastian Vettel of cource.

    Because He was the best

    Very simple question and answer also.

  • Butterfly

    @Erich Lacher:

    You might want to take note of what Psych4191 wrote, he is right about all that.

  • Not Bernie

    “So “us” Alonso supporters are jokes?”

    You make it what you are.

    “Did you have a horrible Christmas?”

    I had one of the best turkeys you could get your hands on. Unlike the Ferrari, which was actually at one point during 2012 the fastest car on the grid.

    If there was a class for most over-rated driver of the year it would be a toss up between Senna and Alonso. And I so hate to use the Senna name in any comparison with Alonso. One was a historic driving god, the other Alonso. Polar opposites.

  • fools

    @Not Bernie

    Your assumptions regarding Alonso are much ignorant though. The fact Alonso’s idol is “Senna” should be a slap to your face.

    You already compared 2 greats. Alonso with 2 WDC won already back to back… robbed for the 2012 WDC Which should of been his and 2010 as well. You forgot?

    Yet your claim that Ferrari had a fast car in 2012 is hideous and comes to show you are not an F1 fan no Yalla fan because 2 weeks ago they proved Alonso was 4th fastest on avg with there article. Keeping Vettel feared because Alonso does stuff like Senna. Senna wasnt the best qualifier either…However, Alonso’s great ability is race pace and strategy is what makes him a pure racer like Senna.

    What is blinding you from acknowledging that? You saying Ferrari had a fast car shows your lack of F1 education. Yet Alonso being 4th fastest (proven) lost the WDC by 3points. Why dont u scroll down and quit wasting my time and read and retain what I have already mentioned. You dont know much it seems. And your are a troll. Your Turkey must of tasted bad or was dry. lol

  • fools

    @Not Bernie,
    “So “us” Alonso supporters are jokes?”

    You make it what you are.
    You mean your lack of F1 and Alonso knowledge…

    I make my VALID POINTS what they are! Which is why no one unlike Alonso troll haters cannot accept or this whole website would be anti fools and defending what I dont know. Obviously readers here much agree with me. Cheers mate and never say Alonso is not worthy. He is 1000x’s worthy and better then anyone on the grid or he wouldnt be respected as much as he is by the entire F1 competitors and his team.

  • Butterfly

    If you think about it, Sebastian Vettel is no different to Pastor Maldonado. Same “style” of overtaking, same lack of mental strength, they’re both pretty fast.


  • F1surya

    Surprise that there are two guys extra on the list (Button and Vettel), in the three way fight it has to be between Alonso and Lewis, wit the former having th entire team backing him and h latter being backed up by himself. With little less problems LH would have been fighting for the WDC.

    And whoever says that Vettel drove Fantastically in Sao Paulo ha not watched th race… Sau Paulo belonged to Nico Hulkenberg and Lewis Hamilton till they both went off.

  • Lol.

    I vote Raikkonen.

  • jl

    Talk as you want who care about this award? Its worthless,.. :D for alonso fans. Your driver may take this award 7 consecutive,.. while vettel or raikkonen clinch another WDC.

  • pitwall

    Alonso… Vettel hit too many people this year.

  • maryalonsista


  • Hawk

    Sorry guys you are all so off the mark.
    It is LH. he was simply unbreakable. I agree with you @F1Surya; however I think Interlagos belonged to Nico and Button. the game changer was the long first stint which they did so unbelievably well. Lewis was supposed to be third if it wasn’t for that safety car when he was a whopping 40s adrift!

  • [email protected]


    There Is An Inconsistency Between Your Name And Your Post.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • rabih

    i think the best of alonso and vettel is whom who won it at the end,it’s VETTEL

  • rabih

    @fools and every alonso fan,u just have to remember the circumstances of alonso winning his two WDC,the 1st one was a dirty joke,i admit the second title has a bit of honor against the most successful driver in this sport,but even thought that last lost the title in suzuka after an engine failure from the lead…never forget that alonso is a double worl champion just double.

  • Alonso_is_slow


    Alonso only hit Raikkonen this year, and it cost him the title. He made the ultimate mistake.

  • Venezia

    I’m not surprised. Yalla is biased to Ferrari all the time.

  • tony sullivan

    Alonzo did some great races, there can be no doubt, however he drives for an infinately funded team that should have given him a better ride – Kimi is driving for a team with a finite budget and did much better than anyone thought possible – he is my man -

  • Ahmed Nafea

    I think Kimi Raikkonen deserves this year’s driver of the year. After a rallying stint, he came back & what a comeback! Kimi was very consentient throughout the year finishing all races and scoring points in almost everyone. Kimi’s Character and hilarious Radio comments made us all laugh :)

    I vote for Kimi, cause if he was driving a Redbull he would have been this year’s title winner period.

  • fools


    say whatttt? Yes I know he is a 2x WDC… his 1st was a joke? slap yourself…and tell me why it was a joke? Schumi blew his engine..and? Failures and reliabiltiy are part of the game. Does that mean automatically Alonao qould have lost? If so why did he win the last race against Schumi..Schumi had his chance but didnt win it against Alonso that year..and? Alonso more then ever deserved it. Just like the robbery of 2010 and 2012 wdc…You live in a cave dont you. Let me say this…he is a 2 x WDC driver who should be crowned 4 WDC’s always remember that. Also is the best rain driver on the grid. Who tops better? shame on yourself for @tting me.

  • fools


    what race were you watching? Alonso was in front of Kimi in Suzuka? why on Earth would Alonso purposely hit Kimi if he is defending and drafting at the same time which is typical off the grid start…

    @Alonso_is_slow You never fail to deliver the most ignorant comments. No logic at all

  • Not Bernie

    don’t mind Mr Fools, he doesn’t know much and rather well named.

  • Butterfly

    From what I’ve read on the internet, Vettel and the Red Cows are really butthurt about Scuderia Alonso taking the honors. This is especially true for the British media, which was a shocker.

    Youngest-ever 3X WDC and the driver of the year is the Spaniard from Ferrari.

    Masterclass in driving & politics from the boys in red, I must say.

  • Petrol Head

    Why oh why do all you idiots not wake up??
    Ferrari & Alonso are a good match!
    One i would love to see take a very long run off a very short pier!
    Both so full of arrogance, so convinced that they can get away with complaining about cheating while hoping they dont get found out themselves.
    Ferrari have always hidden behind their money & will never be any different so they & Alonso suit each other.
    Alonso is an average driver is all!!!!

  • Butterfly

    What do you mean?

  • Alonso_is_slow


    wrong as usual.

    you have once again proved what an ignorant US noob you are. I did not say on purpose, you all made that up. Alonso hit Raikkonen, only he knows why.

    Take some text comprehesions sessions – you need it.

  • bavarian76

    fairness chooses Vettel
    Yalla will choose Alonso

  • Alonso_is_slow

    @Petrol head
    Finally some guy who can see trough Alonso’s marketing dust. He is an average driver with no extraonrdinary skills. He always tries to explain if something is good it is because of him, if something is wrong it is because of cheating, slow car, Newey, Hamilton, etc.

    The reality is:
    -Good starts only due to Ferrari launch control (exactly copied by Massa, and not at all the case last year – clear indication of technology update)
    -Race overtakes only due to Ferrari race speed which is on equal level of red bull and mclaren, in spite of bad qualifying time. everything well explained by the bad DRS which is not used much in the race.
    -all wins due to relability problems of other, no personal performance
    -and last but not least all titles won so far thanks to technical failures of opponenet.

    Alonso interpretation: he did the maximum. Reality: he is average with lots of marketing efforts.

    Marketing pays off, comes back in his salary. Good investment, but bad driver.

  • Butterfly

    You have the right to an opinion, of course.

  • Mark

    Compare Alonso taking out Kimi at the first fking corner in Suzuka with Vettel with 2 of the best comebacks ever (best was Button in Canada 2011, of course). Compare who cried the whole year cough* alonso cough*. Compare their performance against Nº 2 at their respective teammate HINT: Massa owned his teammate in almost every race towards the end of the season. Compare who won the title and who didnt. ;) nuff said.

  • hillside

    Vettel would win this because Alonso was leading in the points for most part of the season then he and Ferrari drop the ball.

  • Speedo

    Is it being judged by the number of point or the driver performance. Button who failed during the first half should not be in the reckoning. Lewis – too much of bad luck; let down by pit bungling; reliability of the car while leading in 2 races; taken out by 3 drivers. Kimi – consistent but only one win despite a good car. That leaves Vettel and Alonso to be reckoned with. Alonso having a under-performing car throughout the season came in 2nd, 3 points behind Vettel who had a far superior car thanks to Newey. I think Alonso deserves the title. Alonso was voted as the best driver by all the team principals.

  • Not Bernie

    “Alonso having a under-performing car throughout the season”

    It’s amazing how Alonso and Ferrari have managed to convince people their car was rubbish and it was Alonso who was the Samurai hero who saved the day. Yet, Ferrari were the first of the main teams to figure out the Pirelli tyres, and mid season were clearly the fastest cars on the grid.

    Plus, in the last few races it was Massa who was the quickest Ferrari driver. Even though we’re led to believe that Alonso is faster than Massa.

  • azazino

    Alonso, man over machnie

    Vettel, machine over man.

    Hamilton had done better than Vettel this season, it should be Alonso vs Hamilton.

  • Butterfly

    It’s amazing that there are some who think Vettel can match the likes of Hamilton. Are you mad, people. This is Hamilton we’re talking about.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    @bittersprite wrong as usual

    Hamilton is no match for Vettel in terms of speed and consistency. He is very dependent on the car setup and tire situation. Sometimes lighting fast, sometimes even beaten by Button.

    Vettel is fast in all conditions, always able to adapt and learn.

    The number of titles and all the records broken by Vettel confirms that.

    Alonso can not even match Hamilton, he is much slower as shown in their Mclaren times, moreover an anti-team member, and always putting the blame on other people, and making unfair comments.

    Vettel can already smile for next year as there will be no real match for him – Hamilton with a downgraded car, and Alonso even more focused on self-marketing and money instead of driving better. 4th title easy.

  • Butterfly

    Are you on crack or something? Either Hamilton or Alonso would wipe the floor with Vettel in such a brutal manner than it would make the little b*itch cry and run home to his daddy.

    Jesus, I can imagine Hamilton or Alonso pulling one of those ridiculously clever overtaking moves on that little b*itch he wouldn’t know what hit him.

    Of course, he would tell his engineer to do something about it, STAT!

    It’s all down to the Red Bull car, retard. You must be a drug addict, for sure.

  • AlonsoFan

    @Butterfly sir do not waste your time and effort for 1 person(who is using 3 different names),its not worth it
    deep down all of us Alonso is better than Vettel,some people accept it others are called Alonso_is_slow,Visz,Not_bernie

  • Not Bernie

    @ AlonsoFan
    sorry to add to your delusion but I am just one person with one identity. You’ll just have to accept that there are many people who are not impressed with Alonso. Nor believe that he is the best driver there is.

    @ Butterfly
    As for Hamilton Vs Vettel, they truly are great drivers. Which one is best? Well, they’re both a notch better than anybody else, but Hamilton has too many off days when he’s entertaining his rapper buddies rather than concentrating on the driving. Therefore it’s Vettel.

    IF Brawn bans all the Hamilton groupies and gives him a decent car then we could see some exciting racing between him and Vettel and who’s better may become clearer. Then we may also see the next best, Kimi, topping the three of them.

    @Butterfly (again).
    Clean up your act as you really aren’t doing yourself any favours.

  • Hawk

    @Not Bernie
    Hope you are not senile or really slow. It’s such people who are really stuck in the times like Schumie fans. Yes, I was a Schumie diehard in the JPM days. That groupie thing, what evidence do you have? Shouldn’t a driver have a life off the track? If u were speaking of 2011, maybe; but even then wasn’t it Nicole? Or maybe u have a problem with that one too.. I think u better stick to the track rather than expose yourself. Look at the races between the two. Does Singapore and Austin ring a bell? Abu Dhabi should have been an interesting one too if not for the fuel infraction. Unfortunately the McLaren was unreliable especially when it mattered most. Vettel is very good, yes, but unfortunately he is in that position (very good car) where we can’t really tell if he is better than Alonso or Hamilton. For sure we can’t say that he is better than the car he drives like the other two.

  • Sam

    Any of the top drivers who could had the chance to drive the Redbull would most probably wins the championship….no argument & no doubt about it….As perfect as they all are, the driver who fought the hardest and almost perfected every easy and difficult race would have to be Fernando Alonso….though his car wasn’t up there with speed most of the season…I have to say he might not still be as fast as Hamilton or Vettel…but when it comes to the most perfect driver…Alonso is the one.

  • jl

    Wrong spell Alonso not Perfect Driver, Alonso = Perfect Cheater.

    All driver goal: have great car and win.
    Almost every driver want a fast and great car, except a few who built.
    But what Vettel did in Abu Dhabi and Brazil show his extraordinary mental capacity, while under presure to wide the gap Alonso made 2 fatal mistakes and out of race.

  • Not Bernie

    yes, agreed, although you knew beforehand that Vettel was a great driver it was Brazil and Abu Dhabi that really proved it.

    The only other driver who could have done similar is Hamilton. On a good day that is.

    After that, there isn’t any other who could have done so. Although, there has been several drives by Schumacher this year which would have been impressive if his car was able to challange at the front. There was a few times where he ended up last and brought it back to the mid field.

  • Butterfly


    I guess you’re right about Vettel showing his mental strengthin those two races.

    Abu Dhabi: almost wiped out a TR, then crashed into an advertising sign. Broke his wing twice. Safety cars at the right time plus other people’s cars blowing up, ended up on podium.

    Brazil: Crashed into Senna because, apparently, when Vettel wants to go left there better not be anybody there to impede him. It didn’t work that way, obviously, and luckily the car kept going after that big crash.

    There you have it: you put obstacles in his way and he’ll collect them. The kid likes to crash into things. He’s been doing that every year since 2008.

    The don’t call him the Crash Kid (TM) for nothing, you know.

  • Butterfly

    OMG, I am so waiting for the troll to challenge the claim that Vettel is crashing into everything.

    I’m going to enjoy this.

    Hey, Senna crashed into everythin, right? Isn’t that what world champions do? Prost crashed, right? Oh, what about Hamilton, Alonso, Raikkonen, Schumacher? They crashed into everything, right?

    Biggest piece of sh*it to ever wear the no1 on his car in the history of this great sport.

  • Butterfly

    I was watching on YouTube a review of the RoC between Vettel and Grosjean. The Frenchman won and set a record, while Bubbles (that is, Vettel) hit the wall and ruined his race.

    Too much pressure, I reckon.

  • Not Bernie

    @ Butterfly,
    ok, you don’t like Vettel and would like to marry Alonso and have his babies. We get it.

    Don’t you have some knitting to do?

  • Tripled

    with yallaf1 naming Flop of the Year – Ferrari F2012

    i expect them to come up with something absurd. I suspect Narain Kartikayan will be on to an award here!

  • jl

    @butter, crash is part of motorsport. The difference is a driver do it intentionally or not. Alonso crash too, you may see Monza 2003 or Canada 2011, it was his fault.

    As I know it was Prost who very rarely crashed, he was very carefull and precise, but he crashed even almost all of them in his early career. Alonso crash in his early career, do not learn, and involeved in strategy to make his team mate crashed.


  • jl

    sory,.. wrong article

  • Sam

    @ jl…no driver builds cars now days as in the past…best engineers with best wind tunnels & simulator that money and politics can buy will create a car with a better edge.
    Alonso fought with every thread he could grab, and was on the podium most of the season…if you add up Massa’s total points in the last two seasons….they wouldn’t even add up to Alonso’s 2012 season alone…if only his Ferrari was more or less as equal in performance as the Mac’s or Redbull’s…Vettel would have had forgotten to even challenge for the championship in 2012 mid season.
    As as for The last Brazilian race…”Politics”….Vettel “if he was a different driver & from a different team”, he should have been at least punished for pulling his car from extreme right on 4th corner to extreme left blocking Senna and causing a mess…Beside…this is the reaction of a driver in complete panic…
    It doesn’t mean that if you have the fastest car…you are the best driver…I don’t believe if Vettel was driving the Lotus he would have added such points…kimi is probably the fastest driver ever but the car wasn’t consistent…

  • Hawk

    “Kimi is the fastest driver ever.”
    Faster than Senna, Schumi? I am not even sure Senna is the fastest ever. Mr. next time please use some statistics when blubbering such. Respect other readers. For instance, what is his pole:race ratio? Win:race ratio might be misleading bse reliability becomes a variable. And please note you cannot be the fastest in a slow car, so 2012 is out for Kimi, even Grosjean could have been faster; both were returning to the grid.

  • conservancy@MHR

    … trendy thing for the newsies to do is, demonstrate depth and extent of their knowledge, by rationalizing how the driver of the year is always somehow the guy, who didn’t win. Just you watch, how they’ll talk it up, ranting and raving, singing praises of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, two overrated drivers who’ve gotten their doors blown off, three years in a row, by a 25 year old kid, driving a car manufactured by… a beverage maker? How humiliating — asj.

  • jl

    If we were praising for great engineer, then no engineer want to work with a driver who blame his own team, specially a great one.
    So the best driver today not only about driving ability only, but also a driver who can respect his engineers. Then his engineers can enjoy their jobs and produce the best car for the driver.
    There are no fast driver without fast car, no fast car without fast thinking engineer, and no fast thinking engineer without respect from the driver.
    (surely not alonso quality)

  • Butterfly

    Seeing how a nobody like Vettel managed to win 3x WDC in a row because of how good the cars were I’m actually glad that Raikkonen didn’t win the title in 2005. That car was really dominant, and him winning it in 2007 without any big advantage makes Raikkonen one of the all-time greats.

    Of course he’s probably the laziest world champion ever, but that’s one of the reasons why we love Raikkonen. Lots of talent, lazy, likes to party, doesn’t give a damn about the politics.

    He is the anti-Alonso, no doubt about it. Just as skilled, but otherwise the exact opposite.

    Lewis Hamilton also took the fight to the dominant 2008 Ferrari and snatched the title from Massa’s grasp.

    Just like Alonso and Raikkonen, Hamilton is a pure talent, a bit emotionally flawed which makes him interesting. Of the big three, I would say this one enjoys driving more. He seems to want to race the others rather than just wanting to finish on the top step, which is more than I can say for that POS Vettel.

    Then we come to the Spaniard from Ferrari. Never gives up, always focused, especially under pressure, immense talent, in the same class as Raikkonen and Hamilton. Likes to play the political game, he’s very good at it, too. Highly technical. The guy’s a machine.

    Managed to defeat McLaren in 2005 by being consistent, then Ferrari the next year. Never had the dominant car, yet always managed to be up there giving the guys at the front a (very) hard time.

    One thing to note is these three can drive around a car’s problems and are always capable of preserving their equipment, that is, they rarely have reliability problems. That’s also part of the skill set.

    As for the reigning WDC, I can’t find anything he has in common with those three.

  • Not Bernie

    I see little point in trying to rewrite history or trying to get you to look at it clearly with an unbiased eye. However, you have failed to convince anybody that Alonso is great, nor that Vettel is not. The problem for you is that we’ve all seen both perform and we know from that who is the better driver. And yet being so young he can only learn and improve.

    I’m sorry you’ve got such a crush on Alonso, and terribly sorry that he still isn’t returning your love letters.

  • Butterfly

    Tell me, when you go to church on sunday, do you think of Alonso?

    Everytime I see a post by one of your dumb-a*ss aliases (jl, alonso_is_slow, not bernie) I just roll my eyes.

    You don’t even have the balls to use a single alias. What happened to visz963, man? Did it accumulate too much anger from everybody that you felt it ran its course?

    Every once in a while I see a post using a totally random name like Not Bernie or conservancy@MHR. Of course it’s always biased against anybody except Vettel. Not that you care about that german retard, but it gets your blood pumping to bash the proper drivers.

    Maybe we should all surrender Yalla to you so that you’re the only one posting here. That would bring harmony since there would be no disagreement. You’d have tens of different names posting, all yours.

    I don’t think there are too many people posting on this site right now. Congrats, you did the impossible.

  • jl

    I admit I agree with butter. Alonso is a great cheater…. ehhm,… I’m sorry, I mean Alonso great in cheating. Ups,… that’s not what I mean, i mean Alonso is super cheater.
    I don’t know why I cannot say driver normally when I praise Alonso a great cheater. Whoops.

  • Not Bernie

    There’s something else you’ve got wrong. I’m not jl or Alonso_Is_Slow. Sorry, but you’re just going to have to accept that.

    As for driver of the year, if it’s not Vettel then it should be Kimi. Vettel did some amazing drives this year, and certainly didn’t have the quickest car so he lifted it’s performance.

    Kimi because after being out of F1 was instantly quick. Without trying to play silly mind games of the unsporting he simply got on with the driving. Even won with a car that you’d not think would ever have a chance of winning, not during the random time when nobody could get the tyres to work, but when the competition had hotted up.

    If there was one for most unsporting, or toys-out-the-pram then it would be no contest. Alonso. Again.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    This has been a perfect year.

    -Alonso beaten by Vettel with better driving and less mistakes
    -Alonso even beaten by Massa in the last four races
    -Alonso mind salve fans not admitting these facts and ridiculously claiming better car/Newey despite the fact that the “teammate killer” Webber never managed better than 3rd in the same Red Bull car in three years so it is clear that Vettel had the edge.
    -final delight coming from @bittersprite, the master of denial who claims there is only one Alonso criticiser who is me under different names, while in fact I only use this name and there are so many people who clearly see Alonso’s mind tricks and cheats that even I cannot remember all the names….

    Yummie! Never wished for more!

    Juicy Alonso defeat with hard facts and crying schyzophrenic Alonso lovers!

  • jl

    Not_bernie, whatever you say this butter will keep insist that we are same person. Because she saw it from her crystall ball, she is a spanish gipsy. :D
    I can not stop my laugh, she keep insist that anti alonso cheat was small number so we must duplicate ourshelves. She even can not see my english was too bad, and different with yours.