Valencia surprised as Barcelona scraps alternation plans

Flags. Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Preparations, Barcelona, Spain, Thursday 10 May 2012.Dec.21 (GMM) The decision by the Barcelona organisers of the Spanish Grand Prix to abandon plans to alternate Spain’s annual grand prix hosting rights with Valencia has caught organisers of the Marina centred venue by surprise.

It had previously been believed that Barcelona, the regular host of the annual Spanish grand prix, had agreed with European GP venue Valencia to annually alternate a single date on the schedule from 2013 on.

Valencia is now completely absent from next year’s calendar.

Circuit de Catalunya chief Vincente Aguilera said on Wednesday: “We have no desire to alternate. We cannot speak for Valencia, who have agreements with [Bernie] Ecclestone about which we have nothing to say.”

That statement has caught Valencia by surprise.

A Valencian government source is quoted by Marca sports newspaper: “There was an agreement between the [Valencia and Barcelona] presidents over the alternation.

“With the formation of the current Catalan government there may have been a change, we do not know.

“Understand that for our part we have worked for the continuity of F1 in Valencia through the alternation, which for us gives the grand prix rationality through increasing revenue and reducing costs,” the source added.

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  • Not Bernie

    I’m going to propose that Valencia alternates with my local Tesco car park. Both have a historic fish market. Both have historic trading links with the local areas. There’s plenty of parking, and the Paddock Club can set up in the upstairs restaurant.

    I can’t think of any disadvantage to this plan, and if anything racing round Tesco would be much more exciting than any at Valencia.

    Alonso can collect the trolleys.

  • Jacko

    Simple. Scrap Barcelona for going back on their word. It’s a boring track anyway, notorious for field spread. Valencia, on the other hand is one of the most exciting tracks on the calendar. F1 needs more street circuits.