If charged with corruption Ecclestone should quit says Ferrari boss

Luca di Montezemolo and Bernie Ecclestone at MonzaDec.21 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone should quit if German prosecutors charge him with corruption, according to Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, who recently attacked F1’s chief executive for being too old to remain in charge of the sport.

“Could the post be filled by Montezemolo?” wondered Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt.

Whether or not the 65-year-old Italian wants the 82-year-old Briton’s job, he admits to thinking the Ecclestone era should be over.

“I hope for Bernie and F1 that nothing will happen,” Montezemolo, referring to the possibility that Ecclestone will be formerly charged over the Gerhard Gribkowsky bribery scandal, told the Independent.

“If Bernie is accused under process, I think he will be the first to give a step back in the interests of formula one. This could be bad for F1.”

As for Ecclestone’s long reign over the sport, he continued: “The era of the one man show cannot continue: we are slowly approaching the end of a period characterised by the style of one man who has done significant things.”

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  • Forza Ferrari

    Totally agree with Luca. Bernie’s time is over and he should’ve stepped down a long time ago. Bernie’s presence is more of a hindrance than a good thing for Formula 1.

  • Michael

    LdM destructiveness when his team fails is truly amazing.

    It was the most interesting and exciting season in ages. And LdM thinks it’s the right time to go into attack mode.

    What a joke.

    F1 is the best it’s been in ages.

  • Erich Lacher

    Bernie Ecclestone controls F1 circus with style.

    The next capellmeister is taking the leed when Bernie has made his decisiion.

    You have to wait and see..