Vettel: I admire Alonso very much and I respect him as a driver

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso on the podium after the German GP

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso on the podium after the German GP

Dec.19 (GMM) Sebastian Vettel insists that he is not bothered that some regard Fernando Alonso as a better driver, and in fact admits that he admires the Spaniard who was his arch rival for the 2012 F1 world championship crown.

Sebastian Vettel celebrates with Red Bull Racing chief technical officer Adrian Newey and team principal Christian Horner on the Interlagos podiumRecently, after a confidential post-season survey involving all 12 team bosses, Spaniard Alonso was voted the standout driver of the season, despite German Vettel winning his third consecutive championship with Red Bull.

“If people think that Alonso’s wins are about the driver and mine about the car, that is also Fernando’s responsibility – but it doesn’t bother me,” he is quoted by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“I admire him very much and I respect him as a driver,” added Vettel. “For me it was clear from the beginning that my opponent for the title would be him.

“After the winter tests, Ferrari became competitive more quickly than we expected – yes, maybe in Malaysia he would not have won in the dry – but already by Barcelona he was among the best. His strength was to always be fast even if he was almost never the fastest,” Vettel said.

As for the claims that Alonso is a better driver, Vettel insisted: “I don’t want to stand here and prove my performance, but we have also won races that we should not have. Monaco last year, for example, when I made the decision against all reason to go with a one stop. Also Barcelona 2011, when Hamilton was faster [than me] but he couldn’t get past me.”

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  • Not Bernie

    True class. Where some have criticised other drivers, complained about the fairness of the competition, or the speed of the cars, Vettel only passes compliements to his opponents.

    A worthy world champion.

  • jl

    High class orld champion! Yes,… he is more deserve than another driver. :)

  • sdfsd

    Yeah Seb, Monaco was due to the red flag and changing tyres on the grid controversy. And Austin you had the better car but Lewis was better.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    compare this with Alonso’s totally unfair comments and cheats

  • Butterfly

    Look at that, four posts by two guys.

  • Mark

    Just because people doesnt support your favorite racer means they are the same person. Alonso could learn a lot from Seb. Driving and talking. Nuff said.

  • Not Bernie


    Who was he?
    He was Edmond Dantés… and he was my father. And my mother… my brother… my friend. He was you… and me. He was all of us.

  • Butterfly


    Trust me, “jl”, “alonso_is_slow” and “Not Bernie” are one and the same.

  • jl

    again, a dull conjecture from the gipsy spanish clairvoyant. As I said before, today is computer age madame, your crystal ball is obscure since years ago.

    So many people dislike Alonso atittude, accept that.
    Alonso lose 2012 title fair and square, accept that.
    Nobody care about your blind guess madame.

    You already lonely, without any boyfriend or family, your life will be much easier and happier if you accept the reality.
    lol lol

  • Butterfly


    Where did the gypsy thing come from? And who said I’m Spanish?

    You’re again going full retard, I see.

  • jl

    I caught once you use spanish greeting. Nobody, except Spanish use the word.
    And your blind buckler to Alonso, it’s will never come except he and you have something similar, that’s nationality.
    :D easy to guess while you still blind about me!!

  • fools

    this article was written for: jl, mark, alonso is slow and the rest of the haters.

    show some class and respect if you want respect back.

  • Butterfly


    Sorry, mate, wasn’t me. I don’t use Spanish greetings.

  • jl

    you deny it, but you are absolute spanish.

    Hey,.. do you have mirrors?
    It’s Alonso who doesn’t respect another driver, especially when he was beaten fair and square.
    It was Alonso’s fans who don’t respect another reader (including you fools).
    So,…. use that mirror to see your own ugly face.
    We do not need your respect as you and your idol can’t be expected to respect other people.

  • Butterfly


    I’m wasting my time with you.

    You either have true mental retardation or haven’t had s*ex in years. Either way, you’re in bad shape, man.

    Seek help.

  • Not Bernie

    @fool & Butter.

    Oh boy, what can I say? Keyboard warriors, safely tucked up at home. Substituting their lack of F1 knowledge with rather disgraceful behaviour to anybody that dare criticise their hero Alonso.

    A rather sad display.

  • [email protected]

    Not Again.

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  • Mark

    @FOOLS “this article was written for: jl, mark, alonso is slow and the rest of the haters.

    show some class and respect if you want respect back.”

    Calm down fool. Respect back? who insulted you? Really, did I made you feel sad and lonely with my comment? Sorry, I didnt know your self confidence was so miserable.

    I just said Alonso could learn a lot from Sebastian. That’s all. Same way as Sebastian said he respects Alonso.

    If that is too hard for you to read, then go watch some Justin Bieber’s videos, F1 is too agresive for your eyes, kid.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    @Bittersprie is the denial master. Denying alonso defeat unfairness and cheating, denying that there are several persons criticising alonso, denying that he is spanish. I guess Peter’s denial in te bible was based on the same personality.

    Fools the iq master from the us.

    Jl btw are you french?

  • ?

    Please, stop hailing anybody – be it FA, SV, LH, and others (especially…..the former 2). And just because they’re not fans of your favourite driver doesn’t make them bastards, and just because they aren’t writing something you want to see doesn’t mean they’re lying……..

    It’s not like we’ve got a war between Patrick Volkerding and Mark Shuttleworth – and they’ve got very opposing opinions about the Linux kernel.

  • adam22

    hard to fault vettel just being a plain straight guy!
    its the era of cool F1…. :) :) :)