FIA worried that F1 would be too slow in 2014

Slow F1 carDec.19 (GMM) F1’s governing body backtracked on aerodynamic changes for the 2014 season because of fears the next generation of cars would be too slow.

After the recent World Motor Sport Council meeting in Turkey, the FIA announced that scheduled bodywork rule changes for 2014 to reduce downforce have been replaced by “the 2012 specification”.

“There was concern that Formula One cars would become too slow,” read a report by the authoritative German magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

One problem is that the all-new turbo V6 and energy recovery systems will add considerable weight – more than initially expected – to the 2014 single seaters.

With the 2014 rules, the FIA is reportedly aiming to slow down the F1 cars by no more than five seconds per lap.

Any more than that, the German report claimed, runs the risk that F1 could be genuinely outpaced by Le Mans prototype cars, or the US-based Indycars.

Subbed by AJN.

  • Bassie

    I honestly think that on the right tracks F1 is allready “genuinly” outpaced by LMP1 cars.

  • F1Fan

    F1 is about speed and technology, its the pinnacle of motorsport and its where just about any racing driver wants to be…but now with the downsizing of engines and rule changes its become slow. All you have to do is watch a comparison of the cars, especially the Ferrari F2004 and even todays Red Bull.

    Its taken the thrill out of it, drivers are no longer able to push to the limits of the cars lap after lap thanks to the tyres being so fussy.

    Its just not what it used to be…

  • Get_Some

    There are no circuits where current LMP1 cars are faster than current F1 cars.

    And before one of you boneheads says “Le Mans”, ask yourself: how many Grand Prix have been run at Sarthe?

    And current cars are setting qualifying records over the 2004 and 2005 cars. It’s with the help of garbage like DRS and KERS but the laptimes don’t lie.

    All the “cost saving” changes do is force these guys to pile even more money into development of new engine and other tech so they can continue competing. If we’d went to a 3.0 litre V10 formula with the same material and usage restrictions and requirements that the current 2.4 V8’s have, the engine builders would have saved tens of millions of dollars from 2006-2009.

  • Bassie

    I don;t know about le sarthe.. I could be that F1’s with the right gearing and setup are faster, and i didnt mean any F1-track, just some tracks in general will maybe give LMP1’s a better performance.

    anyway the laprecord is on Monza is still from Massa (1:21something if im right) and this is from 2004! so allready 8 years on a row cars are getting slower.

    Laprecords are set during race-trim and not during qualy-trim. Also as you say correctly also they have (this season) full DRS/KERS every lap.

    I like the DRS and KERS.. they make for exciting races and overtaking. I also dont see why it is garbage..? why? it is a cool feature both have offensive and defensive qualities, and the make that cars can finaly overtake again, because of the “poluuted airflow” behind teh other that caused lack of frontwingDF on the chasing car.

    Im in tiotal favor of DRS and KERS :D

  • Nowhereman

    Totally agree.
    F1 is being neutered before our eyes.
    I wish the major F1 teams would stand up and say enough, we will decide how cars are spec’d, not the FIA.
    If you think F1 is popular now, you haven’t seen it yet with regs allowing SOTA technology to produce the “ultimate racing open wheel platform.
    Now its being reduced to carnival status.
    You have no faith in the motor sports people of the world.
    NASCAR is loosing viewers by the tons.

  • McLarenfan

    Totally agree.
    The pen pushers should be stopped and the tyres should grip!!!