Kobayashi gives up on finding F1 race seat for 2013

Kamui Kobayashi's happy days in F1 are over for now

Kamui Kobayashi’s happy days in F1 are over for now

Dec.17 (Reuters) Japanese Formula One driver Kamui Kobayashi called a halt to fundraising efforts on his behalf on Monday and focused on 2014 after accepting that he had run out of time to find a competitive drive for next season.

Kamui Kobayashi's happy days in F1 are over for now

Japan’s sole F1 driver, and the most successful to date, had started a website campaign last month to raise money to try and keep him in the sport after being dropped by the Sauber team.

The 26-year-old said on his website (www.kamui-kobayashi.com) that he would have been able to bring a budget of some 8 million euros ($10.53 million) thanks to the response of Japanese companies.

“Unfortunately, the time was still short and I am not able to secure the seat with competitive F1 team for 2013,” he said in an open letter to fans thanking them for their support.

“I have to admit that it is very sad and feel sorry for fans and Japanese companies who supported me. But I am still confident to make it happen in 2014.

“I would like to stop the donation for now and while I will save all the money for 2014, I start to look what is the best option for 2013 and also 2014. My main priority is to secure [a] competitive F1 seat in 2014.”

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  • muddles

    Sad news not to have Kamui on the grid for 2013.
    Let’s hope that something does happen to get him on the grid next year.
    Maybe VJ might take him for Force India. As far as I know the door is not closed there as yet.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    I think Vijay might consider Adrian..

  • hillside

    very sad for Kamui

  • johannes D.

    Victim of his own “lacklusterness”. The money was there, he was just too passive to go after it himself. Now its too late.

  • Butterfly

    He’ll find a seat eventually. My guess is Pirelli will hire him to work on tires. He’ll probably be back in 2014.

    He’s got the speed, which is more than I can say about that mexican that always ran the contrary strategy due to a poor qualifying.

  • John

    Kobayashi has had his chance. Yes, he’s done well, but not threatened the front runners. If Sauber want to advance then you’d have to agree that trying different drivers may help.

    You make an interesting point about Perez. I’m not sure he’s fast enough either. Yes, he seemed to make the tyres last, but did he improve enough during the season? Will he be quick enough at McLaren?

    For McLaren I hope so, but I fear that they’re going to have a tough season. Button can win races, but you’d have put money on Hamilton. Although it was Button who score more points between them. So maybe….