Stuck: Mercedes failure Brawn’s fault not Haug’s

Mercedes GP launch to mark the return of Stuttgart manufacturer to Formula 1 in 2010Dec.17 (GMM) Mercedes should not pin its failure to succeed as a Formula One team on departing motor sport president Norbert Haug, says Hans-Joachim Stuck.

After 22 years in the role, a span covering the famous German marque’s entire grand prix involvement in the modern era, Haug has resigned.

Niki Lauda, who arrived at Mercedes recently as non-executive chairman, said on Sunday that Haug resigned as a result of the team’s failure to succeed since taking over Brawn in 2010.

But Stuck, the president of Germany’s motor sport federation, defended Haug by saying: “The failures in F1 are solely attributable to Ross Brawn.

“The car was just not fast enough,” he told the Focus newsmagazine in its Monday edition.

“[Haug] was not the one who designed that car. He was the one who, after all those decades, made motor sport acceptable to Mercedes once again.”

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  • John

    To be fair it was the Honda team, which was BAR and they were nowhere. Yes, Brawn F1 is the most successful F1 team in history with a 100% record of world championships to years entered, but it was through seeing an opportunity that most teams didn’t.

    They have still done exceptionally well with a lower budget than most.

  • coefficientf1

    Brawn’s wings were clipped because Mercedes wanted titles on a shoe string because they thought Brawn had some magic formula to create a winning car for a 10th of the usual cost after the successes of 2009. Its simple mathematics, if your rivals spend more money enhancing their racing cars than you, your car will not be as good as theirs. The BGP 001 of 2009 was the result of 18 months R & D and over £200m from Honda and yet because they had no money to develop in the season they still went backwards relative to their rivals with Button limping to the title in the end after dominating in the beginning. The merc vision of a lean F1 Team was very commendable but ultimately Naive.

  • Speedo

    McLaren use the Mercedes engine and they are fast. I guess it is the design. With two fast drivers Lewis and Nico, they better come up with a better car to suit the damn Pirellis who are coming up with different tyres next season.