Vettel and Schumacher win sixth ROC Nations Cup for Team Germany

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel celebrate victory at the Race Of Champions

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel celebrate victory at the Race Of ChampionsMichael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel celebrate victory at the Race Of Champions in Bangkok

Dec.16 (ROC Media) Team Germany’s Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel added to their incredible run of success by winning their sixth consecutive ROC Nations Cup title in Bangkok.

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel celebrate victory at the Race Of Champions

On another hot evening in the Thai capital, legends from many of the world’s biggest motor sport series teamed up in pairs to battle for national pride. They raced a mix of cars – including the Audi R8 LMS, VW Scirocco, Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo and the Toyota GT86 – on a purpose-built parallel track at the Rajamangala Stadium.

To cap off a busy night of action, Schumacher and Vettel prevailed in the Grand Final against Team France’s Sébastien Ogier and Romain Grosjean. First Schumacher defeated Grosjean then Vettel beat rally ace Ogier in the ‘battle of the Sebs’.

The result meant that the German duo took an incredible ten wins out of ten on the night, matching their combined total of F1 World Championships. They have now also extended their record of ROC Nations Cup titles to six in a row.

Schumacher said: “This is a[n] historic day. It was already very special to win five times in a row but this new record just feels great. The Race Of Champions is a nice event with a nice set-up, there are great guys here and tough competition. We were pretty scared of the guys on Team France but in the end they lost time in the final heats so we were lucky to be consistent the whole way through.”

Race Of Champions (9)Vettel added: “Even Michael hasn’t managed six titles in a row before so this is something special. Six years is a long time and now we can look back and know we’ve won for the last six years. We all love coming here as it’s a special event. It’s a privilege and an honour to race with these guys. There’s one thing that connects us all, which is racing. Now I can look forward to tomorrow and hopefully stay in the competition as long as possible. I’ve tried that for the last five years and haven’t succeeded yet so it would be nice to put my name on that trophy too.”

Beaten finalists Team France also had a fine evening, topping their group before defeating Team All Stars ( comprized of Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen and MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo) by two heats to nil in the semi-final.

Grosjean admitted: “We knew going up against Team Germany was the toughest moment of the evening. But we fought as well as we could with what we had in our hands. Last year we reached the semi-final, this year the final. Now the next step is to be on the top of the podium. They want to go for seven next year but we want to go for our first one in the future. For now it’s great to have brought the blue, white and red flag to the final.”

Race Of Champions (6)

Reigning individual Champion of Champions Ogier said: “First I want to congratulate Team Germany because six victories in a row is a great result. We tried our best but they were very strong. We will try to do better next time. First I will do my best to retain the individual Race Of Champions title tomorrow but I know it will be tough.”

In the semi-finals Team Germany beat Team Australia’s Jamie Whincup and Mick Doohan by two heats to nil. They had earlier sailed through their Group B with six wins out of six to kick off their perfect night. Team Australia joined them in the semi-finals with three victories: two for Whincup, one for Doohan.
Following their triumph in yesterday’s ROC Asia, Team India’s Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok failed to make it beyond the group stages this time. They took a win apiece but it wasn’t enough against the might of Germany and Australia.

Host nation Team Thailand (Nattavude Charoensukawattana and Tin Sritrai) fought hard but they were unable to progress beyond the group stages. Sritrai nonetheless gave the home fans something to cheer about, with victory over Doohan.

Race Of Champions (13)

Earlier in the evening, Team France (four wins) and Team All Stars (three wins) both progressed through the round-robin Group A to line up a best-of-three semi-final. Lorenzo memorably proved that his two-wheeled skill extends to four wheels by defeating touring car great Andy Priaulx in one of the heats.

Team Americas were unlucky to miss out on qualification on countback of fastest times as they also ended up with three wins courtesy of Benito Guerra (2) and Ryan Hunter-Reay (1). Team Great Britain (Andy Priaulx and David Coulthard) missed a semi-final spot after both fell foul of penalties for touching the barriers – though they still took one win each.

There is plenty more action to come in Bangkok on Sunday as the drivers will put their friendships aside and go it alone in the individual Race Of Champions.

Group A

  • Sébastien OGIER, WRC star and reigning ROC ‘Champion of Champions’
  • Jamie WHINCUP, V8 Supercar Champion 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008
  • David COULTHARD, 13 Formula 1 grand prix victories
  • Benito GUERRA, Production World Rally Champion 2012

Group B

  • Tom KRISTENSEN, eight-time Le Mans 24-Hour race winner
  • Andy PRIAULX, three-time World Touring Car Champion
  • Ho-Pin TUNG, fastest qualifier from ROC Asia
  • Nattavude CHAROENSUKAWATTANA, winner of ROC Thailand

Group C

  • Sebastian VETTEL, Formula 1 World Champion 2012, 2011, 2010
  • Jorge LORENZO, MotoGP World Champion 2012, 2010
  • Mick DOOHAN, five-time 500cc MotoGP World Champion
  • Tin SRITRAI, runner-up from ROC Thailand

Group D

  • Michael SCHUMACHER, seven-time Formula One World Champion
  • Ryan HUNTER-REAY, IndyCar Series Champion 2012
  • Kazuya OHSHIMA, second fastest qualifier from ROC Asia
  • Romain GROSJEAN, three Formula 1 podiums in 2012

Subbed by AJN.

  • nersis angel

    Good Luck for the ROC Future

  • nersis angel blue

    And Congratulation to Vettel and Schumacher as The Winners

  • ?

    I’m ab-so-lute-ly mystified that Loeb didn’t pair up with Ogier or Romain. Maybe the french wanted the germans to win (hee…hee…)?

  • Butterfly

    If it weren’t for this ROC, I bet Schumacher would feel like a complete loser.

    I imagine Loeb would have thrashed team Germany.

  • Not Bernie

    Schumacher and Vettel showing their class once again.

    Although I haven’t seen this year’s yet, I have watched the last 5. Schumacher races for Germany and then lets himself get beaten in the individual races.

    But don’t take the results too seriously. It’s an end of year party for the drivers.

  • jl

    what’s wrong#? ogier is reigning champion. loeb not too good in ROC.

  • Butterfly


    Loeb would have ran circles around anybody at that race. This is what the man does.

    I don’t get it, do you hate the outstanding drivers in any form of motorsport?

    Did an F1/WRC driver by any chance f*uck your mother or something?

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    Stop being rude to others on here. You’re not doing yourself any favours.

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    Where are the Trisaw and Tuk-tuk drivers??

  • Red Horse

    Where are the Trishaw and Tuk-tuk drivers??

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    Great job for Seb and Michael – best F1 drivers :)

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    You mean best F1 drivers at the ROC, because they’re not that good in F1…

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    “what’s wrong#? ogier is reigning champion. loeb not too good in ROC.”

    OK, so I suppose Luca might be right about 3rd cars…..not that I’m serious about it!

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    The Schumeister and baby Schumeister unbeatable!

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    funny,… I just think you are the one who rude, Schumi and Seb win 6 times and you talked about loser.
    The sore and bad loser is your “god driver”.
    BTW Loeb is 3 times ROC champions, he is not too bad, I mean really good. But the pair Schumi and Vettel beat him in Nations cup.

  • jl

    and look,.. Ogier 2011 champion, Grosjean 2012,… they are not too bad. Why did you talked about loeb who doesn’t come. Loeb is a great champion, may be you want to talked about another driver who is the real pathetic loser?

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    Alonso would not dare to go to this event, it would become obvious for everyone that he is slow and cannot even beat his teammate.

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