F1 team bosses vote Alonso their driver of 2012 season

L-R: Sebastian Vettel (GER), Red Bull Racing, and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, give an interview for cable TV channels RAI & RTL. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Preparations, Monza, Italy, Thursday 8 September 2011. BEST IMAGE

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso

Dec.13 (Reuters) Formula One team principals have voted Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso their driver of the year, despite Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel becoming the sport’s youngest triple world champion, at the age of just 25.

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari in parc ferme. Formula One World Championship, Rd 7, Canadian Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Montreal, Canada, Saturday 11 June 2011.

A poll of all the team heads carried out by Britain’s Autosport magazine, with each asked to list their top 10 and award points according to grand prix scoring, placed Alonso first with 269 and Vettel second on 198.

Alonso lost out to Vettel by three points on the track after the season’s finale in Brazil last month.

The team principals’ scores were kept secret but the magazine said eight of the 12 chose Alonso, who had the biggest winning margin in the five years since the top 10 was started, as the best driver.

The Spaniard, who won his two titles with Renault in 2005 and 2006, was also voted best driver in 2010 when Vettel took his first championship.

Lewis Hamilton, who is moving to Mercedes from McLaren, finished third in the poll (177 points) with Kimi Raikkonen fourth for Lotus (176) and McLaren’s Jenson Button fifth (104).

“I was pleased to be chosen by the team principals as the best driver of 2012,” Alonso told the Ferrari website (www.ferrari.com).

“I think it will be very difficult to repeat what was almost a perfect season this year, but we will try…of course, next year I would prefer to win the title, happy to leave this prestigious yet idealistic award to one of my peers.”

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  • jl

    I sportif enough to admit this result is valid. What bother me as an anti-Alonso is his bad atittude out and inside track. Purely bad loser and cheat!

  • jl

    Well,… to Alonso, please take that for solace prize.

  • Iori

    That is bad!!!!

  • jl

    @Iori (yamamoto) : no problem, he may get this prize next year and WDC 2013 went to another driver (again). That would be the best result.

  • Butterfly

    Eight out of ten team principals voted. I’m willing to bet Horner voted Alonso 1st.

  • Waynein USA

    Well earned. What do you think Marko will say about this?

  • fools

    jl needs to be banned from this site and he would be the first to comment because he is the lover of alonso.


  • fools

    Just goes to prove Alonso deserved it and was robbed at spa and suzuka. Everyone knows he is the best and should of won. everyone…that includes jl, john, and alonso is slow.

    thats right read the article Alonso for 2013 WDC!

  • fools

    The team principals’ scores were kept secret but the magazine said eight of the 12 chose Alonso, who had the biggest winning margin in the five years since the top 10 was started, as the best driver.

    enough said for the haters :)

  • jl

    Give little kid some candies if they cried, right?
    it’s nothing compared to 2012 WDC. A win is a win!
    Solaze prize, if you need it to make you happy take it!! lol lol

  • fools

    ALONSO FOR 2013 WDC !

  • Abood

    Pathetic Envy from the losers ,, Vettel is the Champion !

  • fools

    Tuff for haters to troll this one huh? lol…

    Alonso is a pure racer. Cant wait for 2013

  • Forza Ferrari

    Well of course Alonso was the best driver of 2012 season, no question about it! If there would’ve been only one DNF (not two) then Alonso would be the 2012 Champion. It was just bad luck that robbed the title from Alonso. As far as driving is concerned, Alonso was absolutely perfect throughout the season, although that Suzuka incident was probably 50/50 Alonso’s own fault.

  • McLarenfan

    Not surprised with that result at all, if not the best then the most consistent, even if the team focus all the efforts on Alonso.
    I would say most improvement by a driver should go to Massa and the prize for most giving driver Massa.

  • Butterfly


    Massa didn’t really improve, the car became good for Massa’s driving, and somehow not as good for Fernando. The tech director said Fernando was having balance issues with the car, which explains the delta in qualy time.

    Still, Fernando got on the podium 13 times, and was on the podium since Hungary till the end, two DNFs included.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    This is just politics. They want to give Ferrari to admit their close competition. However given the anti-fair play demonstrated by Alonso comments and the worse and worse driving by the end of the season they did not even deserve that.

    Also, Alonso had lots of luck during the beginning of the season, so all who say he was unlucky are wrong – Vettel still had more DNFs or no-point finished not by his own fault.

    The one who really has shown how to fight back is therefore him.

    So Jl, I guess you are french? ‘Sportif’ is a french word.

  • McLarenfan

    @Butterfly: Massa’s head came good when he stopped worrying about his job, I do understand that he had issues with the car and his style, feel for the car, but I still think his confidence grew and he improved in himself.
    I am not knocking Alonso!

  • Butterfly


    You’re right about that.

  • Not Bernie

    I bet the team owners were having a laugh!

    @ McLarenfan
    Massa is the unsung hero of F1. Gets second best strategy and parts, yet all of the criticism from the team. I’d have given most improved driver award to Hamilton to be honest.

    After announcing he was leaving McLaren (a mistake I believe) he simply got better; more focus and not distracted by off-track hangers on. We seen again why Hamilton aced Alonso when they were both in the same cars.

  • Butterfly

    @Not Bernie:

    How do you know he gets second-hand treatment, could you please tell me that?

    Was it the team’s fault that he was crashing left, right, and center? Was it the team’s fault that he broke the front suspension in India last year? Twice.

    Felipe is a fast driver – as fast as anybody, especially in qualifying – but when the pressure mounts, he fades away. And you’re not going to fight for world titles without insane amounts of pressure.

    My money will always be on Alonso.

  • Not Bernie

    “How do you know he gets second-hand treatment, could you please tell me that?”

    I think it’s fairly common knowledge that Massa doesn’t get the new parts on his car if there’s only one of them (last few races he said he had about half of what Alonso had). Nor is he allowed in to the pits if Alonso wants them kept clear for whenever he needs to pit (again, as made clear in previous races).

    Not forgetting they put a faulty gearbox in to Massa’s car. ;-)

  • Mark

    alonso? lol… how cute, the guy needed desperately a prize. If he cant win wdc with a -FERRARI- in 3 years or so, at least he will win this hahaha

  • Butterfly

    @Not Bernie:

    Well, yeah, but giving the only piece to Alonso if the man is fighting for the WDC at the end of the season makes sense to me. Doesn’t it make sense to you? Or are you just looking for controversy?

    Massa’s car has been as reliable as Alonso’s car this year. If you’re referring to the Austin qualy move, they broke the seal to force a 5-place drop. Surely you saw how good that worked – it was worth it. I know I would have done it too if I were in their shoes.

    Seriously, if Felipe was such an asset, Fernando wouldn’t be driving for Ferrari right now. But the truth is, in the three years since he joined the team he just gave 120%. Massa was completely lost for 95% of the time.

    So, whether you like Felipe or not, Fernando is still the one to drive the team forward, and that’s why they hired him.

    Felipe is just not good enough, unfortunately.

  • Not Bernie

    It’s not just for the last couple of races. The last few races it was obvious, but before that Massa was apparently making comments on Brazil radio about the lack of new parts.

    Much earlier in the season was how he had to stay out on duff tyres because Alonso wanted the pits kept clear for whenever he needed to pit. Only once Alonso had was he allowed to come in and ditch those terrible tyres.

    So it’s not just for one or two races at the end when you’d expect a team to give everything to win the championship but rather for the full season of having second best that I’d give him the award. If it weren’t that I’m more impressed by Hamilton’s driving.

    And no, I don’t think that breaking the seal on Massa’s car was in any way sporting. Think of those other drivers and teams who found themselves on the dirty side just because of Ferrari’s arrogance.

  • Lauda Fan

    Alonso is a class act through-and-through and totally deserves this token of recognition. What a pugilist! And smart to boot. If Ferrari can clean house of it’s current aerodynamics engineers (whoever they are dump them and Domenicali) and get a decent wind tunnel for the grand prix car —then Alonso will easily win the 2013 title. It’ll be anticlimactic if this actually happens.

  • Nemo

    @Lauda Fan, i totally agree with you about Alonso being a class act, & clearly the team bosses can see that.
    Except, Ferrari’s wind tunnel ‘problems’ have been around for a few years now. I suspect they just say that in order to blame an inanimate object, rather than their total package not being as good as RBR’s.
    I hope Ferrari do not have a totally dominate car for 2013, because if they do, a lot of people will say “He only won bc of the car, blah, blah blah”. Sure Vettel won this year, but what a great year it was. Easily the best I have seen

  • Alex

    Alonso had a great season and deserves an award for it, but my top 2012 driver is Seb – youngest three times WDC ever! How cool is that?

  • Butterfly


    It sure sounds cool, but he embarrasses himself every time he crashes into somebody on track.

    Damn fool can’t drive properly unless he’s on pole.

  • Not Bernie

    @ Butterfly
    Did you watch the last two races?

  • fools


    YOU ARE A hater who needs to stop using the crack pipe. he comes on here to troll and has no IQ when it comes to F1.

  • Butterfly

    @Not Bernie (a.k.a. Le Troll):

    Oh, you mean like the incident when he took a left and crashed into Senna?

    When I watched it live on TV I thought it was Vettel’s fault, but a couple of days ago I saw the Sky version and Martin Brundle said that was 100% Vettel’s fault.

    The guy may have won three world titles, but as far as his driving is concerned, I wouldn’t even give him one title.

    Heck, even Button is careful about that sort of thing, and I don’t regard him very highly.