Vettel will not forget Ferrari’s behaviour claims Marko

Sebastian Vettel with Helmut MarkoDec.13 (GMM) Ferrari has damaged its chances of ever luring Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull, claims the team’s F1 consultant Helmut Marko.

It has been rumoured for some time that German Vettel, Red Bull’s triple consecutive and reigning world champion, might one day consider a move to Ferrari.

But outspoken Austrian Marko said: “Sebastian has the memory of an elephant. He logs everything.

“And he will remember exactly how Ferrari behaved after the finale,” he told Sport Bild.

Marko is referring to Ferrari’s end-of-season suggestion that Vettel, 25, should be stripped of his latest title for overtaking illegally in Brazil late last month.

Marko claims Ferrari’s charge was “below the belt”, and that Vettel himself was unimpressed.

Vettel is quoted as saying: “You don’t want to lose, but you still should know how to.

“You have to respect your opponent and recognise their good performances,” he added.

Subbed by AJN.

  • stenu

    You also have to follow the rules, and allow the investigation of possible infractions. Had the suspect been Alonso, Vettel would have been perfectly happy to have his team ask the same questions.

  • Adam22

    Meh why bother join Ferrari ? If u want one just buy one.

  • Siao

    Alonso once said “this is not a sport anymore”, when he was angry with Ferrari.

    Guess where he’s driving now. It’s business as well as a sport, never say never in F1

  • Not Bernie

    Ferrari are going through a bad spell just now. They’re coming across as being very unsporting, with their No. 1 driver seemingly being the instigator of this unsporting behaviour.

    They’ve spent too much on Alonso, and he’s not delivering. Not on the track, and certainly not off the track. It’s costing Ferrari’s reputation as a racing team.

    As for the flag incident, there was enough evidence on the internet that showed Vettel had passed a green waved flag. Also Charlie Whiting and the FIA had already stated there was nothing to answer. Ferrari’s request thankfully put this question to bed.

    Apparently Ferrari only requested this because their prima donna driver demanded they insist the FIA investigate, while he was claiming only he followed the rules! Once again suggesting that the fair winner of the WDC cheated.

  • Bassie

    Pfff this is just defensive downplpaying by a Marko.
    Eventualy Red Bull will face their nemesis and underperform. From 2014 card will be played again.
    though they do have the best designer, and they are wiling to push the rules further then they were intended.

    I personally feel that there should be no room for free interpretation at all. all this quarrels about frontwings etc…

    They should or : give everyone teh same base at the start of teh season, and then say this is it, and you can alter this or that, or to make a freeclass again, where inginuity gets rewarded. Now there is so many rules to comply to.. and so many politics.. more andmore i start to feel that the americans with their indycars are right.. F1 doesn’t know how to put on a propper show without all kind of contrioversial stuff..

  • Max Smoot

    All this talk about every F1 driver wanting to eventually compete for the ‘legendary’ Ferrari leaves me cold. Vettel’s performances at Red Bull are becoming the stuff of legend, something that we will remember with awe in years to come. Imagine…it’s possible to have an excellent career and never have driven a red car.

  • Forza Ferrari

    So next time when Vettel tries to cheat Ferrari should just ignore it in order not to upset the little girl? Not going to happen Marko! Besides, I believe it’s Marko’s own pathetic grudge against Ferrari that he’s talking about here and not Vettel’s. If Vettel is any kind of a racing driver then he should understand that Ferrari had every right to ask for clarification. As a Ferrari fan, I actually hope that that little screaming girl will never come to Ferrari. I really wouldn’t want him in my team. Hamilton or Hulk would be a much better option after Alonso retires.
    But I’m sure that as soon as Red Bull’s performance drops then Vettel and Marko will both be begging for Ferrari to let them in. Sooner or later Red Bull will lose it’s dominance and as soon as that happens finger boy will be looking for a way out. Oh and f**k you senile Marko! Seriously, just f**k you!

  • stoner

    @Forza Ferrari
    Like Ferrari never cheated, Ferrari have a very good cheating pedigree from the days of MSC, they are cause for the Team order rule, pathetic team, back in the days poor Rubens suffered, then sometime back Massa faced the similar fate, then this year they pulled out pathetic unsportsmanlike strategy like gearbox change on massa’s car just to get AlonSlow 1 place ahead even though Alonso put a poor show, they are going to continue being a pathetic team with good talent in cheating, both driver and team, and other than racing, they also play evil politics, one incident when Kimi was not at all supported by his team in 2008 and how they put the fastest driver out of F1 to make way for AlonSlow, the Team, driver and fans will keep whining about others teams as long as they don’t have the fastest car

  • ALL4IT

    As long as everyone operates by the rules I don’t see Ferrari changing gear box to up Alonso a few places, it is called STRATEGY and this is the real world, take them to court if they are wrong, nothing dirty about it, as for SV overtaking move, it was illegal and that is what the rule book said, Ferrari is totally entitled to a response from the FIA ruling and the ruling is no question to answer so that was that… the last thing SV wanted to win by a cheated 3 points so a clarification was definitely fair. not for himself but for the shake of all of us, we don’t want to see a cheated winner. was he so scared that it was actually an illegal overtaking move that the camera spotted it.??

  • Waynein USA

    Who cares what Marko says or thinks! He IS an outspoken idiot.

  • jl

    vettel move was legal idi*t. I don’t see why it need hundreds explanation from FIA. you, ferrari and all blinded only watch on youtube while stewards and FIA watch HD video. even on youtube you still can see flag waved.

  • g

    How the tables have turned. When Red Bull entered F1 they were laughed at, not taken seriously, even told they weren’t really F1 material as they were just a drink company.
    Now after dominating the last 3 seasons, they are cheats. I love it. I also love RBR for showing the naysayers to be idiots. Also a shout out to my RBR hating friends who used to crack on me for my love of the RBR team: How did your team do? hahahahahaha

  • durptron5000

    says the cry baby.

  • ?

    Ferrari did eventually accept FIA’s explanation so I won’t say that they’re “blinded”….though we mere mortals commenting here probably are.