Ferrari must push the rules to beat Red Bull declares Alonso

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Qualifying, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 24 November 2012.Dec.13 (GMM) Ferrari should follow the lead of its challengers and look for “holes” in the rules, according to 2012 championship runner-up Fernando Alonso.

The Spaniard said at a team sponsor event on Wednesday that, despite falling 3 points short of Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel this season, his was “a perfect year”.

So he said it is now up to Ferrari to push the envelope in terms of how it interprets and exploits the rules.

“There were several incidents in which the other teams were at the limit, but not us,” said Alonso.

“This has always happened and always will,” he is quoted by Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“However, we too have to think within the confines of the rules while looking for some limits, some holes, like the other teams do in order to improve our performances.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • Not Bernie

    What a sore loser. What a loser.

    To say he was “perfect” is rather insulting to everybody in F1. And if “perfect” means being slower than your stooge team mate he got perfection in his last two races. Not even world champion Vettel could describe 2012 as a perfect season.

    Since he’s accused every other team of cheating he’s telling Ferrari to cheat! What a dirty character this prima donna is.

  • stoner

    His season was perfect according to him because his team did a sterling job by cheating and showing the worst sportsmanship in giving a gearbox penalty for Massa and what all other things that we fans wouldn’t know, but the truth is smart and talented people won the championship , better luck next time Alonso and Ferrari in cheating and trying to find holes in rules

  • fools

    the article once again is miss leading. smh

    What the Ferrari team need to learn is to bend the rules but not break them like RB. Digging deeper in the engineering department and aero department.

    Alonso can only do so much in the 4th fastest car. Yet still 2nd in the WDC. Should of won 2012…onto 2013 then.

  • stoner

    Kimi came 3rd in WDC in a car which is just 7th fastest this season, so Kimi is a much better driver than alonslow, if the lotus had been a little more quicker WDC would have been Kimi’s. Alonso got his first WDC only because Kimi’s McLaren had reliability issues. And as you said “Alonso can only do so Much” but Kimi has done a better job than him

  • Hawk

    c’mon. do you mean Kimi would have beaten Alonso had they been in the same car, be it Ferrari or Lotus? Dream on.. that thing of nth fastest car is BS.. the WCC clealry shows each of the car’s ranking.

  • Not Bernie

    actually, yes, I think Kimi would. Kimi just sits in the car and drives it as fast as he can without all the BS.

    Alonso knew this hence why Kimi was paid to drive for Ferrari but had to sit out of F1. Even before Hamilton, Alonso tried to ensure that his team mate was no competition. He just didn’t think that a rookie would have been as good as Hamilton was – but then again who would have other than Ron Dennis?

    Ferrari had two “top” drivers in Kimi and Alonso on the payroll plus Massa to support Alonso without being too much of a challenge. (I use the “top” carefully as I really only consider Alonso to be better than average). Why would you go to that expense of paying someone like Kimi but not giving him a drive?

  • stoner

    @ hawk
    Yes at any given day if alonslow and kimi were in same car, Alonso could dream on about beating kimi, it is a widely know fact for anyone following F1 for more than a decade that Kimi is a much faster driver than alonslow. BS is something that associates with Alonso. Kimi doesn’t give a damn FU(K about all the BS with Alonso and Ferrari, even when Alonso won the championship in 2005 nobody, yes nobody including Alonso, MSC and his ten teammate DC couldn’t come within a second of kimi’s time.

  • Petrol Head

    Who lied & told Alonso he is God?
    Fairly talented but so arrogant!
    Cheats never prosper, unless they are/drive for Ferrari.

  • durptron5000

    anyone who considers Alonso as ‘fairly good’ knows little to nothing about F1 or motorsport.

  • Mark

    lol perfect season xD yeah, got beaten by his teammate. Duh.