Alonso: The objective is to be ahead of the field, on Saturday and Sunday

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari at a Shell media event. Formula One World Championship, Rd19, United States Grand Prix, Preparations, Austin, Texas, Wednesday 14 November 2012.

Fernando Alonso speaks to the media

Dec.13 (Ferrari) One of the final working appearances of 2012 for Fernando Alonso was in Madrid on Wednesday for a series of events organised by the Santander Bank at the Ciudad Financera, the headquarters of Santander, to take part in an unusual press conference.

Fernando Alonso and Santander Bank President, Emilio Botin inaugurate “El Bosque.”

The names of the ‘media’ asking the questions were well known to him, but the faces were a little different, for the simple reason that the interviewers were actually the children of Spanish journalists, invited by Santander for an early Christmas celebration with the Spanish driver.

Clearly, good journalism runs in the blood as the questions these very young writers in the making asked were rather interesting and probably less predictable than those asked by their parents, ranging from football – “who is the best out of Messi, Ronaldo or Facao?” to statistical queries –“how many trophies do you have at home,” and on his private life – “do you know how to dance?” to the inevitable questions on Formula One.

Before facing the rapid fire questions from the younger generation, Alonso could not get out of a brief encounter with the grown-ups, this time in the guise of professionals, rather than parents.

Stefano Domenicali (ITA) Ferrari General Director and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari celebrate on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Race, Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday 25 March 2012. BEST IMAGEObviously, here there was no room for the fun questions that came from the kids, but instead the topics revolved around what the driver had done in Interlagos immediately after the race and then in Valencia for the Ferrari Finali Mondiali.

“Sometimes you think you’ve done a good job and at others you feel something is lacking or that you would like to change or improve for the following year, but this time, I think this was a perfect year and I am very happy with my season,” said Fernando looking back on 2012. “I think it will be almost impossible to do the same again in my career.”

“Vettel is a worthy champion: he scored more points than anyone else and that is clear for all to see,” he admitted. “Red Bull will again be favourites next year, ending this season with seven or eight tenths in hand over us and that will be hard for us to make up over the winter. The McLaren was also quicker than us and, at the end, even Force India and Lotus were ahead of us.”

Fernando Alonso“Having said that, I remain confident, partly because we will be starting from a better base than this year. It would be hard to start as badly as in 2012: in Jerez at the first test, we were two seconds and a half off the pace, in Australia one and a half seconds. There’s a lot of work to do but our objective is clear: to have two Ferraris ahead of the field, both on Saturday and Sunday,” declared the double world champion.

He added, “These past few years, some teams have managed that, but not us: we will try again in 2013. I don’t think the fact the Maranello wind tunnel has been temporarily closed will be a handicap: we will use other wind tunnels, and indeed we have been doing just that for the past few months.”

Finally, Alonso touched briefly on the Vettel pass on Vergne at Interlagos. “I can only repeat what I already said in Valencia: Ferrari was right to ask the FIA for a clarification in order to remove all doubt for the fans; the Federation replied that everything was in order and so the case is closed.”

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  • Not Bernie

    …Ferrari to break the seal on everybody else’s gearbox ahead of Alonso after qualifying.

  • Mark

    I surely hope Ferrari won’t be too conservative in the development of the car as they did in 2012. They must change their approach and be more liberated in its development in order to be aggressive come March.

  • Butterfly

    All they have to do is fix those damn sidepods to allow air to reach the rear-end. That plus a good suspension layout should be enough to take the red cars to the top.

  • Mr.A

    enough of talks .. why dont he shows all his anger on track nxt year , wot evr d situatn might been , he lost that championshp n thats a fact , teams-cars hav always played a part , n he knewed that frm day1 .. had it not been luck , he wouldnt hav won either of his championshps previously, he never complained then , so why so much fuss now .. shut up n drive wot u got

  • McLarenfan

    Can you translate that to English or a Language Alonso can understand.
    That is a 50% re work of the red car suspension and airflow not a lot of work LOL

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, but they have the people to do it. Sauber got it right, why can’t Ferrari?

    The funny thing about the Sauber is it had the same radiator layout as the Ferrari, it’s just that the bodywork was better designed.

    Smarter by design, I guess.