New Concorde deals could be ‘unlawful’ – Parr

Adam Parr (GBR) CEO Williams talks with Bernie Ecclestone (GBR) F1 Supremo. Formula One World Championship, Rd 3, Chinese Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Shanghai, China, Saturday 18 April 2009.Dec.11 (GMM) The manner in which Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone agreed better deals for top teams like Ferrari and Red Bull could be unlawful, says former Williams chairman Adam Parr, a barrister by training.

Having resigned in March, the Briton has now confirmed rumours that he was pushed out of F1 by its chief executive Ecclestone.

Parr said that the 82-year-old had made it clear to Williams’ board that a favourable Concorde Agreement deal would not be forthcoming while he was at the helm.

Now, the 47-year-old has told Bloomberg journalist Alex Duff that the European Commission should look into how Ecclestone negotiated the new deals, including a reported $45 million each for Red Bull and Ferrari as well as seats on the F1 board.

“There’s a strong case that an unequal division of power and money to a subset of teams is unlawful,” Parr said.

Although refusing to say if he wanted Williams to make a complaint, he suggested that other F1 teams accept the situation because they are “highly dependent” on Ecclestone’s “goodwill”.

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  • Not Bernie

    He’s not the ring master for nothing. It’s his circus.

    Williams has been given “goodwill” payments in the past just to keep them on the grid. Ferrari get a special bit of goodwill every year.

    Some people confuse F1 as a sport, others as entertainment, and a few as a business.

  • Bec

    Parr is an odious piece of dirt,

  • Steve Maximus

    Bernie is the parasite that sucks F1 dry. Someone stood up to him and got squeezed out. Kudos for speaking out against Bernie and his dirty tricks.

  • fw34

    Bernie is an asshole!

  • Bryan

    I would think that a parallel group could operate easily with the heavy handed ways of Ecclestone.

    I would love to see the big players split with F1 and start a Formula Max or Formula ?? just something to take the rug out from under Bernie.

    Perhaps I don’t see his real contributions to the business but he comes off really arrogant and condescending.

    Strange for an octogenarian, as it seems most people who reach that age have gained quite a lot more humility.