Di Resta hopes that a top team will come calling in 2014

Paul di RestaDec.12 (GMM) Force India driver Paul di Resta has admitted he is hoping to step up to a better Formula One team in 2014.

Still yet to be confirmed by Force India for 2013, the Scot is however expected to stay with the Silverstone based squad for his third consecutive season on the grid.

But the 26-year-old was openly disappointed this year when overlooked by top teams for the 2013 season, such as McLaren who instead signed Sergio Perez to replace the departing Lewis Hamilton.

Di Resta’s 2012 Force India teammate Nico Hulkenberg has left for Sauber.

And now the Scot has admitted he is also eyeing a move as soon as possible, despite a mid-season performance slump alongside Hulkenberg this year.

“The end of my season wasn’t great,” he admitted.

“Next year is a big one for me,” di Resta is quoted by the Sun. “I need to do my stuff because it will be performance-based.

“I think there’ll be a few movements at the top and hopefully I’ll be a part of that.”

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  • Johannes D.

    Next year he will be humilated by Sutil again, so I dont think its gonna happen for Paul.

  • MH

    Already talking of wanting to leave Force India in 2014 when he doesn’t even have a seat yet for 2013. Too much talk from Paul. He seems to think he’s something special, but I just don’t see it. Should let his driving do the talking.

  • michaelprescottmacarthur

    MH: agreed. I would laugh my ass off if Force India didn’t take him for the ’13 season. It would serve him right for opening his big mouth. There are many many drivers waiting right behind him and hoping that he screws up.

  • Hawk

    I agree with all of you.
    Sometime last year I said that Nico will wipe the floor with him and that was when DiResta was still on top. then he pulled the JB manager move thinking they call the shots at McLaren.. it backfired. He’s just an average driver, not bad but not exceptional. he would never have pulled off a drive like Nico at Interlagos.

  • kalai

    I think he expecting beyond his potential.