Webber believes he is a match for Vettel

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber during the Korean Formula One Grand Prix at the Korea International Circuit on October 14, 2012 in Yeongam-gun, South Korea.Dec.7 (GMM) Mark Webber is making plans to beat his teammate in 2013. The only problem is that his teammate is none other than Sebastian Vettel, the triple, consecutive and reigning world champion who can now be mentioned in the same breath as greats including Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna and Jackie Stewart.

Australian Webber, however, who has shared the Red Bull garage with the 11-years-younger Vettel throughout the German’s title dominance, is not ready to admit defeat.

He recently denied that he is sliding into a “supporting role” for Vettel, and in a new interview with Fox Sports News insisted that he can match the 25-year-old for sheer pace.

“Sebastian’s strength is qualifying, and it was 10-11 this year in his favour,” Webber said.

“Two races he had me over one lap on sheer pace. You don’t get anything for that, but the team know that’s also a measure of if you can put it out there over one lap.”

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  • JodyRenza

    I really thought Webber will be a match in 2010 but since then, he really was no match for Vettel…most times!

  • Steve Maximus

    Haaa yeah right Mark…

  • John

    I’d have Mark in my F1 team any day. He’s one of the best drivers in F1 today. And that pushes Vettel to higher levels.

    Without rubbishing other drivers, or teams, having two top drivers working for you is always going to cause friction. Mark is able to push back, but without being dirty. Therefore the first driver either Mark or Seb has to beat is Seb or Mark! Red Bull then becomes the best of F1 – pure racing.

  • MH

    Sure Mark. Since 2009 we have all seen how you have fared against Vettel.

    There’s no fear that Webber is going to play a “supporting role” next year. He’s just not a team player. A good thing that Vettel doesn’t need his help to win championships.

    Webber can do what he has to do, as long as he doesn’t make things harder for his teammate if Vettel is in the running for the championship and Webber is not. Webber’s attitude at the end of this season was just too selfish.

  • Mark

    Yeah right, he can’t even start a race properly without being overpassed by 2 ferraris and 2 mclarens. Good thing Vettel doesnt need you to give the position 5 times in a race (like massa and alonso).

  • fools

    @john…Webber is good but not that good. He has the same set ups and equipment and he cannot match Vettel. He actually is dirty…look at all his actions during the end of the year. He clipped people helped Vettel in Austin, and Abu Dhabi by crashing and bumping mid runners. He guessed passed up by Alonso in a slower car. Come on John…Not one the best just alot of experience. RB favors Vettel, if your dont know that by now your ignorant. wait you are.

  • fools


  • the wraith

    time to stop smoking those reefers Mark!! Im an aussie, and I am a huge fan, but a shovel needs to be called a shovel and not a spade. Mate, you have had your bum handed to you on a platter for the last 3 years by Vettel! If thats “matching” your team mate, bloke you need to go back to Queenbean and drive the school bus! You must be dreaming…

  • quattro


    “Yeah right, he can’t even start a race properly without being overpassed by 2 ferraris and 2 mclarens.”

    Last time I looked VET was passed by some 20 cars…and couple of weeks ago he was crying on the radio behind Ricciardo…poor Senna who was his latest victim.
    Has VET ever started from midfield/back and got infront without damaging his and/or other drivers cars in plain stupid manouvers?

  • quattro

    WEB will most often comfortabely beat VET until midseason. After midseason something mysterious will happen to WEB. Suddenly, in the latter and deciding part of the season, he will become slower both in qualy and race trim and also his car will start to have much more reliability problems than VET – end result will be that VET will be RedBulls main and only title contender. A smart way from that team to slow WEB down on demand, without the need to ask him to let VET by.
    Check for yourself stats for 2010 and 2012, it stinks!

  • AAX

    Jeez I saw the headline and expected a free for all..Am glad that the comments thus far are intelligent..Which is the best way to describe Mark – Intelligent, physically the fittest up there with button and a true fighter..I think the only thing that hurts him is quali and starts for some reason..Otherwise he’s brilliant. I was the only single Jaguar F1 fan in the world back then and the things he did with those cars made me love the fella!!

  • Nemo

    Yep, have to agree with Quattro. Webber will be good until mid season. That doesnt include his bad starts, which makes up for at least 85% of the season.
    MW excels @ Monaco & Silverstone, but after that, he slowly drops down. Which is a shame, bc i would love to see him WC

  • Alonso_is_slow

    quattro loser.

    Alonso does not eve dare have a competitive teammate. He was beaten too often.

    Webber just cannot adapt and learn like Vettel does. No one currently in the field can.

    Alonso even developing backwards and being beaten by Massa in the last 3-4 races and needs to call for team orders to stay afloat.