Raikkonen: Being too cautious is better than crashing every race

Race winner Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) Lotus E20 celebrates on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd18, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Race, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sunday 4 November 2012.Dec. 7 (GMM) Kimi Raikkonen has come out and denied that it is a problem that he is earning a reputation for being a driver who never crashes and is perhaps too cautious.

Turun Sanomat newspaper suggested that his impressive record, having finished every single grand prix in the points this year, might be an invitation to Raikkonen’s rivals to brashly overtake.

“It’s better than having a reputation for crashing every race,” the Lotus driver smiled. “I’ve never suffered because of it.”

“You don’t get past me easily, but I also don’t fight like crazy if there is no possibility to hold them behind, because you just end up losing time and they’ll eventually get past anyway,” added Raikkonen.

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  • John

    Smarter than your average journalist.

  • John

    Erm, I could say Kimi is smarter than your average journalist (just in case anybody thinks I’m complimenting the journalist!).

  • JodyRenza

    He sure brought some smiles & enjoyment back to F1!!

  • bdfbsdjf

    Someone who is too cautious doesn’t overtake in Eau Rouge/Raidillon! Nothing more to say :D

  • Steve Maximus

    Yeah right, he drives closer to anyone through a corner, wheel to wheel, pushing it to the limit.

  • maybet

    Pick on the Iceman and you ended up like Alonso.

    Kimi has natural talent that make him a bad crasher…his reflex is 2nd to none.

  • stoner

    Which as$hole came up with this ridiculous allegation? Find some other job, his overtake on MSC was epic, I think no came close that, if only his car was faster, WDC should have gone to him.

  • Bassie

    He is exactly right. He is only thinking about himself, which is what he should do. Stay out of trouble, don’t loose time fighting lost fights, close racing.

    I like btw a lot how the greats battle eachother.. if one watches raikkonen/Button/Alonso you just know that they will let each other live. which is great to see!

    =kimi for president=

  • Barlow

    Kimi is 33 years old, he started racing at 10, so that means he has been racing 23 years. During all this time he has learned what it takes to win, crashing into somebody on the first lap or the last lap, doesn’t get you a win. I’ve seen him do amazing moves to avoid first lap crashes. Some idiots say he’s too cautious, I say he is like that old song lyric, “he knows when to hold ‘em, and he knows when to fold ‘em”, that how he was the only driver to finish every lap of every race this season, to me that is a very big deal.

  • Frik du Toit

    “Kimi for President” – I second that. Incredible talent and, as Lewis Hamilton himself said, one of the real nice guys of F1 – despite his demeanor for which he receives so much undeserved criticism.

  • jmartinez2767

    Behind him in the standings are both McClarens, a Ferrari, a Red Bull the Mercedes Team, Williams and the rest. Only two drivers beat him this year. I will consider this the best Kimi we have ever seen. I think his season was every bit as good as Alonso. They both got the maximum from their cars.

  • Two errors

    I have to correct two errors, first Kimi did not score points in ever race, he missed out on points in China by falling to 14th place from second.

    Second Kimi did not complete ever lap this year, he was one lap down in the final race of the season so he came one lap short of completing every lap run this year.

    Kimi did complete every race this year.

    I am a Kimi fan, but I have to say I was disapointed in his drive at the final race. I think he was hoping that Hamilton would finish third but that ended when Hamilton crashed out.

  • [email protected]

    @Two errors

    Yeah, If The ICEMAN Kept UnLapped In BRASIL, He Would Have The Best Score Of Laps In A Single Season, Because It Would Be Done In A Team He Have Never Worked For.

    As It Is, MICHAEL Is The Only Driver Ever To Complete All The Laps In A Single Season – 17 Races In 2002.

    But MICHAEL Was A Reds Employee For The Seventh Year Running, In 2002.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • vx-2

    “he knows when to hold ‘em, and he knows when to fold ‘em”, and that’s what separates the man from the boys…. Winning a WDC requires consistency, not rash/ risky driving decisions. When Kimi makes his overtaking moves, it usually sticks, and he knows when to pull back… his wheel-to-wheel & wheel banging stuff is by far the greatest, and best of the 2012 season; 1) battle with michael at Spa, 2) avoiding idiotic perez in monaco, 3) overtaking hulkenberg in Austin, 4) overtaking michael from the outside (yep, you heard it, OUTSIDE), just to name a few…. Wait did I mention that he took a two years sabbatical away from Formula 1?? Try ask other F1 drivers doing that… all but epic fails except Kimi.

  • f1 fan

    some tend to have a problem with everything, ! if you crash there is a problem, if yo dont crash still there’s a problem, he is calculative and when he gets the chance he does overtake people , forgot Bahrain?, where he almost overtook vettel !

  • McLarenfan

    To quote Kimi. “Leave me alone I know what I am doing”.

  • f1 fan

    exactly !!

  • Joe Kinnear

    Perfect word of advice for Romain & Pastor.

  • Lauda Fan

    I wish Lotus would bring in Robert Kubica (anyone remember him?). Then we’d see how good Kimi R really is…

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Lauda Fan

    Now, that made even less sense than Lauda’s daily gossip talk or LdM’s end of season speech.